Diablo® III

Why you still play Diablo III ?

I play the game because I have fun. When I no longer am having fun, I will move on to the next game :)
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12/11/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
I still play Diablo III because I like the combat, playing with friends, and farming items and xp. We know a lot of you feel that the game experience has room to grow and we sincerely appreciate all the suggestions on how that might get accomplished.

You are the Comunity Moderators.. you work for Blizzard.. you have to play Blizzard games...

OnTopic: I play because i wen't to Hardcore and find that.. if u don't have or don't want to spend $$$ or endless hours to find a 20m items to buy a no-godly upgrade.. then you have to play hardcore.. yeah.. if your char die.. you lose everything.. but who cares? everything its devalue.. All my friends stop playing.. i have lucky if i see 3 online.. and not even playing.. just "in Menus" so.. i wen't to Hardcore and convince my brother to do so.. and i like the game again.. not as an addiction.. but i found it fun again..
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i bought it at launch and played it until patch 1.03. I came back recently after the 1.06 patch, and I am having a blast like I did back in May. The bad thing is, me having fun obviously means that the next major patch will take that fun away :(
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INFINITE DUNGEONS! woooooooooooooooot Bump set spike.

Lets all just rage about how blizzard !@#$ed a franchize like George Lucas %^-*ed Indiana Jones and....start wars (episodes 1-3) D:
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Right now, I play the game in hopes of getting high end items to sell on the AH and to then sell the gold for $$. For me, there is no other reason to play. The game is flat out boring.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to play the game just to make a profit on the AH, but at this time, there is really no other reason to play(maybe hardcore mode for some, but even that suffers from the same problems).

Why is it boring?

*No character customization. We have nothing to do besides farm!
*Item based skill system is fundimentally flawed and forces all players to go for the same stats on items. And although they wanted to promote skill diversity, there is not much because most skills/runes are underpowered. This probably can't be reworked, but it can be made better. End result: cookie cutter builds...just like they were trying to avoid.
*Crafting is worthless
*Non-random maps
*Nearly impossible to find an upgrade for the character you are playing in Inferno. Even if you get lucky and get a good set or legendary item, you still have to beat the odds with several good affix rolls.
*The only exciting drops are legendary/set items. Adding charms, jewels, runes and other item types to the game could really bring the excitement factor back.
*PvP. I don't even care about this, but others do. How could it possibly take this long?
*Lack of end game stuff to do. You've all seen the many lists of suggestions to help them solve this.
*Missing chat lobby
*And on and on...

This has all been said before. Over and over. I'm not sure why I even try. Perhaps I'm just eternally hopefull for this game to go from just "ok" to "great". Maybe they are done with nerfing classes and we can now hope for the game fixes that really matter to the players. (And soon! We can't wait another 7 months for some of this stuff to make it into the game. I know that I would have moved on to bigger and better things by then.)
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I still play because I enjoy the game. I like farming for Legendary items or sets. I would like to reach P level 100
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12/11/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
I still play Diablo III because I like the combat, playing with friends, and farming items and xp. We know a lot of you feel that the game experience has room to grow and we sincerely appreciate all the suggestions on how that might get accomplished.

Add more legendaries bring back runes and rune wards. This will fix a lot of the issues with the game. If critical hit chance and crit damage is so important you need to add the socket quest back in the game and allow us to socket items so that all weapons can be somewhat on par. This will go along way to fixing issues with the game. If I could socket helmets and add runes to them I could create some very diverse gear. Instead were all stuck looking for the same items not cool blizzard not cool!
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The items sucks, the item drop rates suck, the item randomization sucks, the hellfire rings suck, the items in the AH are over priced, the RMAH is garbage, the character builds suck, the monster density sucks, the crafting sucks, the community sucks, this game and all it has to offer sucks. I don't know why I play it. I play it because I want it to be good, but it just isn't and I get let down every time I farm. The legendary items are a joke, everyone wears the same gear, the game just sucks in every aspect.


This guy has it right. I was continuing to play because I wanted to play Diablo. Hoping and waiting for patches to fix this garbage we know as Diablo 3 is just not enough. After 4 accounts, 1000 hrs and over 20 lvl 60's +paragon, I've had enough. The boring repetitive time sink known as farming, is more of- how fast cant you push space, space, esc, space to skip the ridiculous "story". We already went to hell and killed diablo, we already killed izual etc, etc.

The only thing VILEINFECTED didn't mention is how awful the quests are. The entire game is linear with NO variation what-so-ever. No side quests other than the 10-15 sec events.

Too bad we can't sell our accounts or characters on the RMAH.
Feliz Navidad and deuces!
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I play this game purely because of Hardcore. I enjoy the challenge, and I want to try to get to level 100. Anything else is pointless, in my opinion. Way too many bots and RMAH users on SC, and there's not even a slim chance of me finding something there that can sell on the AH for a good deal of gold.
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despite the negative wrap world pvp gets, it helped keep d2 alive even until now. a hostile button is not hard rocket science. thats gotta be one of my biggest gripes so far.

further the lack of build diversity as pointed out by others. you can count on 1 hand the total effective builds. lack of item diversity as well... everyone uses the exact same items.
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Because Dark Souls 2 hasn't been released yet. I will probably play D3 until Dark Souls 2 comes out and then never touch D3 again, unless the have an amazing expansion.
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I still playing diablo 3 cause I'm without a job, cause this game is so Bad and i have nothing to do right now, the game is froustating and I realy don't believe it will go better, the game is going whorse and whorse. Is realy Ridiculous, blizzard made this game and let some players use multibox, the game is now realy a bull !@#$ cause of this %^-*ing hackers.
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Well... I continue playing this game just for killing time.
Being a freshman I don't have much time buried myself in playing a video game that will take so much time.
It is quite adequate for me to farm and farm without using my brain when I need relaxation.
Sounds a little bit sarcastic, though.
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my first diablo game. wow. level 25. wow. level 52. wow. level 60. waaaaw. then it hits me...it's farmville! but i still play. wow.
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12/11/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
I still play Diablo III because I like the combat, playing with friends, and farming items and xp. We know a lot of you feel that the game experience has room to grow and we sincerely appreciate all the suggestions on how that might get accomplished.

Haha... ok... lets see here:

1) combat - Certainly not unique to d3. Combat in d3 is repetitious and after hundreds of hours, completely boring and without point.
2) Playing with friends - All my friends quit this game in the first month...
3) Farming items - Considering you can farm for hundreds of hours and not find a single upgrade... the only place to farm is the ah.
4) XP - So... paragon levels? really? that's a motivating factor? What do i get with paragon levels? slowly less need for the primary stat overloaded on practically every item. Increased mf that hardly feels like it does anything different than no mf

The game experience has room to grow? Talk about an understatement. Why don't you tell us how the game experience will grow. I'm sure many players would keep playing this crapfest if there was any indication of substantial improvement happening in the future. There is no future plans released for this game except the lame promises of some deathmatch-style pvp announcement by the end of the year.

I know I'm being cynical here, but its frustrating to feel absolutely no enjoyment from a game franchise I really loved and then to read this sugar-coated crap from a community manager.

Ugh, my anger and frustration towards this game has grown way too much. I really need to quit and delete my account, so I'm not tempted to read this forum anymore.
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