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Why we don't get any events ?

12/18/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Grimiku
but they tend to take a lot of time to produce (they’re very resource-intensive)

listen, i don't want to compare d3 with poe again.
But after reading your comment, i just can't hold it.

You can learn from GGG:
- "they're very resource intensive?" -- GGG is a small game company (Indie) from new zealand, if we compare to Blizzard.
- "take a lot of time?" -- GGG make events every week.
- Event doesn't mean to be complicated, you can make a simple event like experience race, 100 ladder, highest score for: "enemies killed" "enemies killed with one blow" etc etc etc.. and give awesome and REAL decent rewards for the winners..
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There is no way any resources whatsoever should be directed at "seasonal" events in Diablo 3. Nobody but WoW players care about this crap.
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12/18/2012 07:16 PMPosted by Twister
right now we feel that those resources might be better spent elsewhere on other improvements and don’t have any plans to add holiday content. In the meantime, though, we’re open to suggestions for what you think might be fun!

+1. Cmon guys there is better value than a silly 1 time thing
doubleplus 1.

a game experience where u farm w/ max MF for 8-10 hours and find more than total, complete, worthless (@*#$& might be fun.

not really sure at this point cuz i'm pretty burnt out... but it MIGHT be.
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12/18/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Clyde
how about just giving Goblin a Xmax hat? :P

This for now!! Would be so funny
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A 25% chance on the 25th of dec to find Goblins or bosses wearing xmas hats and if you do find them and kill them a 100% chance they would drop one legendary item and a 50% chance they would drop a green set item :) ..

I know its asking for too much but hey its xmas
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PvP.. y delay & delay.. is it try to make this game more longer & value..
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12/18/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Grimiku
In the meantime, though, we’re open to suggestions for what you think might be fun!

Don't do anything overtly themed or change in game graphics or anything like that. *If* you ever did something, do something more subtle. I'm thinking something along the lines of a small-but-noticeable MF/GF bonus & corresponding cap increase (so people who are capped still see the benefit) just for a single day or something. (Letting people find their own presents)
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i thought this was bs.

I played wow for all of 6 months back in the BC erra (gave up on it cause i'm not into the orc gnome elf fantasy type stuff)

anyway, I played through a christmas, and I thought it was really cool how the towns get festive decorations, new NPC's show up, special events, etc.

I don't care about feeding us extra xp, but it'd be nice to see a little love for us during the holidays, some christmas lights strung around town, some holiday npc text story to follow, a neat special quest that gives you a useless holiday-themed item maybe? SOMETHING?

I know, I know, what am I thinking, right?

even fan made games from older series (like dota from WCIII) get special little holiday tweaks, giving plays santa hats n whatnot.

is it too much to ask for to see cain wearing a santa suit and idying our items as a present?
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To make the event work keep it simple.

At whim the Decision Manager just turns on double MF, GF, EXP.

Click it on every holiday + randomly just to make players happy.
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Uber Santa?

defeat Rudolph and his reindeer minions to unlock

Santa's magic bag drops has 5 times drop rate
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12/17/2012 05:42 PMPosted by Boogerman
Why don't we get any events for exemple more experience, stronger bosses or fun events like in world of warcraft during holidays and special days ?

Blizzard is afraid Diablo 3 events in like Diablo 2 (Dclone (Uber Diablo) and UberTrist) will be abused. People still crash Dclone walks using automated clientless bots. People botted UberTrist. Diablo 3 keys are botted too.
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12/18/2012 07:17 PMPosted by SeeknDestroy
right now we feel that those resources might be better spent elsewhere on other improvements

Please tell us on what other elements you are working on.
yeah that would be nice to know, I would like to know what the plan is passed pvp, or are you all going to wash your hands and dive into making the xpac?
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I dont think themed events will work out when it comes to D3 patching system, everything takes really long here. I dont know why devs are so afraid to let players test some stuff, you can always change it back or balanced it when sth is too overpowered and new content is always appreciated by community.

In my opinion we need more even through out the game, atm they are most fun to do for me since I completed whole game over 100 times with 12 chars (some of them deleted ofc cause hero limit <sadface>) Act4 is severely lacking any content that would make it playable. Since you can't move through acts with NV stacks like you could in D2, no one really plays it.
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"this is not wow"
you guys are funny
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how about more exp earned or increase legendary drops?
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12/18/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Grimiku
Speaking very candidly here, special holiday game events are cool and often inspire great gaming moments, but they tend to take a lot of time to produce

While I realize that Blizzard has alot on their plate, i.e. PvP scheduled "soon" in 2013, I liked the suggestion of Santa Hats on Treasure Goblins. Or how about Christmas Trees in New Tristram, candycanes / Elvish Dyes, etc.?

Blizzard could & should implement these certain holiday features, and follow the suggestions of their fanbase. We're not asking for an elaborate overhaul of game design, just a few temporary graphic tweaks here & there.
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I like the idea of Goblins wearing a certain seasonal item. That (cosmetic) item only drops for a week, has the same chance as keys and gives a feat of strength.

This Christmas get a santa hat that that you can equip that gives no stats. You all gain the "Christmas Cheer 2012" feat of strength. Next christmas might be a 1h candy cane sword? etc, etc

Only needs a small amount of content to be created for each "event".
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12/18/2012 08:37 PMPosted by Vrkhyz
Dress the goblins up in Santa and elf suits. Maybe spawn super-Santa-sized treasure goblins. Ho, ho, ho! And have them drop twice the normal amount of loot for a week. This can be as easy as a simple recoloring of the goblins and their sacks.

Yep, let's go with this -- great suggestion!
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