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Reporting bots as a real life threat

@TopStock: That was funny!

I can see it now, bots with random chat, like this old r00lbot for IRC texax holdem that I use to play in the days.

It could post random sayings like:

"Bots, I don't see any bots"

"I swear I'm not a bot, plese don't report me if I don't interact with you!"

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spoken like a true bot
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12/21/2012 01:12 AMPosted by Lightofeast
Mvp is useful afterall.

Before or after getting schooled by Lylirra?
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I think the point is this. Players do not want to have to log out of the game and fill out an on line form to report a possible spotted bot.

It almost reminds me of the movie "Office Space." lol "Did you fill out your TPS report?"

There needs to be an easier efficient way for players to report bots without taking away from the game experiance.

One last question? People always talk about bots bots and more bots. How does one know a bot when he sees it? How does a player know if its a bot or an actual person? What type of behavior to bots display?
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BTW, this topic is on bot forum, they are laughing, let's wave to them
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I think the point is this. Players do not want to have to log out of the game and fill out an on line form to report a possible spotted bot.

It almost reminds me of the movie "Office Space." lol "Did you fill out your TPS report?"

There needs to be an easier efficient way for players to report bots without taking away from the game experiance.

One last question? People always talk about bots bots and more bots. How does one know a bot when he sees it? How does a player know if its a bot or an actual person? What type of behavior to bots display?

its easy:

first of all the are such a high paragon level that they have a big gold ring around their profile.

they stand in town like morons for 24 hours a day.

they go exactly where you go. Follow you to town and back down the portal 10 times a minute and think nothing of it.

its so painfully easy to spot Bots due to their ABSOLUTELY RETARDED behaviour that I cannot figure out how they are so sly.

This isn't the friggen matrix. the bots ive seen are so loud and obvious it almost gives me a headache.

I'm not putting you down for you post at all man. but yea it so frusterating i cant help but belittle the whole stupid scenario as much as ever with each and every post.

Its frusterating becuase I have had conversations with blizzard staff AT LENGTH over the most obvious bots you can ever dream of.

Ill let you figure out who stopping responding to who.

this guy put up with my pestering for 30 minutes. I denied him 100% of his xp for 30 minutes and he did. not. change. his. behaviour. for. 1. second.

it was beyond stupid.

but not enough to get him banned. he out-levelled me and is probably still on my friends list.....pretty sad....the message was bot away, no one cares. (this was in WOW.)
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I think the report bot feature would be useful, but also exploited just like the rest of the report options currently in place.

I have seen guys in trade chat report each other for the dumbest stuff.


Oh he doesnt like what i selling?

reported: real life threat

He called me bad bad names made me cry.

reported: harassment

His name is WhiteGuySuc:

reported: real life threat, harassment, inappropriate tag. . . or and lets tack on spam for fun!

See where i am going with this? You cant expect to have a bunch of kids act like responsible adults and use report options wisely and/or fairly in this game just wont happen.

But hey if you guys want to be chasing rabbits instead of finding the real problems so be it.

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in case anyone plans to do this, I got a warning for doing it

that is all

They are, by definition, a real life threat. Because they require your account information, they pose a threat to your financial well being. They are a direct threat to your economic health, and therefor a REAL LIFE THREAT.

Blizzard would be better off actually fixing this problem rather than punishing those who understand the English language better than they do.
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12/20/2012 11:42 PMPosted by Lylirra
While I agree that correct choices should be made to avoid account suspension, I also believe that your team is out of date on the OPTIONS for reporting a player.

We're looking to add an in-game option for reporting possible botters. Until that's implemented, though, it's best to use the steps provided. :)

I really hate to burst your bubble but the online webform does not support reports of this type.

Wrong webform! Check this one: us.blizzard.com/en-us/submit/hacks

At this point I would even pay a reduced subscription fee to get some of the benefits of WoW (i.e. the ability to report scams, hacking, and botting in/out of game). Notwithstanding these major 'oversights' allegedly due to a subscription free model, what could be done with any additional revenue? More content, content, content!

