Diablo® III

How much is the Barb Above you Worth?


I would have to say at least 2 billion+...
I would say about < 150M
12/29/2012 03:06 PMPosted by Obe

Hard to with the starcraft profile : )
I would say about < 150M

I am playing my Barbarian with found items only. Not bad.

You're gear is probably 600-800m?
Bump! Got skipped!
@ Ekos,
Nice Sun Keeper. I'd say $400 Mill. BTW, I got the shaft too from Page 21.
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@ Ekos

Shoulders 1mil
IK gloves 150k
left ring 250k
right ring 500k
IK helm 1.5mil
IK chest 250mil <-- did you find that? grossly outweighs your other gear.
IK belt 100k
pants 5mil
boots 1mil
ammy 50k
bracers 500k
MH 1mil
OH 2mil

excludes gems.

About 261mil with 250 of it being your chest. Sell the chest. Make a much more balanced barb for 250mil if it were me.
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what about me? Crap?
kinda crappy ye,not more than 100m in total,keep it up anyways brah

p.s JW and D3 developers do !@#$in somethin and let PvP out ...!#@$sake!

Edited by Diabolika#1692 on 1/2/2013 3:06 PM PST
you serius ? 100m total? think i gonna stop play this fuc king game then.....
Seems like ppl on d3 still havent understood that the gap(on value) from mediocre items to top ones is huge...no need to qq etc,just keep on farm bro and use wisely the game mechanics so u can boost ur gear/stats
Shieet i got skipped on evaluation! ! !
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View profile isn't working for you Diabolika :<

There u go
Btw selling all gear since i dont see PvP being out anytime soon or maybe at all :(
Pm me if interested,only srs offers will be considered
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Diabolika - Lots of monies, maybe lots in rmah if you want to sell.
aHyprocrite, Your barb is very well geared as far as I can see. I'd price it in the 120m range.
You guys are sooo good. Happy New Year!
@ Alvin 50m . GOOD JOB !
@skipwilson good one ! congrats to u on ur good job. 65m
@citijem 80mil. Just a guess
Check out mine... I have no idea....
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01/02/2013 06:25 PMPosted by citijem
@ Alvin 50m . GOOD JOB !

Thanks Citijem! Good enough =p
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