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Acid Rain / Pets tank Build

Since skywalkerfx start to build index page about WD build guide that very useful for other WD players and this is my current build for fill his index

Acid Rain / Pets tank Build
Build Concept
This Build is design to be range class that deal big area damage to enemies from long distance and have strong pets tank support Witch Doctor.

Act 3 MP 1 Farming Skill Build
- Firebomb / Ghost Bomb
- Zombie Dogs / Burning Dogs or Life Link or Leeching Beasts
- Grasp of the Dead / Desprate Grasp or Rain of Cropse or Groping Eels or Unbreakable Grasp
- Spirit Walk / Jaunt
- Acid Clound / Acid Rain
- Gargantuan / Big Stinker or Bruiser or Restless Giant
Passive : 1.Jungle Fortitude 2.Blood Ritual 3.Fierce Loyalty
High MP4-10 Skill Build
- Cropse Spiders / Widowmakers
- Zombie Dogs / Life Link or Leeching Beasts
- Haunt / Draining Spirit
- Spirit Walk / Jaunt
- Acid Clound / Acid Rain
- Gargantuan / Big Stinker or Bruiser or Restless Giant
Passive : 1.Jungle Fortitude 2.Pierce the Veil 3.Fierce Loyalty

Firebomb - I use Ghost bomb to clean mob and clear debris when quick farm
Cropse Spiders - In MP4+ I use Widowmakers for gain some mana and spider take less effect from reflect damage also deal more damage when surround single target and will use Leaping Spiders for PVP
Zombie Dogs - Dogs can gain full life Regen from passive skill and they are very strong in this Build u can use any skill rune depend on your need. Burning Dogs for deal a little more damage and proc some Life On hit to heal u. Life Link absorb some damage make WD more tanky increase your EHP. Leeching Beast use for extra Hp recovery for both WD and dogs.
Grasp of the Dead - Use to slow down enemies and deal some more damage .In party game
Spirit Walk - For run out from danger situation and Life regen heal while I in spirit realm
Haunt - This skill I use Draining Spirit rune to deal some more damage to single target and gain more mana recovery. In party game u can change this skill to other skill that party need like Hex or Big Bad Voodoo etc.
Acid Clound - Big area damage Mob killer skill and also proc big LOH to heal u.
Gatgantuan - Also can gain life Regen from passive skill u can use any skill rune depend your need. Big Stinker cover your giant with gas damage nearby enemies. Bruiser for 3 second chance to stun enemies and Restless Giant can go berserk sometime.
Jungle Fortitude - Give 15% damage reduction for WD and pets
Blood Ritual - Lower mana cost 15% and gain life regen 1% of your HP to WD and also your pets too if u use Fierce Loyalty
Fierce Loyalty - Pets can gain your Life regen and damage taken to melee attacker
Pierce the Veil - For extra DPS 20% but pay more mana cost 30%

Pros of this build
1.Fast farming in low Mp and fast xp from bonus killing good for kill mass of white mob
2.Can attack from long distance keep your WD save
3.WD and pets have high survirabilty very tanky rarely to recast pets
4.Have pets tank support to keep enemies busy
5.Never buy HP potion from NPC and low repair cost because have high survirabilty
6.Nearly infinity mana in both skill set up (drop acid rain throw 3-4 spider jar then acid rain throw 3-4 I do something like this and use grasp of the dead every possible chance or haunt enemy every 4-5 second to gain 20 mana recovery all the time my mana never run out)
Cons of this build
1.Killing speed slower than bears and other melee class build especially when killing elite it take 2-3 min to kill MP8 one elite pack lets say DPS limit your MP that u can play more than your EHP
2.Require Dex 500 - 1000 (20-30% dodge chance to keep life regen smooth)
3.Pets still can die quick against some elite pack like Descecrators, Arcane sentry(If pets stand on center spot) or some creep that can deadly strike example mallot lords, thrall, salvage beast etc.
4.Attack speed benefit to every skill in this build only acid clound that gain nothing from attack speed it just lets u cast spell faster no matter how much attack speed u have u cast this spell every few second anyway and don't forget that more attack speed mean u slow your mana recovery.

