Diablo® III

Why you still play Diablo III ?

every diablo game has been small!!!!
And its great now we can play all four acts instead of endless meph and baal runs....
and you never found anything in d2 either.
maybe a shako no and then....
the best gear was much much more difficult to get. aka bugged items were the only way to survive in pvp.
this is diablo... get on smash some stuff, hope to get lucky.

the lack of pvp is the only issue. but according to blizz we will have an update later this week...
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Dueling ( a accept/decline dueling system where its a formal request that can be accepted or declined by the chanllengee ) would be amazing till PVP is implemented. Ez to add to the game and, it would be easy to add a check box to disable dueling in a game you make if you wish not to be challenged.
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I think we can all agree that Diablo 3 is improving, and the developers at Blizzard are constantly working to polish up the game/add new content. I don't think this can be said of many games out there.

Let's put it this way: At the end of the day, Blizzard wants your interest in D3 to continue. They are not intentionally killing this game as many of you would believe, since there is nothing to be gained out of that.
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12/12/2012 12:49 PMPosted by IAM
I still play Diablo III because I like the combat, playing with friends, and farming items and xp. We know a lot of you feel that the game experience has room to grow and we sincerely appreciate all the suggestions on how that might get accomplished.

What combat, oh you mean killing mobs, I thought they release PVP.. Please enough of your BS about suggestion, people been asking for a proper legendary alert system, where is that, show us the appreciation, actually do something..

You know what my apology, you are just the messenger, if this was the old days, I would have u taken out and flagged, but we are in the internet age, so keep bring the messages that nobody really wants to hear.

You're an idiot. Legendary items drop fine and you can see it perfectly. Unless, you're both dumb deaf and blind, to which case, I apologize.
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  • Grinding towards plvl 100 while;
  • Having hope that the some distant future patch introduces features like:
    • Better Legendaries, Runes, Additional Gem types, Skill Tree/+ all skills, extra stash tabs, PVP, Crafting system overhaul, PVP/PVE ladder, bnet lobby, and features that have been requested, suggested, cried for by many disgruntled dungeon crawler players
    • Increasing mob and elite mob densities across all acts so I don't have to be pigeon holed to alkaizer runs for maximum experience efficiency

K brb farming..
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I still play Diablo because I am waiting for my PoE Closed Beta key. Maybe I should just buy the Early Access package from what i made off of this pos.
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The same reason i play any game. It's fun
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Because I still believe in Better Days.

Because I still believe this isn't the true Diablo

This is just Jay Wilson being a punk and I'm not going to let some weak coward like him destroy me.


I will make Jay Wilson apologize in front of the WHITE HOUSE saying I made a bad game I will give everybody who purchased their game a refund and I will make his kiss my feet

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faith blizz will pull this one out of the trash and if they do pvp right it sould be a blast with the skill system.
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I'm a 47 year old woman and have gamed since Pong came out but haven't bought a new game since d2 because I got so addicted! I was thrilled when d3 came out and had no expectations and love it. I still play because it's fun, I have family that play with me and I like knowing it will evolve with patches and the expansion. When the grind gets too much I still don't stop. I simply mute the sound and listen to music. I am definitely getting my $60 worth. I hope this helps. :)
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The items sucks, the item drop rates suck, the item randomization sucks, the hellfire rings suck, the items in the AH are over priced, the RMAH is garbage, the character builds suck, the monster density sucks, the crafting sucks, the community sucks, this game and all it has to offer sucks. I don't know why I play it. I play it because I want it to be good, but it just isn't and I get let down every time I farm. The legendary items are a joke, everyone wears the same gear, the game just sucks in every aspect.


and yet you are another lamer that bashes the game while continuing to lurk on the forums.. and probably still playing the game on top of it. Bandwagon hater much ?
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The gameplay is spot on. Much better than diablo 2...jesus, when i have tgone back to play that game it is soo boring.

However, that is only thing that diablo 3 has on diablo 2.

Need to work on your itemizations, crafting, gems, special rewards for quests...the list could be endless...
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I play this game because It has a great story, is challenging, fun and looks amazing... I love you Blizzard!
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12/12/2012 05:57 AMPosted by Maga
its been quite 17 years since diablo 1 appear in markets.Since that day Diablo was ALWAYS A GRINDING game.If u cant live with that,then delete. You should first read about a game before u buy it and this game has no reason to change face for all of these people that are crying that diablo is boring,has no pvp,has no loots or wtfzomgqqmore comes in ur mind

How clueless can you be about a franchise?

Always a grinding game? I don't recall ever needing to "grind" in Diablo 1 or 2. I could do everything I wanted to from level 1 to level 50/99. I had no level cap that I had to hit to play the real game, nor did I have to level beyond that because the developers failed to make a game entertaining enough to begin with.

Also Diablo has always had PvP and it has always had fun entertaining loot, 2 things that this Diablo lacks. I think you and the developers need to wake up and realize that you guys are not good at Diablo and obviously have no clue what the game is about or what its community is about. People like you and the developers constantly downplayed PvP'ers like we were black sheep who didn't belong or played the game wrong and how Diablo was all about PvM, well guess what? Your PvM only Diablo has been a giant fail on every level, hell even PvP can't even save this garbage at this point.
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I stopped playing in June.

I came back last week. I love the changes that have happened while I did not play.

Finally got Belail down in inferno. Now for a week or two of farming act1 inferno with hopes of being able to handle act3. If not, then I'll just move up to farming act2.

Hopefully in the next 30 days I can down azmodan <3

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The diablo sequel is dying. You know it, I know it, Blizzard knows it, everyvody knows it.

In the end only the fair prize for all the wrong decisions they made.

The only good thing that can come with all this hoorible experience of years of waiting for such a dissapointing is that Blizzard might get this as a huge lesson.

They cant go developing sequels of their super awesome franchises with "money" as primary goal. Ambition will destroy Blizzard.
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12/11/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
I still play Diablo III because I like the combat, playing with friends, and farming items and xp. We know a lot of you feel that the game experience has room to grow and we sincerely appreciate all the suggestions on how that might get accomplished.

-Endless dungeon, higher difficulty and MF/GF/EXP buff per level
-Endless survival scenario (like Zombies in Call of Duty)
-Special promotions (double EXP weekend, double GF on New Yeas Day, +50 MF on X-mas etc)

Just to name a few
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