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Name next upgrade for the WD above U (part 2)


Your WD already has decent equipment. Maybe your should start upgrade gem around your equipment. Topaz gem is pretty cheap.
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Nice WD .... i dont think you need any upgrades....
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@dragon slayer.

Depends on the time of day you look at my profile i could have something different on depending on what i am doing.

The gloves are stun gloves, 3.6 % took a hit on dps for the stun, also my belts a freeze belt 4.1% my gar is also stun. I do this cause, its easy to not die if everything is stunned or frozen or dead. they also work on ubers to help CC them.

For you i will pick the easy target LOL.
Work on gem upgrades too expensive but its an extra 80 INT on your armor set, Prowlers are a plus too the faster you move the faster you can grind.
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@ jane

not much at all to do, your wd is nicely thought out.

id try a bit more vitality and a some more all resist for the end game

i think were in the same boat, upgrades are just too expensive for just a touch more stats.
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@AaronKallDay Great stuff! The only thing I could suggest would be getting Lacuni's with a higher cc but that's really just nit picking.
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I would say gloves, you could drop the attack speed and pick up 3% more crit chance, 70 more in and 80 more vital, this should would skyrocket your HP due to all your %life and it can be done for around 1 mil.
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@PatMcGroyne - A couple things, your helm could use some CC, your offhand could give you another 10k dps if you got one with a higher damage mod, your Pox could use some CC and your gems are a little old. Even with all of that, you are off to a great start.
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@dead, look for new gloves. just that,.
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@tango you def need a new belt
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@DragonSlayer. I'm a noob mmyself but upgrading your gems seems like it would be easy.
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@Ulrath - Your Int is very nice, but I would look for some CC on several more pieces of gear, you will see a big increase in damage. Also, you have a decent amount of life%, however you Vit is a bit low. You should be able to pick a "reasonably" cheap pair of pants with close to 200 Vit.
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I would go for either replacing your rare ring for one with CD instead of IAS, or replace your bracers with ones with 6% CC. If you want to hold onto the vit on the bracers, get some better vile wards as the int and the vit on the ones you have is pretty bad.
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I suggest you replace your Hellfire ring. Get something with CC and CD. That would significantly increase your dps i think.
Everything else is awesome...especially your chest armor.
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@ DirkLance519

I suggest you get zuni boots for the 7% poison bonus and to get the 2 set bonus of 130 int since u already have a zuni marrow
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definitely you need a new belt maybe withching hour or get a belt with all resits
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A Lacuni with 4%+ crit.
Try to squeeze the affix 'extra health from globes' to 1 or 2 pieces of gears at most.
Approx. 8 ~ 10k should be enough unless you intend to go hp tank in future.
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@ham sup lo

i would say a head piece with cc? sorry a bit new to wds.

perhaps here is a good place to ask question, wat is a good mojo to buy. something versatile to swap in if i do not want to play zeedogs
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Either change out your helm for a CC zuni's or your weapon for a high CD weapon instead of mana/sec. Even with a bears build which you currently aren't running you can do with 1-2 mana/sec gear slots and use the other(s) for dmg.

Weapon adding another 90 CD would net you around 20k realized dps.
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Im not a 0 dog user but I would assume the crit dmg from a witching hour would be very good for your build.
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