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How much is the Barb Above you Worth?

i have no idea anymore lol, but i like ur trifecta rings and glove, im sure my stuff isnt worth much since i have mf gear on but even without it not nearly as much as some of you guy's gear.
@Dajugernaut Probably below 15m
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Helm: 10M
Shoulder: 20M
Amulet: 10M
Glove: 60M
Chest: 10M
Bracers: 25M
Witching Hour: 150M
Unity: 35M
Inna's Temp: 30M
Echo: 100M
Ice Climbers: 50M
Offhand: 200M

Total = 600M

Rough current value of maybe 1.4billion

Edit: Didn't include gem values.. bumping guestimate to 1.6bil
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In the billions.


Looks like you are in mf/pickup radius gear but maybe 130m? I have no idea what pickup radius/mf prices are :p
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@EMChamp, I'm guessing around 400m, probably a bit more.

12/30/2012 03:02 AMPosted by xen0n
@Victor 40m? needs more CD

Hah, that's good, I guess, considering I only spent around 10m on this budget hero, half of that going into this !@#$ty mempo
k, now in normal gear
mmm I guess I will get in on this :D

valued at 0 for not rating me! ;)

sorry I didn't press the post button -_-

but Id say your at 1-2bil, just a random guess but your WH,chest and weapons must be worth a good amount alone.
4-500m? Totally random guess
@ NecroFeelYa, 400-500mil? I sorta suck at pricing though.. so i am probably terribly wrong.. hehe
@tReaper, 300m. Estimating based on what I've seen those items go for. Let me know if I'm close, lol.

how about my baba?
Pwnzor. I would guess 400-450m
@whistlr around 400M not including gems.
i can't remember how much i spend on my gears.

btw i saw a lot of credit card hero here...
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