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Name next upgrade for the WD above U (part 2)


I'm thinking you need some crit chance on that amulet, or a zuni with more armor. Otherwise great gear. Maybe an LS knife with a TOTD for extra crit chance?
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Hard to say, your stuff looks pretty well suited. Maybe a Zunimassa's Pox with either some Avg Dmg mods or Crit Chance or Attack Speed. I also wonder about a slower, higher dmg range 1H, especially if it was a pure physical (black back) to take the most advantage of the poison damage on Zuni's boots.

For whoever rates me, I'm spec'd for speed xp at the moment in case you wonder about strange skill choices.
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Maybe try to get some crit chance on your rings.

Inna's pants would be nice if you have the survivability to go that way, and they're cheaper than those blackthornes.

Lastly, think about a ceremonial knife with crit dmg, mana regen, socket, lifesteal. They are fairly cheap in the 900 dps range. You'll lose some int, but it would be worth the crit dmg as your crit chance grows.

For whoever is next, I have about 50 mil to spend today.
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Trying to revive this thread.

@Slim your profile is linked to SC so I can't view it.
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You should get more vit, 66% life isn't giving you that much hp. Int/vit on amulet or ring.

Any thoughts on my hc wd? Currently on act 3 machines
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You should get more vit, 66% life isn't giving you that much hp. Int/vit on amulet or ring.

Any thoughts on my hc wd? Currently on act 3 machines

You need to start swinging your VIT to INT, all of your all resist gear is nice and 50 K HP is nice but with out the damage you have some looong battles. Also look for +crit damage + crit chance. you can easly keep your HP's 40 - 50 k and swing your damage up.

Look for a 3 socket chest for one, keep in mind 3 x 34 int = 102 INt so you can still keep or look for high vitalilt and bump your int up a bunch. 12 k dps is really low damage even in MP 0 inferno.

also swap rain for bears, bears is way more damage.
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i came in because i see ^ "jane"

well as for ur upgrade, ur gears are pretty good.

you can either upgrade ur weapon to one with LS or you can just come behind me and pew pew. i will protect ya :D
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Sorry Jane i'm not too knowledgeable about witch doctors, but if anyone has any tips for gear upgrade would be grateful.

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@ simpli

get a witching hour. The cd from that will help your dps some. Also try to find some more all resist. Maybe you can drop the attack speed from your gloves and get some.
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How are yuou getting by without any Life Steal or Life on Hit? The only build I have ever seen with success like that is 0 dogs.


No cheap upgrades left im afraid, you need to consider bitting the bullet for a socketed weapon, with LS and CD.
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Wow Great gear overall... Let me check carefully! lol

You really have great gear, try to get a higher Marrow's with higher Int (you have a good roll with armor), maybe gloves with AR. And a third pick would be Lacuni with Vit roll.
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Looks like all you need is one of those Tal Rasha's amulet things with the +6% poison damage buff.
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Zunmi Helm/Ring with cc would be a nice upgrade :)
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I am mainly grinding levels atm at MP 4 or 5, I do not rely on LS to get past reflect damage mobs. I use Spirit walk as a sheild. while in spirit walk you are invuln to damage, and I bear down the mobs as fast as i can, only ones that can be an issue is wallers and extra health mobs, but generally enough pots are down to keep you alive long enough to finish.
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Your gear is pretty much solid already , anymore would mean spending huge amount of gold. Maybe you can try for a better hellfire with CC / CD or find a vile ward with higher int without sacrificng much vit ~
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i dont know
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I like your gear more than mine!! we have around the same dps so i really dunno what's there to upgrade for you. Maybe u would wanna get a wep with a socket n LS.
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I'm not too sure as I just started a WD myself. Maybe a better chest or zuni boots that has higher vit and AR/armor? A zuni pox with cc with would be lovely too tho.
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@SiaoLang --- hell fire ring.. 8 rings they all suck .. but .. i keep trying. i have 5 more machines made up, just waiting for some friends to come help me use them.

I have better rings, I just am grinding exp. By the time i get a good one i'll be 100 and not need it anymore.
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Nice gear, maybe higher int on Vile Ward or Gloves with IAS would be my suggestions, kind of a noob though, hope I'm not too far off
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