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Why we don't get any events ?

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You know. I honestly feel the issue here isn't that there are no seasonal events, but rather, there is just a serious lack of content here.

Let's face the reality of this situation a bit. Diablo 3 is a damn short game, my first ever playthrough took me less than 7 hours. Each playthrough after that, even less time. Sure the excuse for the lack of content might be the randomization so 'every playthrough is different' but the reality is, it really isn't. The idea is always the same.

'Oh look you ran into x event, kill everything'. That never changes. Blizzard has the base game mechanics. They can do a lot more with it.

Example. We got plenty of different elements; poison, fire, ice, lightning, etc.
Why was there no boss made with the idea, 'hey this boss is weak against x type!' or 'this boss's weakness changes based on it's phase and time.' ?
Hell, why did you guys even both with element-based attacks and weapons at all? They only make a difference if your rolling a barb like mine.

Anyway, my point is, there is a lack of content. Most updates you guys throw out aren't exactly masterful, or require the greatest developer minds on Earth here(simply changing the variables on already written codes for the most part). And Blizzard has also had PLENTY of time to work on new content. At this point, it's just a matter of laziness. Where is PVP? A part of the game that was on the box, but still not within player hands? How about some new in-game content? New dungeons, bosses, etc. With a game where randomization is so heavily played on, you need the content to be there as well. It's not like every enemy and boss has to be related to the main story, especially with this type of game where, quite frankly, no one got the game for the story, and everyone thinks the story is terrible(I think the Belial boss fight was the only point in the game where I thought 'hey that's cool, he CHANGED').

They're working on it. In the meantime challenge yourself on MP6 for a change instead of doing MP1 all the boring time :)

My stats may not reflect it, but I do play at MP6. xD
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I agree that many other things need to be ironed out first, however, this would be a fun addition to the game once other things are resolved and other content is added.

I think that trying to work these types of events into the game "in a way that makes sense" won't be as fun. Trying to do this makes it sound like you are taking these holiday events too seriously. In my opinion, this is just something fun for people to go and crush multiple times for holiday related items. And these items should be useful but ridiculous! The whole point is for something fun that people want to kill multiple times. For example: Spawn a crazy deformed santa that can drop candy cane axes with crazy affixes where you can summon reindeer or "santa's helper" elf. It doens't have to fit Diablo mythology per say, it just has to be crazy fun.

Obviously these things take time, but done right you can add a lot of variety and fun to an otherwise repetitive (sorry) game. And to people who say this isn't WOW, it doesn't hurt to want to add variety.
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12/18/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Grimiku
Speaking very candidly here, special holiday game events are cool and often inspire great gaming moments, but they tend to take a lot of time to produce (they’re very resource-intensive). They also tend to work better in persistent worlds where the gameplay isn’t tied to a finite storyline like it is in Diablo III. So, while we’re not completely opposed to the idea of in-game events if we can find a good fit (and in a way that makes sense for a world like Sanctuary), right now we feel that those resources might be better spent elsewhere on other improvements and don’t have any plans to add holiday content. In the meantime, though, we’re open to suggestions for what you think might be fun!
Translation, sorry we have better things to spend your rmah transaction fees on, it's taken it's half a year to try and get you guys out of beta stage, we're simply tapped for cash. Feel free to spend more money on the rmah though, it might help us get out of beta before 2013.
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OK seriously why not have special double experience weekends similar to other games? That way, even if our main character is paragon 100 we get the extra exp. bonus to help level other characters we might be working on. Or what about a double MF weekend where it doubles the MF bonus given from NV stacks. Just 2 thoughts I had that I thought were constructive and could be discussed
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There doesn't have to be events, but there could be small things like small temporary changes to some monsters, like giving treasure goblings santa hats or something.
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When PvP comes out, I would like to see a Free for All type of event. Or capture the flag with like as many players as possible. I don't care about the lag. I'm in it for the LOL.
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Ya, you guys. They're trying to install Pvp late 2025. Give them a break.
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