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12/12/2012 02:24 PMPosted by ellisD

I know it doesn't nor will it have the same content updates like wow. But the game you released heavily needs new content. Be it an expansion, DLC whatever. What you put out wasn't enough, what you are doing isn't fast enough. I think you guys really underestimated the Diablo fanbase greatly as far as how we would blow through the game regardless of how artificially difficult it was, even pre 1.03.

Basically what I'm saying is and I hate that I even feel this way. But DLC is needed in order for this game to get the proper updates and attention it deserves.

any dlc blizzard releases will be free so as not to fracture the community

the only dlc i care about is pvp, pve is only a means to an end

EllisD.. i seriously hope that the pvp content update is the means to an end! I truly do ;)
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But the game you released heavily needs new content.

By content do you mean like new maps/acts? That would add virtually nothing to the longevity of this game. People will just continue to farm whatever the most efficient route is, and any new content will become just as redundant after the first 20 runs.

Diablo games aren't about 'content', they are about game mechanics. Hopefully, that is what Blizzard is working on.

No i'm not talking maps. I agree with you on the dlc content/efficiency part. Randomization of maps however needs to change. I'm talking about depth of systems. Example would be crafting (smithy/jeweler) and itemization.

All I was trying to illustrate is the systems within this game that are currently in place are very very shallow and need to be expanded upon. All of which are deserving of attention by blizzard as they have stated before they want to give us the "best" diablo they can.

I guess this is all growing pain stuff. I'm just not very patient.
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12/12/2012 02:39 PMPosted by ellisD
If you are referring to creating more items that cater to skills and runes and builds to diversify the game even more, hell yeah!

this is it. bingo Ellis.

I definitely don't want more powerful loot more often. I get pretty decent crap that I just end up salvaging anyway can't even give half the stuff away.
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Let's cut the CMs some slack, shall we? I've been in the software industry long enough to know that a) bending over to indulge every single end user's whim is a recipe for disaster (and I have seen companies go belly up by doing just that,) and b) there's a big difference between what you know and what you let be known. Even if CMs know dates and planned content, they are in no position to share that information with us -- not even the fact that they have it. I spent over a decade in similar positions and I know what it is to be between a rock and a hard place.

Let's not mix targets, estimates and commitments. I'm sure devs are already getting enough of that from their managers as it is. I am as disillusioned with the game as the next guy but taking it out on the CMs won't solve anything.
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I follow the reasoning for keep things close to the vest, since misinformation is more harmful than most are willing to admit.

I'm still waiting for changes to my Monk ... and hopfully some better(different) viable gearing options! Real diversity without ruining balance is all I am hoping for.

So far, adding mp and paragon levels have made the game more playable, and I'm hoping better things are just around the corner.
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In this day and age, it’s not unusual for a community to expect that a game will have some form of continued development after its release, even if it’s a game like Diablo III (which doesn’t really have the same content model as something like World of Warcraft, for example).

A lot of you have been concerned about the lack of game-changing adjustments in patch 1.0.6 and 1.0.6a, and we can certainly sympathize since they’re not the kind of patches you’ve been used to seeing for Diablo III. Smaller patches like those aren’t unusual for Blizzard games, though, and are often needed to address important issues quickly (issues that can’t be resolved with a hotfix or really wait for a larger content patch that might be scheduled for a later date). Similarly, sometimes patches will contain a lot of behind-the-scenes changes that aren’t visible to players, but are still necessary to keep the game running smoothly or enable testing for new features that are coming down the line. This was the case for both 1.0.6a and 1.0.6, respectively. Lylirra provided a bit more transparency about that here and here. They’re a bit technical, but that’s doesn’t mean they’re made-up jargon – that’s really just how patching works.

But, just because the latest patches have been smaller, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on improvements to the game. We commented on some stuff already that we have planned for future patches (to provide a very recent example, here’s some info on Reflects Damage). In many cases, though, we may not be in position to comment on what the developers are working on, either because they’re still working on the design process or we’re not really sure if what we have is actually going to make it into the game. Over the years we have found it is better to avoid promising anything about future content (until we are as close to 100% certain about it as possible) than to retract previous communication when something gets cut or delayed from a patch, or changed to something completely different. Even acknowledging that an issue exists is enough for some players to walk away with “they know, so something will be done immediately” and can be harmful if said issue’s resolution doesn’t make it into a patch.

