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Tal Rasha set - bugged item?

Hi there,

i am having trouble with a belt from tal rasha set.

now i know, that set sucks, why even bother? gtfo please, this is a bug report. thanks.

so, i already have chest, necklace and orb, and i bought a belt with the set name and it doesn't fit in my set!

there seem to be two sets with the name tal rasha, at least by looking through the AH there are definetly more then 5 different items with the name tal rasha, also apparently multiple items of the same type. on the website i can only find one set containing 5 items. very confusing to say at best.

i am about to get home, i will post screenshots once i got that all together.
edit: might take a bit longer.

now i tried to make a ticket, as i think this should be dealt with by support, to at the very least refund my item...

and it just said i can not make a ticket and instead have to post here. wtf???
i am not quite convinced that this is serious support business...
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Unfortunately this isn't a bug.

There are two of every legendary and set item in the game. The ones before the legendary/set buff and the ones after the legendary/set buff.

Blizzard specifically changed the names on all the set items so there would be no confusion. If you look at the list of set items you need for the bonus you will see different names on the two Tal Rasha's sets.

The set bonuses got buffed also which is why they don't allow the before and after sets to mix.

Blizzard will not help you in with this. Even if you could open a ticket they will tell you they can't do anything about it.
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wtf, why add a whole bunch of new set's under names that already exist?

this is just brutally stupid -.-
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Because they wanted to change the sets to make them better, because people were complaining that they were bad. But they're trying to stick to a policy of not modifying items people already have whenever possible. Thus, a new set of sets, with similar names. They're intended to replace the old ones, without forcing that change on people.
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