Let's continue onto improbable-proposition-land and further refuse this philosophy that D3 shouldn't take market-share from WoW, allowing D3 to achieve actual fruition. From release to now, D3 seems to have been relegated to little more than a mini/side-game (OK, more than that) that explored the effects of a RMAH (and a couple of other ideas?) that will be used for what Blizzard is actually focused on right now (and hopefully refusing to impose any of these artificial limitations onto)--Titan.

I could always be mistaken, but the aforementioned inductions seem obvious.
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And may you provide us a guide which explains how to identify a botter??

well, only blizzard can know 100% for certain by looking at internal data about their playing habits, but its almost a certainty someone is botting if:

1) They have a similar amount of elites killed as you or fewer, but 2-3x more gold looted. Real players dont just play to collect piles of gold, bots do.

2) They use all max gold find gear on their main character

3) If you see someone follow a certain playing schedule, but then suddenly they're always online day & night, don't respond to whispers, and their paragon level jumps up into the 80s/90s in a week or two, thats suspect.

4) Alternatively, someone with godly gear with very few elites killed.. that can only be explained by 2 things: major RMAH purchases, or botting on a separate account and buying gear for the main account so it doesn't get banned.

5) An account with very high amount of gold looted/elites killed but still hasn't even left inferno act 1, thats a dead giveaway.

or have complete noobs that used to be friends remove you and some how get 2152 hours on 1 char and NEVER talk and always be on lol...and some how have 150M gold farmed lol
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Forums Report button has downgraded to "I SERIOUSLY hate this guy's post, the Dislike button is not enough. REPORTED!"

Same with Req Sticky, it's just a "Super Like". (Though it doesn't work for me. Always says I've already req'd, even if I've never even seen the thread before. And I don't even use it often!)
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Basically all I see here regarding "how to recognize a bot" with the exception of being followed everywhere, is nothing more that assumptions and theory. Certain assumptions about game play are labeled as "bot type" behavior. Sometimes I will go on a run for exp for paragon and ignore the loot unless its legendary. Does that make me a bot? The built in auto disconnect function does not always work when standing in town for a long period of time? Does that make a bot? Get the point....... Are you there starring at the player for hours on end to see if it moves?

Once again I am going to ask the same question. Please answer with definitive proof (not assumptions, hypothesis, guesses, theory's or little hairs standing on the back of your neck) that you (the player) know how in fact to recognize a bot. Unless you are sitting on the Diablo server looking at the player inputs you cannot know for sure.

The reason I ask is this. In order to implement a viable report function players need to know what specific behaviors they should be on the look out for. What should a player observe to give them reasonable cause to report.

Just think of the administrative log jam would be caused by players "reporting" what they believe to be bots. It would a nightmare to deal with so many ambiguous reports if not impossible.

The report methodology needs to be thought out on a logistical level in order for it to work properly.

That is all :-)
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Sorry, i find it rather stupid to report bots for RLT.

Worst they could do is make your game life miserable.

And you know what? its just a game.
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12/21/2012 11:29 AMPosted by MasterJay
Before or after getting schooled by Lylirra?

I did ask what the proper channel was and it was provided.

Less like schooling and more like supplemental information.
MVP's are not employees of Blizzard Entertainment. We are players just like you.
Nothing I say is Official word from Blizzard, everything is of my own conjecture.
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Why report them? You just get 10 more spam friend requests the next day. Blizzard does nothing about it.
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rofl you got a warning because it's the only ingame option they monitor. They are forced to by law to comply with COPA; and I assume some european counterpart.

They don't care about anything unless it threatens the company (lawsuits or be named in)

Nice stop pretending you care; tell us warden does the work and community action does nothing; better yet just remove the reporting options that go into a blackhole.

Like report spam!! rofl.
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I report gold seller that want to add me as friend as real life threat with the explanation : esdfgadsfdsgtgatrgdr

Am I in danger lol?
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One of the bot programs I have come across in game will always port to a banner. A simple way to find this bot program if you suspect it of being a bot is to start throwing banners down. The bot will port to town and then back to where the banner was placed.

I was in a Act 3 public run a few weeks ago and two of us had all sorts of fun throwing banners all over the place when we realized it was a bot. Poor bot didn't know if it was coming or going. :)
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