Diablo® III

GeForce GT 640M LE

This is the graphic card i have, just got it with my new laptop for christmas. And every time i try to play diablo 3 the game gets to the log in screen then the computer shuts off. The research i've done so far is saying that peoples computers/ laptops are old and or have poor cooling systems, that is not the case with mine. I can tell you the specs if need be but tell me what you need to know because i'm not super great with computers. Someone please help, i can't believe that i got a "gaming" laptop and it can't play D3.
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When a computer shuts off like that, the most common reason is going to be it's overheating internally.

Download and run HWMonitor from: http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/hwmonitor/1.20-setup.exe

See what the idle temp is for the cpu and gpu initially.

Now start the game and let it sit on the login screen for just a second or two and then exit it. See what the highest temperature is that was reached for both the cpu and gpu now.

Are you sure the computer is shutting off completely? Perhaps it's just the screen blanking out as if it was being sent a signal it couldn't handle?
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ok these are the temps i got while Idleing
Intel core i7 3610QM
Core #0 min 91*F, max 132*F, what I saw 111*F
Core #1 min 102*F, max 141*F, what I saw 116*F
Core #2 min 91*F, max 138*F, what I saw 111*F
Core #3 min 89*F, max 127*F, what I saw 105*F
Lenovo Product Name
TZ00 min 98*F, max 140*F, what I saw 113*F

I just tried to leave the screen up for a little to get the temps and i could hear the fan kick on and shortly after (8-10 seconds upon being on the login screen) thats when the computer shuts off, like completely, not just a blank screen.
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Also i did got a reading right when the game first started up and temps only rose to abot 117- 120*F for the Cores, not even close to what fthe maxes were
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That's fine for the cpu but was the gpu temp not displayed? You may want to try MSI's Afterburner to display the temp for that if HWMonitor isn't picking it up. The fact you hear a fan kicking in means something is indeed getting overheated.


Do you use a laptop cooler while playing? Have you cleaned out the laptop recently to remove dust buildup?
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Like i said i just got the computer for christmas, i thought it would have something to do with my graphic card(?) the subject title of this thread. because i dont think a cooling fan would solve the problem, and i know it isnt dust as the problem. ill check the gpu temp, but i'm going to be really upset (not your fault) if my computer is just over qualified to play this game.
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k so i ran the gpu temp check and its min was 60*C max was 98*C i didnt try to run the game because i know whats going to happen already, thank you so much for the help i really appreciate it.
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98 degrees is too high, even for a desktop pc. I would recommend trying another game to see if the overheating still occurs.

The laptop you have is capable of playing d3. Honestly though, it sounds like a defective gpu.
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What Artemis said.. these days you can play D3 on "mediocre" hardware, as long as you're not running really high resolution with high texture settings.

Those numbers seem a little high, if I were the OP I would do the following:

1. Re-install Windows
2. Make sure all drivers (especially mainboard, and graphics card) are up to date
3. lower the resolution on the laptop and game (if it's somehow a really high resolution notebook, I've known some to have near QHD resolutions)
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