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I think affix rolls like "% to Fear/Chill/Freeze" need to be buffed.

It's understandable that some of these are reserved for legendaries/abilities, but it would add more diversity to builds and itemizations.

From what I've seen, the only time an item can roll higher than 3.5% to Fear/Chill/Freeze are on legendaries. If Rares were given the ability to roll a slightly higher chance (but not higher than the legendaries with similar affixes), then we could have items that add a lot more than just Critical Hit Damage, %Damage, IAS and Elemental Damage (which IMO also needs work... the elements don't really do anything).
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I wouldn't want b.net to touch characters or difficulties ATM.
What they need to do is
1) fix legendaries so they would be worthy of being called legenary.
2) add more content. more quests/areas/events/bosses whatever just give the game some more replayability.
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12/14/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Vaeflare
With that in mind, the bulk of the ideas you listed aren’t really appropriate for our weekly polls

That's problem #1, the main concerns of the game aren't appropriate for your polls. Is it any wonder, the game has lost more than 90% of it's players? This answer is unacceptable no matter which way you look at it. This means you do not care for the players feedback. Actions speak louder than words.

12/14/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Vaeflare
We realize that different players have all sorts of varied feedback on portions of the game

No everyone echos the exact same concerns, different players don't have all sorts of feedback. All players who have feedback echo around those very things the OP listed.

It's great Vaeflare you actually posted in a thread that had some merrit which the CM's almost never do; but your answer signifies the very reason D3 is dying rapidly.
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and we like that players often have to weigh their options when comparing gear in order to be the most efficient, to have the greatest DPS, to find the best loot, etc.

@Blue - Have you noticed that your comparison as in "greatest DPS or Most efficient" in comparison actually means the same thing?
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I really enjoy Diablo 3. Any Diablo for that matter. I really enjoyed having the bosses be the most likely to drop a Legendary, or as it was "Unique" back when I first started. The anticipation is what made it great. Also, not just any unique. Consider having a boss have more of a chance to drop certain Legendaries over others. Buffing the entire Legendary core is pretty much required too for more diverse builds. I'm sure you're already aware of this all, but please really do something soon. I have enjoyed playing for a long time and now it's getting boring due to character items being the same on everyone and no other builds available and still having speed for farming.
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really tells us how retarded blues are...
ignorance and arrogance combined in one pile of !@#$

imo what NEEDS to be fixed ASAP:

- useless stats like thorns, regen, health globe, bleed, stun/freeze/immobile related stats
- the imbalance of DPS stats over EVERYTHING
- more gems - elemental gems, scaling gems
- fixing GOD AWFUL legendaries
- introduce alchemist or something for new mechanics/gold sink
- make elemental dmg ACTUALLY useful

- limit gold find on lv60 characters - limit bots from constant gold deflation
- items bought via AH gets account bound for 3 weeks - to create a balance of influx of items
- update the jewelry craft, blacksmith as GOLD SINKS - like use gold to recraft/reroll
- provide meaningful salvage/gem combination ways to cycle&remove items from the game

acts need to be more balanced in terms of mob density - allowing everyone to farm wherever they want instead of ALL CLUMPING IN ACT3
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Only a small fraction of the playerbase has ever posted on the forums. An even smaller percentage of those participate in the polls. Many of the people posting no longer even play the game. The results of any poll on the forums would hardly be representative of the people actually playing the game, and thus it's unlikely that Blizzard would actually make an official poll about something meaningful to the game. If they did, you can be sure they'd ignore the results, like they did with the MF swapping poll.

They don't actually care about the results. The polls are just to get people talking about the game -- specifically, things they like, since the rest of the forum is pretty much full of posts about what people hate.

Game development is not typically a democratic process. They read these forums looking for good ideas, but they're looking at the ideas themselves, and not how popular they are. The quality of an idea is not determined nor measurable by the number of people who like it.
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A entirely rebuild of the game. PLZ.
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PVP, DUH WHO CARE ABOUT THAT OTHER CRAP. (GIVE THE PLAYER WHAT THEY WANT FIRST THEN WORRY BOUT THE OTHER THING LIKE BUGS) Maby they not gonna implement pvp i just popped back on the forums to see if they implemented it yet. I quit diablo3 because they just don't get it.

