Diablo® III

Why you still play Diablo III ?

I like to go against fast jailer molten RD monsters with minimal gear, and try to win it. I like the challenge.
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12/12/2012 01:16 AMPosted by Pan
99% of D3 player base still play because they have hope they roll good item to sell for $$$$.

Some of them still plays because they have already paid money to buy items on AH.
Some people stills defends this game is great because they already paid TONS of dollars for this game, so they are the very player that hates changes because its their money on there.
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Good question....

I only play cuz I have friends playing along. However nowadays I got 95% of my friend list that has quit already. And the only friends I have on my list are people I've met along in the internet - no more RL friends. I'm thinking about quitting already and if nothing changes till new years, that's when it will be.
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For me, it was the last few remaining friends that kept me going - and for quite a while that (along with the 1.04 and 1.05 updates) was enough.

Now, my friends list, which was 20+ strong at release, and down to just the 3 of us for the last few months has petered out and we've all pretty much stopped playing in the last week or so.

Hopefully 1.07 can bring something back. With all sincerity to Blizzard, D3 has so far been quite a disappointment, that said, the game isn't dead until Blizzard themselves kill it off so I know that especially the last 3 of us, but also the other 20 odd friends of mine still hope that Blizz can pull a rabbit out of their hat somewhere, somehow, and bring D3 back to life (for us anyway).

I remember when D2 was in it's bad early state, and it was turned around, so hopefully the same can be done for D3.
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12/11/2012 01:31 PMPosted by VILEINFECTED
I play it because I want it to be good, but it just isn't and I get let down every time I farm.


I want to reach 100 before I stop just to satisfy myself.

Ya know earlier today my group did a mp10 run and we found two crappy legendary and no set item. I suggested new game at mp8 and we found 10 legendary, two of them were set leg, but they were worth 100k at most. Lowest paragon in the party was at 72 and highest was 100 and these past 3 weeks was disappointing. I ask myself why keep playing if their is no results... why keep playing and end up in disappointment... the answer to that question is HOPE. I HOPE one day I can find something worth 2 billion and breathe new life into my toon. I HOPE one day this game can bust a 360 and bring back the enjoyment that D2 did. All we can do is... HOPE
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12/11/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
I still play Diablo III because I like the combat, playing with friends, and farming items and xp. We know a lot of you feel that the game experience has room to grow and we sincerely appreciate all the suggestions on how that might get accomplished.

Here's mine, and I'm sure it's unpopular.

Change affix generation so the better mods are a bit more weighted than they are now. I.e. improve the drop quality. Possibly add in a system where you can spec your character so that one mod is weighted to be even more frequently than normal (not guarenteed, you'll just see more of that affix in a farming session).

Change equipment to be bind to account on equip. No RMAH or GAH once you put that item on a character. Maybe put in a 5 minute grace period so you are allowed to put an item on to check stats, and protect you from the occasional accidental equip.

People that don't want to use the auction house get better equipment, and don't notice anything because all their equip is bound to their account and not to a character.

Gear is finally sinked so the good stuff you can buy is rarer and it's worth something, and once you put it on, it's taken out of the system so gear doesn't keep flooding the system and making things worse.

Downside is that you can't give your old weapons to your friend, but you can't break an omlet etc etc.

Note I would do this for gems too, take them out of circulation once you socket them.
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    I paid 60$ for it.
    I don't like spending a ton of my budget on 'entertainment'.
    The false hope that PvP may present itself someday.
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I love the game because i have fun playing it, lots of it!! if i get bored i stop playing, after a while i have fun again....simple! HC is the way to play this game tho! its much more fun because:
1.its !@#$ing scary to face hard champack´s.
2.defensive stats are equaly importent as dps stats.
3.there are much less ithems in the ah, so you can´t buy anithing even if you got the mony for it. also no RMAH.
4. in SC is no way to lose stuff, so you get spoild.
5. ithems are more valuble for the player because your live depends on it.

i love D2 but D3 is awesome too, even better in some regards. btw D2 had the same problems as D3 bevore the expansion.

there are things i would like very much to be worked on tho:

1. more legendery´s (good ones) !
2. less class legendery´s with stats for the wrong class.
3. usefull blacksmith.
4. something to encourage more players to grow some balls and play HC, like i said, it´s the better game.
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its been quite 17 years since diablo 1 appear in markets.Since that day Diablo was ALWAYS A GRINDING game.If u cant live with that,then delete. You should first read about a game before u buy it and this game has no reason to change face for all of these people that are crying that diablo is boring,has no pvp,has no loots or wtfzomgqqmore comes in ur mind
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I play because I find it fun.

I don't play every day. I don't play every week.

But I do play, and I do have fun.
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Because I already bought the game and POE is still in closed beta. Else I will be playing POE.
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I like the fact that I waited for Diablo III since...what...2008? And even before then when i KNEW that after the success of Diablo II they would come out with a 3rd game. Everyday I waited, listened to various podcasts, checked the updates on the website, waited. Rarely would a few days go by that I did not think about Diablo III and its release date.

And I couldnt even play the game consistantly for 6 months. FAIL.
@Blizzard, I like the game. But its pointless to argue, Starcraft II HotS March 13. At least that series is stil good thanks to Custom Games.

If you allowed modding I'm sure people would make a FARRRRR better game than Blizzard did in roughly 1/1,000,000 the time. #BlizzardOnlyCaresAboutWoW
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Not exactly sure why i still play everyday. most likely is cuz ive been playing since day 1 with the origional Diablo, with Hellfire exp. ive played pretty much everyday of my life to Blizzard games (NOT WOW!!!) I guess its just respect. meh but d3 is def getting boring we need more content man
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I dont. Have not played in over a month due to lack of PVP.
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easy way to bring memory back from D1 and D2
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I wish we had Talent trees, or free stat allocation, or more weapon proficiencies, or SOMETHING that allowed us to have to make real decisions and ways for us to pay them off.

This game isn't supposed to be as balanced as an Esport, RPG's should never function that way.

if I want my demon Hunter to run around with a greataxe, summons, and traps let me make my bad decision... Bad players will always occur, it's less fun to have no room to customize (Well we get to customize the same core abilities.. with minor affects changing)
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also infinite dungeons would be amazing!

But my favorite thought would have to be md level (mob density) just like mp works but doesnt alter drop rate just ups the amount of white mobs. You cant beat smashing though massive packs of mobs!
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