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Name next upgrade for the WD above U (part 2)

@ higgins

First thing I would upgrade is all those star gems. Those will be a decent boost for a very low amount of money.

The first item I would upgrade is your vile ward. It really doesn't match up to the rest of your gear as far as quality goes.
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Either change out your helm for a CC zuni's or your weapon for a high CD weapon instead of mana/sec. Even with a bears build which you currently aren't running you can do with 1-2 mana/sec gear slots and use the other(s) for dmg.

Weapon adding another 90 CD would net you around 20k realized dps.

Indeed I'm thinking about getting a helm upgrade but not sure on what to get. Some options that I'm looking at are:
1. Zuni helm with crit
2. Visage of Giyua with crit and ??? bonus to wd skill
3. Tal Rasha's helm with resist all/ crowd control reduction/ 200+ int (any 2 out of 3)

The latter 2 will have to be paired with a zuni mojo though (already got a crappy one), or else I will lose the mana regen set bonus.

Would like to get some opinions over this.
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Best way to go in my opinion is Visage of Giyua with 170 int+ / 6cc paired with a good damage /cc Zunni string of skulls but all the good ones were either nowhere to be found or very highly priced if any...

Other way is to keep your current Zunni helm with mana regen and find a higher dmg /cc uhkapian serpent with your desired bonus wd skill if you can afford to lose the pick up radius.
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Its kinda a toss up. As Siao alluded too Zuni's OH is extremely expensive to get one worth getting. If it were me I would spend my money on a zuni's CC helm over a zuni's OH + Visage. Really depends on how much gold you have. Zuni's OH will be more flexible for future upgrades, but it will cost a boatload more.
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If I were in your shoes, I'd save up for a good Int Lacuni with crit. Going from 12 to 24 MS is kind of a big deal.
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If I had to knitpick I'd say going from a PuR of 7 to 14 would really hit the sweet spot for GI and GF. I am only running around 7 myself, and wish it was a little higher.
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I would upgrade either the ammy ( Get some CD on there ) or the shoulders ( Try to get more int )

The person who's going to name my next upgrade, Could you tell me what I should be looking for thats not on my gear ? Thanks.
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its high time to replace that glove with with a cc 8 as 9 that will give you a big boost.. after that i might go for zuni armors starting with my helm for another bonus int. mana regen would help you alot in levelling paragon.
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Imma guess I am critiquing your first WD, not your 2nd lol

new Zuni helm with crit would be a great place to start
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@Raki.... wow.... head scratcher..... besides the .5 cc missing here and there... im gonna have to say your ammy is the weekest link still can get +1% CC and a couple % CHD....lol or a 2B perfect quadfecta with LoH int vit....do those exist??? lol all that to say man i love your gear!!!
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@Danevil...nice gear :) Maybe some more cc and better pants?
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@syphon You have some nice gear goin right now, first things I would look into would be crit chance on your helm and then on the pox :)
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@Dr3wby Can't add much to you gear :D
I think i need lots of upgrades :C
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@Hamslice: Zuni boots to finish set, then get a Zuni ring and replace your mojo with a Thing of the Deep. That will serve you better for now.

As for myself, I'm starting to run out of obvious upgrades.
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@Hamslice: Zuni boots to finish set, then get a Zuni ring and replace your mojo with a Thing of the Deep. That will serve you better for now.

As for myself, I'm starting to run out of obvious upgrades.

You have plenty of obvious upgrades, they are just expensive.

CC on Zuni helm and ring would be the largest dps impact.

Res all on Zuni boots (and get closer to max int of 200)

Helfire ring is ias instead of CC/CD, you can get a rare to use for high MP that would be much better.

Vile Wards are pretty poor. Get ones with 240+ int and 100+ vit.

I'll assume you have another weapon to swap for reflect in high MP. It thats the case your weapon is fine, if not either get LS/LoH on weapon, or get a 2her with 6%ish LS to swap.

Lastly upgrade everything to have PU radius so you can get a real OH.
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Gorim, Perhaps a better amulet with IAS & more crit
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From a range of 1 to 10, with 10 being super uber gaduper pro, I'd prolly be 2 so I won't be able to give gear upgrade advices. Just wanted someone to check up on me and tell what I need to do with my WD. I'm flat broke from not playing as much as I need to (got less than 1mil gold), so consider that also. ... help?
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@juh: Looks like defensively you are doing pretty well. I'd get new bracers with crit on them and get a zuni chest + zuni boots. You are broke so its gonna be tough to upgrade from here without any gold. But thats what I'd upgrade next if I were you.

As for myself, I'm lazy and don't like dying. I like to be able to sleepwalk through runs so I know I've sacrificied a lot of dps for defense. However, I think I can lose maybe 5-10k hp without it harming me too much. Suggestions?
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Your tanky but you only have 10 mana regen.
Being a bear spec do you not run out of mana really fast?

i think it would probably pay to change your helm for a zuni as you would not lose that much health if you pick up a nice one, but get alot more mana regen.

As for dps, change your rings and ammy.
Pick up some cc and cd.

but the main thing id change first would be your helm.
Though it may not be a dps increase on paper, the extra mana regen allows you to spam more bears which as a result increase the amount of damage you do.
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