Diablo® III

Bad server lag with 2 CM wizards

I'm playing co-op with the same group frequently; 2 of us are CM Wizards spamming Wicked Wind, Explosive Blast, Frost Nova, Slow Time.

Every time we encounter VERY large packs of enemies (no matter what kind, trash mobs or elite), the server lags every player in the group massively. We first get the lag meter into the orange (~800-900ms) and typically get down in the red (1300+ ms).

We play on the NA servers.

None of us have frame rate problems. The machine renders everything at 60fps (checked with CTRL+R). We all have fast connections, with typical pings being between 80 and 100ms according to the D3 lag meter.

The lag gets resolved either by killing the enemies, or by one CM Wizard stopping casting.
No other skills (spammy Monks or Witch Doctors) have shown the same problem. This is very specific to 2 CM Wizards and large mob numbers.

To quantify 'large' mob numbers, two good examples are the crypts in Festering Woods. Testing this is easy, just go to MP10 so it takes a while to kill everything, get the two CM Wizards to start spamming casts, within a few seconds the server will start lagging and get progressively worse until mobs die or at least one Wizard stops spamming.

Additional observations:
- This is not tied to mob type or elite affixes, we've seen this happen with just about anything out there
- It takes a few (2-3) seconds of both wizards casting for the lag to start
- It's not specific to the map, we've seen this on Fields of Misery, when we all dragged mobs to one spot

Thanks for your attention to the matter.
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Having this problem on EU servers as well. I guess the game can't handle the amount of area effects going on at once. The servers are probably outdated. It's going to be even worse when they increase the mob density.
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