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Q: The One Percent; A: ?

So I'm trying to get all achievements in the game, and some of the last few are going to depend on me getting "The One Percent" achievement completed (pick up 100,000,000 gold), in order to most efficiently do this is the real question. Haven't seen much on the forums about specifics really. So...

Does amount of people in the game generally increase gold found on monsters or just because there are more people in the game more stuff is smashed therefore more loot?

Does monster power effect gold drop? If so, how so?

edit: Yes, WordMaster has the link below.

I'm pretty sure that inferno has the best gold found on monsters (per drop) but do the higher acts in inferno drop better or the same?

Also, from what I understand is that the gold find cap is 300% before nephalem valor, and the NV stacks gives you 75% for a total of 375%, please confirm.

edit: 300% is the cap, nv5 does increase it to 375%

Would the demon hunter be best suited for this achievement since he/she has the Ferret Companion (The ferrets collect gold for you and increase gold found on monsters by 10%)? On that note anyone know how/if that is affected by the gold cap? Probably want to be Demon Hunter until I at least finish up the achievement "Hunter or Hunted" (Kill 100,000 demons).

edit: Ferrats do not increase the gold cap.

Is there any other skill like the ferret companion?

edit: Barbarian has one that drops more items, but not gold from what I read of it.

Best I can tell for gold farming in inferno would be 6 stats minimum for mp0.

Primary Stats:
Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence
Resistance to All Elements

Secondary Stats:
Extra Gold from Monsters
Movement Speed
Increases Gold and Health Pickup by * Yards

edit: Critical Hit Chance Increased by *%
edit: Critical Hit Damage Increased by *%

If you want all these stats in one item, seems that you can only get them in shoes last time I checked the Auction Hall.

These stats are just purely focused on gold and speed/survival, I'm sure crit chance and crit damage should be there since they both increase kill speed, but I'm not the best character builder so I don't know all those dynamics. Now if monster power does effect gold drops, then from what I understand the 2 crit mechanics would defiantly be needed.

Don't want to be bored while on the grind, but want to be efficient too. I feel like I need a balance, to keep myself interested. Better to go through whole acts or specific parts? Also probably be best to not grind on one character for mixing it up factor, but then there is the paragon levels to consider, more paragon means the less you need to have the gold find in your gear making me more effective killer to put other stats in its place... yet that makes me want to grind only one toon...

I feel a good jump off point to complete the one percent achievement is to hunt and kill all the unique/rare/elite combo's on hardcore mode, I would feel that hell mode would be the safest/fastest farm, though its less gold per drop then inferno... I just can't see myself wanting to farm inferno hardcore for gold drops. Yes I guess that makes me somewhat of a pansy, but I want to spend time farming gold not leveling dead characters. After I get all the unique/rare/elite combo's farmed up I think I'll switch to softcore mode since I can get GG gear cheaper and be more effective gold farmer for the achievement in inferno.

As of right now I only need 22 more achievements to obtain them all, and this seems to be one of the longer ones, and will help me complete some of the more pricey achievements. So, help is much appreciated if given. :)

edit: only need 13 more achievements now
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Magic Find is capped at 300% (before Monster Power and Valor boosts), but I don't believe Gold Find has a cap. I could be wrong, however.

Yes, Monster Power does increase Gold Find.

In Normal, Nightmare, and Hell, each MP level increases Gold Find by 10%, to a maximum of +100% at MP10.

In Inferno, each MP level increases Gold Find by 25%, to a maximum of 250% at MP10.

(The full chart is here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7540457/)

If you're looking to farm lots of gold quickly, I recommend a Goldskin. It's a legendary chest armor that makes monsters drop gold when you hit them:

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So what's the most effiecent mp lvl then? seems that mp6 (895% health) monsters have twice the health then mp4 (457% health), with only a 50% increase to gold drop.

BTW thank you for the sweet link, and the goldskin idea is great!
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Just farm MP1 with as much GF gear as you can get and as high a paragon as you can get. Also as much movement speed and pickup radius as you can get. Also use skills that increase mobility, every single one you can get for your class (teleport, sprint, etc). GF on follower too.

Increasing the monster power means taking longer to kill the monsters, it's not worth it (just like with MF runs). It's better to just one shot everything and zip passed everything. You also can wear mediocre gear which means more GF on gear.
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just stack some pickup radius; you'll be surprised how fast it adds up.
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there are 2 rare enemies for the rare phenomenon achievement and 3 champs that you cannot get yet - they do not give the reward.
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Update geared out my sc dh for the one percent, spent all I had on sc at the time to do it too, about 20mil, but I like what I have. My stats are:

44.5% crit chance
298% crit dmg
601 all res while buffed
52k hp
393 life per sec
8789 health globes
19 pick up radius
24% movement speed
400% gold find (nv 5, mp1, p6)
3686 armor
55k dmg

I seem to progress pretty well, and first day that I played and started with 4k after buying everything, I had 700k from pick up / selling blues/yellows. Not to bad I think, although I know the sells don't count toward achievement, it still helps for eventually making the max gems, for "Like Stars in the Sky" achievement.

