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How much is the Barb Above you Worth?

12/29/2012 02:33 PMPosted by Darkinsanity
@Colin, below 500mil, also you were supposed to rate the person above you(me). Why do I always get skipped because some idiot doesn't bother to read the thread and rate the person above him? Lol almost never fails when I post in these threads.

Sorry about that but i don't know the price of your gear i saw some items of your that are between the 15m-150m are worth but since i play the game not for so long as a barb i don't know the exact price sorry.
12/29/2012 03:06 PMPosted by Obe

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@FeRMi 1b+?
I hate seeing all these barbs with lower paragon than me with better gear lol.
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I reckon about $250Mil, But I have been a bargain hunter, cant afford AH stuff.
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How much mine is worth :)?
i'd say around 2-300 mil
@ROCJoker, around 200-250m
@cvvikram 300mill ish
@Phreephlo 600-800mil
@BobtheB1019 more than my barb XD
Looked at wrong barb nevermind this post.
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12/29/2012 05:41 PMPosted by xen0n
Looked at wrong barb nevermind this post.

600m maybe
12/29/2012 06:20 PMPosted by VISARIA
Looked at wrong barb nevermind this post.

600m maybe

500 USD

250 - 300mil maybe
Not full gear -.- around 2-3m
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how much is mine worth?
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