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Pound of Flesh Doesn't Seem to Work

Was curious as to how this worked, so I grouped with a 0 dog player using final gift. We did about 5 trials with 10 sacs each (4 dogs each time) getting an average of 5-6 globes per trial. We did this by standing in town, he counted how many time he saced, I counted globes.

I then put on this passive. 5 trials with an average of 4 at best. Now, 4-5 with as small a sample as we had can probably be chalked up to RNG, not a large enough population size... That being said we were getting LESS globes, so at best I think we can agree that this passive is having no effect.
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Do you mean, you grouped with a WD as a barb, and after sacrificing his dogs for globes, there was no change?

If so, that makes sense, because I believe the Health Globes are from kills/hits only.

"Increases the chance of finding a Health Globe by 25%."

While it is slightly vague, it stands that it is from hits and kills only. As in, it would not affect Birthright or Threatening Shout as well.

Also, from my experience, having 14000k bonus to globes, PoF first doubles the amount of the globe (say, 10% to 20% of max health) then adds the bonus. I'm sure that is prevent stacking HG bonus (which can already go quite high).
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So your report is about the Killing-Blow. That's some kind of bug, but it was intended in the release. So not a bug report.

The system there atm is bull-!@#$. Totally party-unfriendly. Hope they keep their promises and fix it, so kills from your party actually work here (with certain restrictments..).. because it's just 1/4 worth in a party (considering you are doing 1/4 kills)...

oh and i wanted to report a bug, but I think it doesn't fit here.
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It's not slightly vague, it's rather descriptive. Increases your chance by 25% would imply that it's 25% increased chance for everything that could drop a health globe. It is not working that way. So either:

1: It's a programming bug. (Ideally this is the case since this would make this passive build changing and interesting)

2: It's a description bug, and it doesn't properly describe the skill.

Either way it's a bug.
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