Which brings up a question; better to not pick anything up at all except leg, and just run the maps at top speed and will be able to do the gem achievements anyways since I'll eventually have 100mil gold, or should I take the time to pick all the blues/yellows up to sell for more profit?
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12/15/2012 03:09 PMPosted by UnifiedEarth
there are 2 rare enemies for the rare phenomenon achievement and 3 champs that you cannot get yet - they do not give the reward.

Forget to read the OP? Wth.
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from me personally... Just doing mp0 alkaiser runs, with leorics signet ring (and it's 7 yard gold pickup range increase), will do the trick.

Fast the the better.. more experience point items the better. WHy?

Level fast = gain Paragon bonus fast. Clear fast...

It all equials more and more gold per clear. Depending on your build more pickup radius would be helpful as long as it doesn't slow your run speed considerably.

I got that achievement just this week.... However I didn't try to pick up gold, and through a great deal of the time i had zero pick up radius. lol
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Concerning the rare/champ achievements, yes I know about the bugs.
These are what I'm still missing which as far as I know are not obtainable at the moment.

Trophy Hunting
Savage Rockworm

A Rare Phenomenon
Sand Dweller

We are the Champions
Fallen Cur
Plague Swarm
Savage Rockworm

Champion's Collection
Fallen Cur
Plague Swarm

Still was fun hunting down all the ones I could kill though. :)

edit: updated
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Concerning the rare/champ achievements, yes I know about the bugs.
These are what I'm still missing which as far as I know are not obtainable at the moment.

Some of the ones you have mentioned are obtainable, you can friend me and look if you want.
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01/04/2013 09:09 AMPosted by Mounopliktos
Some of the ones you have mentioned are obtainable, you can friend me and look if you want.

From what I checked on your list, what you have and I don't are:

A Rare Phenomenon
Dust Imp

Champion's Collection
Plague Swarm

Which will keep me on the look out for them. Thanks for the heads up!

edit: Found some more that can be done:

Trophy Hunting
Dust Imp*

Also I'm told Plague Swarm doesn't spawn right now, though ppl have it from a previous patch.


Revan #2827 said on EU forums; http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5683348802

I am sure lots of you guys are now hunting for fixed elite packs, so I am gonna post there new packs I found, this will speed up the process. If you got confirmation about spawn location before I do please post it here.


Dust Imp - The Ruins lvl2 (act2) - confirmed
Sand Dweller - bugged
Skeletal Sentry - The Forgotten Ruins (act2) - confirmed
Skeletal Raider - Storm Halls (act2) - confirmed
Mallet Lord - Silver Spire lvl1 (act4) - confirmed
Armaddon - Sacellum of Virtue (act4) - confirmed

Fallen Cur - Ancient Path - bugged after 1.0.4
Plague Swarm - Cryder Outpost - bugged after 1.0.3
Armored Destroyer - Gardens of Hope Tier 1 - confirmed
Skeletal Marauder - Battlefield Stores lvl1 - confirmed
Mallet Lord - Silver Spire lvl2 - confirmed
Subjugator - Radiant Chapel, Gardens Tier 1 - bugged


Savage Rockworm - bugged
Rockworm - bugged

Subjugator - bugged
Plague Swarm - bugged after 1.0.3
Savage Rockworm - bugged
Fallen Cure - bugged after 1.0.4

Packs with confirmed note are properly giving achievement tick now.

UPDATE: Ok, thats it, thanks for replies guys, I found all of these packs myself too and properly received achievement tick, so if you still miss those that aren't bugged, feel free to farm those marked areas to get them.

UPDATE2: RARE Fallen Cur is spawning in Storm Halls, its very rare spawn got it once (today) in few hundred clears over few months, you need to spawn Fallen Lunatics (exploding) and there is few % chance that Rare pack will not be Fallen MUTT, but Fallen CUR (they look the same ofc)

UPDATE3: HC packs added
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From reading this post at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7591979880?page=1
I think I might just stay on mp0

Drothvader #1215


EDIT: Forget about the numbers, they don't even matter. They are simply there just to illustrate a point.

The whole takeaway message is that MP is only rewarding if you make the content extremely trivial. There is no such thing as a happy medium. Your rate limiting factor is how quickly you can move to the next enemy. With that being said, feel free to read the rest of the post. Just know that it is NOT reflective of real world situations. I am merely demonstrating a point that the only way to be rewarded the best is if you take less than 1 second to kill something.

I am not stupid, I know that based on your DPS MP8+ can be the most efficient way to farm, but it has nothing to do with the bonuses, it has everything to do with how quickly you can move from enemy to enemy.



