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Account hacked - victim gets banned

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I dont think Bliz would handle this kinda situation this horribly.
Sephiroth u quit too? man....
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Looks like the OP did miss the part where it says "ban expires..."
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am i the only who here that can see these lies?
sephiroth was never friends with tifa. she was just a tour guide.
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every one who gets banned always claims to be the victim and or innocent and only tifa and blizzard know the truth if tiffa was banned its for a reason if you choose not to follow the terms of play you deserve to get banned and good riddons and if there is the slight chance that tifa was banned by mistake blizzard will redeem them selves and reactivate the account
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I'm sure everything will be okay, as has been said it's a temporary ban and not a very long one, just enough to sort things out and cool off any funny business. I don't think it was anything to do with Tifa tho as i remember her on the forums a while back tho i don't think we played together.

In anycase best of luck resolving the issue, a little time off from D3 is always a good thing, to be honest i think i could use a ban lol my world is getting a little small and the last month or so has revolved almost exclusively around D3... oh my

I know it sucks to be in such a predicament and then be banned for a while with no clear information but keep your head up high and you'll be laughing about this in the future for sure.
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I'm sorry if i'm wrong, but i do not believe tifa was hacked.

IF she was hacked, ALL her items would be gone. MAYBE one character would have mf gear so the hackers could use her account to bot with, until it got banned.
(which is what normally happens).

But why would the hackers leave hundreds of dollars of gear spread over 5 characters?

All her items and gold are NOT gone, just behind a TEMP ban.
If it was hacked, all her items and gold WOULD be gone, BEFORE the ban.

Something just doesn't add up here.
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I feel sorry for what has happened to Tifa but there is usually almost always a clearly avoidalbe lapse in security on the user's part. Without even knowing Tifa or any details of her setup I can almost gaurantee a positive tick on one of these items

- Weak password on her battle.net account
- No Authenticator
- Followed a link in an unsolicited email
- Uses the same password on another website as for her battle.net account
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Tifa is a legit player, and I am sorry this has happened for whatever reason.

Two question's I have are, if you don't have a smart phone, how can you use that for security, and how can you purchase an authenticator as they have been sold out for months.

I have missed you Tifa, and hope you will change your mind about not playing D3 when you are re-instated.
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