Path of Exile hits open beta toward the end of January anyway. Much better use of time. If you haven't given it a shot yet you really should. Like most ARPG games, it doesn't really begin until you get high up in level, but it really picks up around there and it's very fun.

• In-depth skills/passive system
• It has pvp
• It has sanctioned leveling races
• It will soon have tournaments.
• There's no auction house.
• It's free-2-play when it hits open beta.
• It's has a very fun end-game system based on "rolling" map instances
• You can take a WP to any zone in any difficulty without leaving the game.
• Items are very unique.
• It FEELS like it has a lot more players than Diablo 3 because the global chat system.
• The lead developer gets on Twitch streams with players regularly and takes feedback
• The developers actually PLAY the game at least a few hours a week to get a better understanding of the player's perspective.

Yeah, it's kinda good bros.
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