When I first heard about the Monster Power system with 1.0.5 I was pretty excited. Like really excited.

Not only is the game going to be more challenging, but there would be better rewards... right?

I keep seeing people say "MP1 is the most efficient way to farm" and I didn't really understand why. I kind of dismissed it as people just like killing stuff faster.

However, the more I looked at it, the more I realize this... Blizzard, out of all the things you could have possibly screwed up, this one takes the cake. I mean, this system is pretty bad...

So I'm going to quote Bashiok here.


Aw man... Damn. Yeah the description in the blog this morning is missing a crucial "for increased rewards" in that sentence. That's my fault. Thanks for the call out.

We'll of course have more info in a proper announcement piece on exactly how it'll work, but I'm digging the speculation!

So I thought... "Hey, this could be pretty neat! Increased Difficulty for Increased Rewards!"

However, today I looked at the numbers and ran an analysis... Blizzard, there's this nifty spreadsheet calculation program called Excel, it might be helpful to open it every once in a while... Just saying guys...

What I found, is that playing anything other than MP1 was HORRIBLY inefficient. Not even just slightly inefficient, but like HORRIBLE! Like, I don't even want to say that I wasted the hour making up these spreadsheets...

- Explaining the Math -

Alright, so the main argument here about efficiency is the speed at which you can kill monsters. Based on the Monster Health increases for Inferno, I am going to assume that if it takes 10 seconds to kill an elite in MP0, it will take 343.9 seconds to kill it in MP10. (Not really considering how much movement I'll have to make, but for the sake of simplicity I'm going to leave out these variables such as movement speed and time spent NOT DPSing...)

I'm also assuming that if it says 150% Health it actually has 50% more health not 2.5 times as much (150% More) If it actually is 2.5 times more HP then I'll have to redo the spreadsheet... but be warned that it will NOT work in Blizzard's favor.

A Monster with 2000 HP takes about 10 seconds to kill doing 200 DPS.

Likewise, a Monster with 68,780 (2,439% more HP) takes about 343.9 seconds to kill at 200 DPS.

So DPS is going to be a constant in this example.

Obviously you're going to play at whatever level you're comfortable with, but just know for the example I'm calculating your efficiency at whatever DPS you currently have.

One other thing you need to know before I start is this formula.

Probability of Independent Events

1 - ( Chance to NOT get an item ^ Number of Items Rolled )

- Analysis -

Alright, now for the good stuff.


Looking at this chart, you'll see a bunch of random stuff. I'll try and explain it as best I can.

First, I have all my base numbers used in my calculations.

Base Magic Find - Magic Find before MP
Base Gold Find - Gold Find before MP
Base Legendary Drop Rate - A Made up number for efficiency calculations.
Average Gold Drop - A Made up number for efficiency calculations.
Time to Kill Elites (MP0 in Seconds) - A Made up number for efficiency calculations.
Hypothetical XP per Monster - A Made up number for efficiency calculations.

So what I did was I took these numbers, then calculated how many elites can be killed in an hour, and what kind of gold / XP / loot you'll see in an hour.

Now, this is assuming 100% of your time is spent killing elites. No stopping DPS, no doing anything else. So just know there's other factors that come into play, but they will impact this chart even more negatively. For right now I'm just calculating your time spent killing elites, nothing more.

If you notice a trend, EVERYTHING about Monster Power is just a lie... There's no such thing as increased rewards when you factor in this little thing called TIME. The rewards should be proportional to the TIME spent...

Now let's bring you up to full Paragon Level 100. (375% Magic and Gold Find which includes NV)


Just for more emphasis, I have included some efficiency charts in there too.

Now, I was going to go out of my way to give suggestions on how to balance this system... but I'm not going to waste time doing that... IF you would like me to hammer out numbers to rebalance this system I will, but only if I know the feedback will actually be read. =/

I am just utterly disappointed... like really disappointed...

EDIT: I know that higher MP's are more efficient when you get to the point where you're oneshotting monsters. You can quit acting like I'm stupid...

I'm simply just saying it's poor game design to make a more "challenging" mode then have the entire point be to try and one shot it to maintain the same efficiency you would have 3-4 monster power levels prior.

The one and only point to this thread is that the only way to maintain farming efficiency is to get to the point where you're oneshotting everything.

"More guts more glory" is a really really inaccurate statement. As long as you're not oneshotting everything, Moving up in Monster Power is not worth your time.

EDIT 2: For those claiming I'm wrong just because I didn't include bonus rolls... here you go.


Yet again, your only RLF is the speed at which you can travel to a new pack of enemies. In other words, playing at whatever level you can comfortably one shot everything is the most effective way to play.
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Also note that the achievement will be completed according to the gold collected on your profile page, in the career tab, and not according to the actual achievement counter. I've seen 2 people get the achievement with about 95 - 96 million counted on the achievement counter.
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