I have half a mind to just quit all there game period i found other games more fun like command and conquer or games like guild wars and age of empire. westwood used to own the CnC game they don't anymore sad to say. but usually all games once u get to three don't fulfill the legacy. but CnC has 17 games out 7 different tpyes of games but they can keep up the good work.

All i ask is for pvp you cant give us something as simple as a hostile button. don't assume we wont like it. lets us decide then make changes that would make the gaming community much more likely to stay.

more then 90% of people want pvp i stop playing about 2 weeks ago.
seem like the only thing still going is starcraft. WOW I'm not complaining because, they do have pvp none the less: even though its pretty crappy. thids game has been going more and more downhill.

Drops are to fast.
RAHM shouldn't exist
The gold AH is flooded with to many items that will continue to mean nothing.
MP don't mean anything even a godly player like myself i can do mp10 with both my wizard and barb and yet nothing u would gain from there that couldnt be gained from mp0 so mp shouldn't even exist.

new patch 106a gave me many more problems lag is much more serious then it use to be i logged on today just to play for 5 minutes and nothing but serious lag and don't say its my problem from my end i em sitting a T1 LAN party with friends we all play starcraft and CnC and rainbow6
They also quit diablo3 My mother who plays this game also quit she went to guild wars 2 see you are losing folks left and right. if you listened to what the community wants the most u wont lose as many people and might get some back.

And you sit there and listen to folks who haven't even played d2 or d1 talk about pvp we don't care there stupid they don't know diablo like us really experienced diablo player that put 15yrs into your franchise. honestly banning me from these forums i wouldn't even car.e

ether listen or don't, if you don't listen to the mass of the community all wanting the same thing watch your game go so far down that it won't even be a spec on the google list.
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Maybe you should consider expanding the polls so that you might actually get some useful feedback from them as opposed to "GUYS WHO IS THE BIGGEST BADDEST EVIL DUDE???"

I would consider this mindset a great example of where you guys are doing something obviously wrong and useless. I'm probably failing at not sounding like a complete jerk here, but this drives me completely batty. Really? You guys would rather use a feature on the website for what is basically a meaningless popularity contest as opposed to something potentially useful?

If you wonder why people are frustrated and upset with the game and you, this is a great example of why. Apparently it's something you're just completely oblivious to, which is unfortunate buts says a lot. A LOT.

This, so much =/. I wouldn't mind that sort of polls if the game was the fun treadmill it was meant to be, but when everything is going bad, and you have a community that's clearly upset about the terrible choices made, i don't believe irrelevant polls like those are even welcome as a bad joke.

It may not even be the CM folks' due to silly policies preventing them from giving any sort of acknowledgement on touchy subjects like the extensively exposed flaws this game has (tons of threads about it all over the forums), but they gotta admit this sort of thing projects a rather unproffessional image, by making the community wonder about their ability (or the lack of it) to define priorities.
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No matter how skilful and careful you move your char away from the Frozen range, the moment you got out of the range, the elite will Vortex you back and then you are screwed.
I think Blizzard really needs to look into this combination of affixes. It's a luck-check, not a genuine-check.

If this happens - that#s what your cooldowns are for. Combinations are also meant to be randomly varying in difficulty.

Which Act do you think requires the most polishing, in terms of content in that Act, or monster density?

I think act4 doesn't offer enough loot for its difficulty. The monsters there are something else. I mean for act4 I always have to go one Mp-level down. The act is also shorter so gathering Neph. is not as rewarding.
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12/14/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Vaeflare
We enjoy making polls that engage players on multiple different levels

I keep seeing this for the latest Bliz posts and I am constantly reading it as "We enjoy making posts that Enrage players on multiple different levels"
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