Acknowledging community’s concerns is very important, but requires some finesse when we do. Some of you will disagree with that philosophy and for very good reasons. We promise the community team is listening, relaying to development teams and working hard to make sure information is digestible and ready to go as soon as the proverbial light turns green.

i hear all of this and all i would realy like to see is bugs beeing squished and repairs such as the legondarie issues in the ah being delt with im not asking for a bead on new content i jst want some word on repairs of old content. you set up hot fixes and quick patches to fix silly issues and refuse to release FIXES for other issues at the same time this sais to me that the blizzard team is either A) not working on cleaning up the mess or B) wants special credit for these fixes during big content patches when they should actualy be working on NEW content. and i dont realy count changes to the functionality to overall BNET as a main focus of the DIABLO team to me it seams blizzard has started chrismas holidays the first day they saw xmas decorations in the mall and to be honest takeing a couple months off for xmas is kinda rediculas.
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I think blizzard should give us a schedule of when it will do maintenance, or get a new patch.
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Every voice does not matter despite what Blizzard says. Actions speak louder than words.
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-add 100 more legendary items, including a lot of normal, nightmare and hell.
-add 20 more sets
-add 15 more unique stats
-add 3 new types of gems
-make white items useful
-make blue items useful
-add super super rare (tradeable) "unique skill learning books"
-allow us to chose where to put stats when we level
-remove capping from everything: mf, runspeed, IAS,...
-allow to go from 1 act to next in-game
-allow for 6 players
-allow us to join mp1-10 games based on a filter.
-remove "unique eqipped"
-remove "account bound"
-add new monster affix

And contrary to what some say:

-RMAH is fine
-drop rate is fine

Took me 2 minutes to write this, and I'm sure same time will take for most people here. Although these things should have been implemented a while ago, its not too late to implement things like this now. People have come up with much more intriguing suggests than these.

Oh, almost forgot, when you add PvP, try to allow us to fight outside town. many people will find it too much work to enter "an arena" just for the sake of dueling. People would rather do a MF run and then fight outside town.


plus make it so no one can see our profiles except friends, or else allow us to see blizz's employees profiles! hehe (the same reason they do not allow people to view there profiles is the same reason that i want my profile only accessible to people on my friends list!)

-RIDICULED by people that think they know you based on hours spent playing a game!
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Where's pvp?
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Lol I just had to laugh at him saying working on game design still LOL yes lets work on making a pretty and awesome looking game but when you try to play it that's a complete different story just rename the game Pretty Glitch 3
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Well it took more than a month to fix immortal wizard issue, it took about a month to fix gem dupes and dupes in general. How dare we players expect that RD or any othe issue like the overbidding that dont get refunded, being fixed in a month!?

We get it, this is not wow or starcraft where a bug gets fixed in hours (depending on the bug)
we are not asking for more content we just want to blizzard to have the same quality commitment to D3 as it has for its other games. Its just clear to anyone that have folowed and played the game that blizz is not in any kind of hurry to make this game better.
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Hello, and with respect to the blue's post in this thread, shouldn't this community expect updates. Not sure why blue even brought that up. There are promises made to this community that have yet to be made good on.

This isn't a rant, but we should remind blue that updates are expected and if Blizz is not profiting off this business model (cough RMAH) that is their problem and we still want what was promised.
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12/12/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Grimiku
But, just because the latest patches have been smaller, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on improvements to the game

Do us a favor and go check out Synergies Mod for Torchlight 2 and all the content that has been added in that game since sept. 20th. That mod alone adds more content to that game than D3 has had since it's release many months back. You guys are not putting forth much effort to add significant content to a franchise game as a franchise company should do.

It's sad to see an anonymous modder who charges no money put one of the top gaming companies in the world to utter shame...even with all your resources and "hard work"... pfft what a crock of !@#$ and you guys know it.

Say all you want but the D3 budget is next to nothing and you guys are not working as hard as you claim. The lack of content and lack of substance to the content already there proves it. Get real.
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On a positive note, there seem to be more blue posts now than even two weeks ago. And not just in garbage threads either.
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