Diablo® III

Reporting bots as a real life threat

THis game is still bugged out! I tryed to make a dps bugg thread and was banned for 24 hours for trolling! I see a gold spam thread at the bottom of this list though? So a bot or off site gold selling company can get a thread, While a player trying to get the team to fix the bug they made, gets banned! What a joke. How other people have not noticed how very far off there min max dps is I just dont know! How about adding a bug report! The one in place now is a joke.
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What say you blue guy? Am I gonna get banned again for that?
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Okay, this is lame a blue post stating that they are implementing a ban style system to report other players. Okay blizzard, start from what you learned from diablo 1, 2, and starcraft I, II, and your glorious triumph also known as battle.net (2.0) *Garbage, complete garbage, you developed this battle.net based around your cash cow WOW* You guys don't want to monitor your incoming network traffic that is all server based to completely stop players from botting/cheating/hacking. Okay let me say this to you "BLUE" posters. Here's some simple information about the botting systems the CHILDREN that play this game are using. Most of them are script kid's that don't understand visual basic or even html, that state they are godly source code writer's that are realistically using an auto I.T. based script that some idiot with half a damn brain programed while he fapped to E-!@#$ with 1 hand.

Really the geniuses at blizzard can't figure out how to do anything on there own and ever since wow they have solely relied on there customers to report bugs/problems and even let there own customers create fixes/work around's for problems they have created.

Bravo Jay and crew on slaughtering a game i really wanted to play, also kudos on talking massive trash about the guy that created the games that you botted/cheated and played jay mother fappin Wilson. Blizzhackers has all this information YOU NEED KNOW ABOUT BOTS to and you guys all over look it, i used to destroy your last two games, %^-* you guys really goofed up diablo 2, the only difference is now its harder for us to import items with no open battle.net, but you guys aren't even going after your own screw ups that are allowing some players to dupe items.

Come on you guys, you got over 6+ years to get this shat right and you royally f'd up, and by letting other people decide whom you get to ban/investigate is a poor decision on your behalf because you don't want to do your jobs.

SuperSatan Out
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12/20/2012 11:42 PMPosted by Lylirra
While I agree that correct choices should be made to avoid account suspension, I also believe that your team is out of date on the OPTIONS for reporting a player.

We're looking to add an in-game option for reporting possible botters. Until that's implemented, though, it's best to use the steps provided. :)

I really hate to burst your bubble but the online webform does not support reports of this type.

Wrong webform! Check this one: ###

Liar. I reported 7 bots on that webform, you didn't even watch my report-videos (short ones!) - 0 viewers! lol
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