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Monks need a rework....

as of right now before the so call will be "fixed", monk is the most OP class now. but who knows if monk will get some buff if it got fixed lol.
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I think monks will get a buff if it is "fixed." I also think they NEED a buff if it is fixed, which is the problem.

Yet even with this snapshotting, monks can't beat barbs in dps.
thats so true, damn those HoTa barb
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12/12/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Rikus
it will make a fine brimstone one day!

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Agree with OP. Really, really, and I mean really hope they don't "buff" monks again and when I say buff, what I really mean is nerf...

Blues please do not add a cool down for DS, seeing as how you say you want to make the monk faster, more mobile, and then in the same statement, state they are considering adding a cooldown to this?? I mean c'mon really? Oh woe be us if they insist on buffing us anymore than that..

Don't get me wrong, I picked monk and really only stick with monk, because OP said I really just don't want to be that guy either. Played a lil' with the other chars and even before lvl 60 loved the diversity choice in them, then I came back to my monk and kinda deflated after letting out a sigh.

Should of just been named soldiers, seeing as it seems we all came from the same boot camp and trained by the same person, looking at our skills, passives, and even items..It's crazy to think how many monks are in this game, but if you were to pick any random 5, above lvl 60, you would have a very good idea on what the rest of the monk community looks like.

Feeling like bah bah black sheep and lil Miss Bo Peep does not like me.
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^ try picking 5 random monks in this thread and see what the general trend looks like in skill sets, really makes me wanna QQ, slinking off to corner now

Dashing Strike does not need a cool down and in increase in range, at least imo. The reason I say this is because I personally use the skill in lieu of Serenity to adjust my positioning and getting out of sticky situations when it comes to elites and enjoy the mobility this gives; the ability to cover distances with breakable object and enemies is only an added bonus and should not be made the focus. I would assume that adding a cool down really destroys the whole purpose in using the skill and would make the bonus in covering distances or traveling the primary focus.
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12/12/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Rikus
However after playing the monk a fair bit lately, I have to say that their passives are closer to heaping piles of %$#@ then anything barbarians have, not mention the endless whirlwinding/sprinting that monks can NEVER hope to do in their current state. (Don't talk to me about that whirling staff garbage that makes you eat spirit like you're starving to death.) Top it off with terrible passives that we are forced to use because Dexterity gives us RNG instead of a viable defense platform and you have a lovely crap-tastic concoction that blizzard calls a monk.

This is the only gripe I have about game balancing atm across all 5 classes tbh.

The fact that Barbarians don't need to switch gears or skills+runes to alternate between exping and doing keys/ubers.

Monks are either TR or TC+SW cookie cutter for these situations.

DHs are either Strafe or Bola+STs.

Wizards are either Archon or CM/WW.

WD can do both with bears or 0CD ZD, but nobody really cares about them cuz they're still the minority. And like Barbarians, you won't get any complaints from them lol.
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