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I am 90 paragon as a wizard yet....

Meaningless QQ from someone who lost the race to 100 from not even trying? Already admitted they didnt use anything for xp bonus other than gem. Plenty of posts on wizard forums describing how to get honestly MORE xp than a barbarian can per hour. I could 100% understand the QQ from a monk playing LEGIT mind you but never a wizard.

On a side note lets macro 3 keys and permafreeze anything with 7-9x sheet dmg and cry about barbs being invuln to cc wizards zz
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90% of what? of the top 100? of the top 1000? be specific.

I just had a look at the top 100 paragon and 58% of them are barbs.

58% factual vs your so called "90%"....i sense a bit of exaggeration

I just find the whole "children crying because they didnt come first" thing amusing....really shows the maturity level of the players on this forum.

i mean if you had structured your post in the following way:

1) I think barbs are OP and here's why .....
2) ways in which blizzard may make other classes more up to speed with a barb....

then i would have had more respect for u.
but no all i heard from your post is:


Not that I'm disagreeing, but you realize there are 5 classes, right? 58% of a sample being one of five isn't that much better than 90%. In fact it isn't better at all, it's just as ridiculous. Had he said half the top are barbs, it would have had the same impact as saying 90% from a rhetoric perspective. It is an exageration, but come on... Don't be a #%#@**%*.

The reason that it is weighted on barbs is not because they are OP in farming XP, it is because a large % of the population jumped on the Barb bandwagon. Some because they prefer to play ball without a ball or a net (WotB cc immunity, WW collision negation) others because whatever the flavor of the month is, it's a must.
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Okay, I got it.

You meant to say, "I'm the FIRST Wizard to reach 100 paragon soon".

Congratulations (droooollsss).
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12/14/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Xane
I don't see why class would make a difference, if anything I'm glad I didn't use a barb to do it....But seriously, get a hellfire, atleast.

because some classes move almost 3x the movement speed of others while not even having to be stationary to attack.
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I beg to differ, Aside from being the first to hit level 100 (first page)
Look through all the other pages, they're evenly distributed between most classes.

Imo if you ask me, archon wizard is the fastest pleveling characters right now...

Please explain how you come to this conclusion when archon wizard has 1/3 the movement speed of other classes, a teleport on a 10 second cooldown and has to stand still to fire?
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I think this is the dumbest post so far on the threads who cares which class gets to 100.

The only reason why you haven't it 100 is because the people who at 100 put the time and effort into the game. It is not anyone's fault that you decided to not use items to make your journey a little more easy. Why not get a hellfire ring or a leoric's? You are making this harder then it has to be for leveling.

The amount of exp needed is insane, everyone has to get the same amount.

Get a life!
What a ironic post here. A barb ran his way to 100 np. He is right and wrg. The class indiff is just off the wall in this game. The climb to 100 para is so much more easy with my wd than my wizz it is not cool. O man and forget about the barb I got a lvl 60. He just runs through the lvls and paras, if I took the time to do so. I like the Wd the most though out of all the classes so I run wit him for now. I took all my gear off wizz started running paras at lvl 0 with him. Piece by piece I have been gearing all classes now. But with hellfire/ gem and was using Cain set for 30% more exp untill 5 paras ago. 200 hours later I am lvl 47. I took off cains b/c I was sick of doing only 65 70k dps. Now with hellfire and gem only, I am least over 100k now. I can run mpl10 takes a min, but it can be done. Point is I roll through mpl1 mpl 0. Still its not even close to a barbs exp. I can run circles around my wd with my okay at best geared barb. What up with that? I think the Op is saying to the game makers is, enough with the way you feel patches, and do a common sence patch once in a while!
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Making a even class plat will not hurt the rah or ah! So, why has it not been done? No , more nerfs for goodness sake! Try adding damage to other classes or movment speed. Dont nerf barbs and say okay its done. B/c all the other class nerfs caused this in the first place! Add to the players enjoyment please. We payed for this game, stopp taking it away nerf by nerf. You can not add things while taking away others. Thats not a patch thats +1/-1=0 New problems taking over the old ones. The game will never come out the way it looks in your mind. So, use a practical common sence approach to level the glitchs out. Give the people what they want, not what you feel is best. Its a game that makes profit for the makers. Why are you cutting your salesforce? Make stuff work , get more players!
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The game makers should have never ever takin Magic find away from the few, to give everyone it. When they did that they broke mf. Old mf d 2 and most games, makes the item better stat wise ubers. But na, if everyone has it now and does not have to work for it. Lets make it give them more mods. Who needs 7 layers of crap dude really. I will take a 4 stack big mac anyday over that poo. Gold and greens always have the same amount of mods!~ I did alot less dps and so on then. I had way better drops though , so it was worth the little less to gain more. That was my fav part of the game. When magic find was programmed the right way! Worst game nerf I can think of for no good reason. Haill the bots have won the war! They need no mf to get the best items now. Just get lucky killing stuff like a bot does non stop. Used to take skill to mix mf/ res all/ dps. Now cross your fingers if you get a gold or green b/c your mf = nothing! That was the nail for me that feeling rule this game not common sence and profit/ gaming for fun in the mix. Someone didint like mf! Time to go huh. Anyone could have put on mf, it was not a select grp. It was a simple act of doing so.
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hahahahaha you know wizard is fcked when blue post defends them with magic missile
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I don't see the point in caring that mostly barbs hit para 100, since its a singleplayer, p2w game. If you were looking for a rewarding gamnig experience, and you chose to lv to paragon 100 (considering the state of this game), well thats just dumb.
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12/14/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Vaeflare
I haven’t personally made it to Paragon level 100 yet (though I know some people that have), but I think it’s a great achievement, no matter what class you are.

