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looking for: sympathy-or a smack to the head.

Glad you've recovered so quickly from those feelings of remorse! I haven't made your specific mistake, but I have wasted gold once when I bought a weapon on buyout soon after it was listed thinking it was a great buy, but then found later I had forgotten to delete a stat from the prior weapon I was studying, so the my DPS estimate was way off. Sold it same week for 20m loss.

I think many of us have questioned how much time we've spent on the game, but as long as we always keep in mind it's just a game then should be fine. I have met a pretty large circle of folks through doing ubers, and basically 95% of us logs in every day, at least to check the AH, usually to do at least one run, typically more. So misery loves company, but so does addiction and having fun.

I know I've spent more time than I should have and so am gradually cutting down. It's so bad my daughter just showed me an essay she wrote where comments on the time she called me to pick her up after her ECA and I told her to take a taxi because I was in the middle of an Uber run :) I stopped wearing my HF ring at P78 because that's half-way to 100, and I know I can't spend double the time since 1.04 to reach P100. I figured I now have enough MF boost, but it was also done to help me ignore the drive to level up and do more runs than I really ought to be doing.

Net, yes you're addicted, pretty much all of us are. That said, it's fine to keep on playing, but perhaps fewer 3am runs is all you need to feel balanced. Good luck and keep having fun.
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I laughed out loud at you making your daughter call a taxi! :D I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post ... thank you. :)

I've enjoyed reading *all* the responses today. I hate to get all mushy on you guys, but really--half of this game is about human connections for me, and, well, damn it ... I'm just a sap. ;)

It's nice to see so much love among monks.

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I hate to get all mushy on you guys, but really--half of this game is about human connections for me, and, well, damn it ... I'm just a sap. ;)

The older I get (despite not having any kids yet), I find myself playing less and less games alone too. The only thing really keeping me playing D3, BL2, Dust, or anything else is the social interaction. Guess I'm a sap too lol...
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That's ok. I play with my husband. I dropped a perfect emerald in town for him to grab and he didn't...it was lost to the gods...I'm not sure who's fault it should be! ;-)
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I totally overlooked this thread until I read the OP and saw the 'Mom' part. :P
damn. And then my imagination started going wild.

So I got interested and read on!!
...but then it turned into a chicken-soup-for-the-wrong-price thread.

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Bane, I've also moved towards that perspective. In D2 I only played in private games. But everyone I knew in RL from D2 who bought D3 pretty quickly stopped playing. By 1.04 I was really getting bored of playing solo so joined more public games. From there met a few folks where we'd somewhat regularly do some runs. But it really was the Ubers that made things very social for me. As you need 4 ideally, everyone became more keen on friending others. I pretty much never lock my games so there's always someone stopping in, it does help break the monotony of A3 runs OVER AND OVER lol.

The monk forums are quite good too. Yes there's ego and e-peening, but compared to the General forums, this really is a helpful community
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Hey Bane, remember when you did this?

xD, hehehe
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:O No you didn't! Lol


Kamel, I should have known you were on your way to necro this thread! ><
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I think when I first got into inferno I found some tri gloves and sold them without realizing how rare / expensive they can be. I realized something was weird when I listed them because they sold almost instantly but I didn't think much of it at the time was just having fun.
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Hey Bane, remember when you did this?

xD, hehehe

You just had to rub it in, you rascal, didn't you?! Couldn't just let her mourn the loss of her gloves in dignified solitude. Nice ammy, BTW, when did you roll it?

Cheer up, Bane! Like you said - it's only a game. Something good is always around the corner. Maybe not the next corner, but around some future bend, for sure.
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Sorry to hear what happened to you.

Some stupid mistakes I have made:

1. I have vendored a 200+ dex/9asi/10cc/fire res/all res glove (bought it for 120m at the time)...and left game and lost the glove.

2. I have accidentally put a gg ring (which had a similar name) on ah for the price of the ring i was actually suppose to sell. my gg ring ended up selling quickly for 180m...i was cut and tried to find a ring similar or better...ended up seeing it being flipped for 280m...and yes i bought it back LOL.
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