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Should I go for the 3.0 bp?

I am considering getting an inna's pants in order to reach the 3.0 attack speed break point for perm freezing ubers. If I do this, I'll need to swap out a lot of my gear but should end up reaching the bp while sacrificing some armor and vit. Is this worth it?
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personally I would try playing diablo 3.

Seriously you have spent a decent clip on your gear and it is pretty nice. Stop spending money and play. Once you have actually played the game you will have a better idea of what you want to do, gear wise.
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I went to 3.01 and came back down to 2.74 with a pile more AR Armor

You cant perm ubers anyway with 3.01 or even 3.39
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Usually people give up too much to hit 3.0

While higher aps will definitely return more AP, more LOH, and better cool down resets most people do not have successful set ups or they cost too much.

2.73 aps and higher mitigation is a perfectly acceptable build with more options then 3.0 which is tunneled into using inna pants.

Another way to do 3.0 is to use ias wand at high speeds 1.79 max. This allows access to good EHP options while hitting 3.0 but the big issue here is dps. It takes a lot of trifecta items and huge dollars to pull this off.

Check my profile for my 3.0 setup With open socket.
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I also went to 3.01 breakpoint and went back down to 2.74 in favor of mitigation and dps.

3.01 will increase your LoH return, slightly increase apoc proc, and will make initially locking down mobs slightly easier / faster.

I went back down to 2.74 because after testing it quite a bit it was clear that the benefits weren't worth the mitigation and dps loss.

if you're going to have to juggle all your gear around and spend a lot, I suggest you just stick with 2.74. Or you could buy / borrow a pair of cheap innas pants to test to see if you want to put in the effort to make the switch.
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If it means wearing innas no. I'd quit the spec before that. If i means wearing an double ias chants good idea.

Very few ppl can afford what boozer has done @ 3.0 and even then im sure he'd tell you his EHP is not where he wants it exactly. About 100K-150k lower than most of us running sns. And he has billions in gear. I'd say it's near impossible to get 550K ehp and 3 with OS wand
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Since you're pretty close and just require Inna's, you should be able to make the jump just fine to 3.00aps. However, it's probably worth asking yourself if you'd rather chase more DPS or damage mitigation instead. I personally enjoying having 3.0aps occassioanlly, and I'm more comfortable using Frost Nova (Bone Chill) on single targets (instead of Cold Snap). And if you have the gold, a decent Inna's with Armor is very reasonable. So you could buy one on the cheap and see if you like 3.0aps.
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I'm at 388k EHP @ 32k hp. I'd say that's about average for SNS.

I'm not sure what that works out to it I substitute my 5 topaz gems for ame.

But anyway EHP is overrated anyways doesn't factor in LOH into the equation and weighs too heavily on vitality.
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Looks like I can reach a max of 2.99 aps without inna's and ias chant if I have max ias on each slot. Think I'll stick to my current bp since I'm not having much trouble with keeping ubers in place and can perm freeze most elites.
I still want to increase my dps to at least the 150-180k mark though. Looked for a blackthorn amulet with high crit damage and they cost over a billion. Are there any decent alternatives to the blackthorne set?
I guess I could upgrade my gear to have more int, upgrade my Chant force with a higher damage. Perhaps get a high crit natalya ring. This should increase my dps quiet a bit.

Any other suggestions?
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Trifecta duncraig.

Trifecta rings or unity.

Trifecta gloves.

High dps wand and high DMG force.

Each point of int should be giving huge amounts of dps now. Should stack as much as you can. If you can't afford trifectas. Go for CD if you have excess ias. CD will give more dps at this stage in gearing.
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yeah trifecta BT ammy is huge and hugely expensive:( Cd nats ring is huge. I just added 10k with one and will get a better one for 15K. just one step at a time you'll be 150-175k b4 u know it.

U already have the huge upgrade in DPS with OS wand 100CD is no joke and from here on out upgrades will be slow and expensive.
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Should I go for cc or cd though? I'm at 49.5 and think getting to 55 would be ideal but that'll probably need the nat ring to be cc instead of cd. I could swap my mempo for a rare with high cc too.
Edit: Don't want to use storm crow since I really dislike the look of it (;
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both lol
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If you are lookin for straight dps go for high CD and some supporting stats on your nat ring upgrade.

Otherwise CC is always the better choice for cm/ww compared to straight dps.

High int mempo with cc will boost dps as well.

I'd recommend a good strong unity. Very powerful ring for dps.

Ideally you want both CD/IAS in a perfect world...
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Is there an advantage to have aps between 2.75-2.99 over the breakpoint of 2.74?
If this is the case I'll try and get a high int/crit helm. I'm also thinking about going with 25-30 apoc instead of 20, since I do very rarely run out of juice on single enemies. ( will need to suck it up and use a storm crow though )
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Short answer is no.

Effectiveness is still 36 ticks per second until 3.01. However, at 2.99 it gives you bit extra speed on your other attacks. Not to mention ias is still dps.

A 3rd source of apoc is not a bad idea and was widely recommended for a long time.

It definitely does not hurt.

If your dropping to 2.73 rule out the items you won't need ias on and upgrade them to something else. A CC mempo, apoc force and wand is what end game should look like.
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It also depends on the OP's in game latency.

I can get well past 3.0 with the right gear and an enchantress/time bubble, but with my latency I still lock ubers, KW's and elites exactly the same as +2.73 (I'm at 2.79 with no buffs).
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I was at 3.00+ but it's again depends on your latency and other stats. I live in EU so my latency is always 200+ and 3.00 doesn't give me any good with that latency.

So I've done several testing to find my place; Ghom testing and Alkaizer's run testing. Went down from 3.00 -> 2.73 -> 2.51.

The result is now I stay happily at 2.52 APS and 58.5% crit chance. Play the game and do the test with yourself is the best.
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I like what Inspy said. I was also up to 3.01 with Inna pants but went back to 2.74 bp. There is so much you can do when you are in 2.74 range. More flexibilities esp with increasing AR/Armor.

I'm back to 2.74 but I think 2.52 is little bit too low. Even for cc, I was up to like 65cc but I think after testing, 50+ is good enough.

You should working around having 2.74 and 50+. At that point, try to gain as much AR/Armor and even HP. Don't forget LOH.
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buy my wand, on AH 135m

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