It's a great achievement by the Blizzard development team. They managed to give players an empty experience and keep them around for a couple of months longer. And the probably came up with it on the drive to work, or on the john, spun it by the dev team and burped it out before lunch, took the rest of the day off.
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Let's get the facts straight.

According to Diablo Progress the Paragon 100 stats for Softcore are as follows:
Witch doctor - 349 6.8%
Monk - 953 18.7%
Wizard - 862 16.8%
Demon Hunter- 818 16%
Barbarian - 2128 41.7%

So yes there is an overwhelming amount of players who are barbarian at paragon 100, but no where near the 90% described. Barb's are a what I like to describe as a run and gun class. They are up close combat with high DPS. This effectively gives them an edge in the leveling process but who cares. This is a senseless topic with someone raging.
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12/14/2012 02:09 PMPosted by AllHallowsEv
If you personally prefer playing a Wizard over a Barbarian, then I encourage you to put on your robe and wizard hat, gather up your meteors, and Magic Missile some demons and hellspawn. :)

Yea you are 100% right

if meteors and magic missiles would not suck so bad and wouldnt be so slow

compared to ultra CC immune fast rocking barb

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12/14/2012 10:28 PMPosted by AFAIK
BARB is op... rest of classes are far behind in terms of farming speed. This needs to be addressed with some MEANINGFUL balancing.

Which class is capable of highest experience/hour? Do you know?

No, you don't. Hint: it's not barb.
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What do you get for getting to paragon level 100 at the same time as any other class or character. You do not get no special prize for doing that.
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12/14/2012 01:32 PMPosted by blkdrgn
Actually no and I feel opposite. As a DH I feel like it was a big accomplishment to reach 100. I think about those Barbs and think it must have been so easy holding down buttons. No worries at all and just spin there way through the map.

jup, alkheizer reached 100 with only blue and some white items. ZOMG! Cant believe how OP barbs are, right. No items required. First char which finished inferno and killed Diablo was a Barb with NO(!) items equiped! - sarcasm off!

Guys (or girls?) dont act like playing a barb is the "easy" game.

pretty much every character has at least ONE build which allows him to be almost afk with the right items when he is playing.

I mean yeah, its difficult to hit buttons. I know.
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you should play diablo and get to 100 paragon if you want to. and you should feel accomplished by doing it. just cause there are many other people who have already reached 100 paragon no matter what class, should not make you feel less motivated to get to 100 paragon.

if you played a single player game, and see that millions of other people have already beaten it. do you stop stop playing because others did it already? i don't think so. you would want to beat it on your own. this is the same scenario.
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Why worry? Paragon 100 is not an indication of skill. It is an indication of time spent. The amount of thinking needed to get there probably equates to having to tie your shoelaces.
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get +100% exp from the the 2 leg rings and helm socket. and then play waht is fun to you. that's the most effective way :) because what is the "best" class when you personally don't like it and won't play it, 120% effectiveness over other classes times 0 = ? nothing exactly.

Wizard is great with meteor spamming for me personally. Arcane on crit + Max arcane and also ArcaneReg/s and there your dps is more than twice as big as your sheet says (and as usual builds without extra regen :) So you can almost only use meteors the patch did quite help.
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