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What are some of your best drops in D3?


Just wondering what are some of the best items that you've found so far?

Mine just dropped today and it's a Zuni Pox:
70 Str
51 Dex
87 Int
70 All Resist
IAS 6%
CHD 34%
CHC 4.5%

Looks like my Xmas present has arrived early this year! =^o^=
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Damm nice Zuni ring Tifa!

My personal best is split between 3 things

In 1.03 found a 30-40 ave damage, IAS, crit chance, crit damage +130 dex +60 all res.

2 days after 1.05 launched i found a vile ward with 250+ str and 190+ vit

2 weeks later found a 196str 6% cc mempo
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Found Mempo in 1st week after 1.05

170odd dex
77 AR
5% CC

Rare Shoulders
278 str
90 vit
77 AR
11% life
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Horadric hamburger was my best drop. Who doesn't want a hamburger
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Probably something on my Barbarian,

I have not had anything great before 1.05 (Though I didn't play that much between 1.03 - 1.05) but since they brought in the loot patch it now rains half decent drops most runs.

Decided to run the Barb in 1.05 since I could just headbutt the keyboard and get loot drops. Though I might try and gear up my Wizz now and get her a run, she was my first character and deserves some decent gear.


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Found an axe once that I managed to sell for over 50 mil.

2nd place would be the inna chest on my monk.
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My manti is so far my personal best. 1.2k dps 2os 70cd 170 dex.
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Dont have the exact stats.

But best drop was a high stregth vile ward. Sold it for 60 mill, slight over 50 mill after tax lol.
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Just picked up a set item,

Tal Rash's Allegiance

6% pioson dam
288 int
54 vit
38cold dam
chd 61%
chc 8.4%
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Dark Mage's Shade

Lvl 58 Reg lvl 57 on Inf MP(1) Wiz 60(15?) ~370% MF...

It sucked so bad I think I droped it rather than in game vendor, it wasn't AH worhy on a good day... and it was After the drop on Inf was limited to >=lvl 60!

Oh you asked for good... yeah that was one of my "good" drops... at the other end of the Bell Curve...
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Surprisingly, the only drop I've managed to sell for over 100 mil was rare str pants with high vit, all resist and two sockets. It seems the majority of legendaries I find a worth under 40k
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Best drop

ilvl 62 glove
100 int
9 atk spd
50 CD
10 cc

sold for close to 600m...when I ID it i nearly fainted
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picked up trifecta ammy
196 str
6 ias
48 chd
7.5 chc
32 gf

but useing it, best sold was worth 4 mil best ive sold done 250+ hours and thats it!
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best drop, 1152 axe with OS,+64% cc, 2.7% LS.....2 billion item aw yeah! dropped last week
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will u come bk tifa
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Jay wilson said good drop is there but just not include me....
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Best I ever found was an amulet with ~150 Str, Vit, 9.5% CC and ~90% CD. It sold on the AH for about 220 million gold, which was more than I'd ever got from every other source up to that point.
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