I prefer to use legend and set item so everybody who wana try this build can search for same thing that I use in nearly same stats or go with 4 pieces basic zuni set that fine just don't put any useless stats in your gear random stats. When I gear my self every set and legend will give u some fix stats and have 1-3 random stats I only looking for useful stats in good roll number also the worst stats that I can accept are 70 strength or dex. I don't buy any item that have these stats

-extra HP from globe and potion (my regen high enough and this build have many way to heal I rarely drink my potion most game not use HP potion)
-pick up gold and globe area (I don't have any skill in my build that need pick up area so 20 from off hand enough)
-single resistance (it waste not effective only looking all resistance)
-magic find and gold find (These are just temporary need if u keep lving paragon u can take of MF and GF one by one. MF and GF have limit at 375 include 5 NV stack)
-melee attacker take damage (useless there are something more useful)

IN Current Spec How far I can go?
Now my WD have lv84 paragon DPS 182 k, 3860 Armor, 788 all resis, HP 50.4k, 649 LOH, 2467 life regen and 807 DEX

About My EHP 459411 and 622043 with DEX if I use Life Link Dogs My EHP will be 510490
and 691159 with DEX these not include reduce damage against elite 7% from ring

This is high MP skill set up can farm key in mp8 solo and Uber boss MP7 solo and possible to do it with 0 HP potion to heal my self just drop twice of acid rain on any mob My Hp will full again or run away or use spirit walk this tractic work on reflect damage mob and even in Uber ghomy gas room about mana widowmakers and haunt fill my tank really quick make this build nearly infinity mana even I use pierce the veil.
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That is some crazy life regen you have there - 2,467 per second, you probably can't be killed.

But on the other hand it looks like it would take your forever to kill things - just widowmakers and acid cloud on high MP. Those must be some long fights against elites.
Wouldn't it be easier to use bats or bears to kill elites?

And why are you using a Unity ring instead of a Pox? Wouldn't it be better to complete the Zuni set and get the extra mana?

Just some thoughts.
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Right now if I use zuni Pox I will have some problem with reflect damage and I not need any extra mana in this build already tried. If I use bat or bear I will need to change new weapon maybe manajuma knife and use 4 pieces Zuni set hope it enough to deal with reflect. Bat have more problem when fight elite that can waller and illusionist compare to acid rain in small place it will be worse and bear is nearly look like melee WD for me I want to play as a range class. Right now it take around 2 min to kill MP8 one elite pack group it ok not that long.

thx for your idea :) and skywalkerfx do your build have enough mana? now I see only your mana regen come from zuni set. I tried bear before with current gear and blood ritual still feel lack of mana.
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Right now I'm playing around with a proc build. I have stun gloves, freeze belt, chill shoulders, and immobilize boots. So I try to use Rot/AC to cause the proc effects and then I was using bears as a clean-up skill.

However, now I am trying out cloud of bats as a clean up skill, and it is fun and useful also. I'm running on MP8 right now and it just seems to take too long to kill things without a hard-hitting clean up skill.

The build has more than enough mana for the cleanup skill I am using as I have a Skorn and only 1 AS item.

But don't pay too much attention to my build as I keep experimenting with it. I really need to work more armor and All Res into it if I'm going to keep it.

Anyway, I'll hook your build up in the Index soon.

Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides
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I try 4 pieces zuni set also face hard-hitting problem when go bear in MP 7 I think I don't have enough EHP to bear on MP 8 but I accept bear is more powerful if compare in same DPS but more risk. I think I keep playing my build lets my pets take a hard-hitting and I play MP8 safety from behind would be better. I will try to keep update info in this build if I find something new.
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01/08/2013 08:40 AMPosted by Exia
I try 4 pieces zuni set also face hard-hitting problem when go bear in MP 7 I think I don't have enough EHP to bear on MP 8 but I accept bear is more powerful if compare in same DPS but more risk. I think I keep playing my build lets my pets take a hard-hitting and I play MP8 safety from behind would be better. I will try to keep update info in this build if I find something new.

Try using horrify with aspect to double your armor. RD packs don't bother me anymore, and we have similar life regen.
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Im a proc doc and I recommend decent LoH on RD's and alternate between widowmaker/AC. A little slow on killing them but the procs are great.
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Around 2min per elite group in MP8 Is that too slow? and I use widowmaker/AC/haunt haunt deal good damage to single target especially I use it on elite and Uber. About Reflect damage don't worry my current skill set up have no problem about reflect damage but if I use 4 piece zuni it gona be my problem because I lose loh or life regen and -7% elite damage from current ring already tried and I have no plan to wear 4 pieces zuni set at the begin I prefer Visage for AC crit chance.
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