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Pets Life Return: LS vs LoH vs Thorns

Continued from another post that spun off in this direction. Basically I've found that pets can return life from Life Steal and Life on Hit but had never tested with Thorns. So here's the difference between all 3.

Testing was done with a set of gear that all had the same INT, CC, CD with the difference in thorns or not. No life regen etc. The weapon was tricky to match so ended up with same DPS and attack speed with slightly different LS vs. LoH.

I used a base of 33K DPS so just know that life steal increases as you go up in DPS. The long and the short of it is run both LoH and LS. If you have life regen and use fierce loyalty add thorns damage where you can as it helps depending on how much you have. The pets to run are Big Stinker and Leeching Beasts for maximum life return.

Edit: forgot to mention, on my current gear, my pets are returning about 800-2,800 life per tick and have 2780-3250 life regen per sec so there are times I can stand in a horde of scorpions on act 3 crater and not do anyting and life stays full. Can also stand in Ghom's gas cloud.

Make sure yo equip your gear with all your LS / LoH / Thorns before summoning your pets. If you equip after the pets won't proc returns.

Inferno MP1 -- Numbers below are per health tick approx. 1/2 second

Passives used to test:
Fierce Loyalty
Jungle Fortitude
Tribal Rites

How much for each test...
DPS 33,957
Thorns 13,712
LS 2.2 (Approx. 757 LoH equivalent)
LoH 622

Fierce Loyalty / Thorns (1-5 targets)
Attack Is Hit (Thorns) Affects

Humongoid 0 0 0 0 - -
Restless Giant 0 0 0 0 - -
Big Stinker 0 0 0 0 8-87 0 (Poison)
Bruiser 0 0 0 0 - -

Fierce Loyalty / Thorns (1 Dog to 1 Target)
Attack Is Hit (Thorns) Affects
Rabid Dogs 0 62 0 62 8-30 0 (Poison)
Final Gift 0 0 0 0 - -
Life Link 0 0 0 0 - -
Burning Dogs 0 0 0 0 2 31 (Fire)
Leeching Beasts 89-180 104-188 680-886 684-804 - -
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Thanks man.

So the dogs' LoH proc is exactly like in the other thread, either 10% rabid or 5% burning dogs aura.

And so then the big mystery is why does the big stinker return LS from the aura. It's nice though.

Thorns from leeching beasts, when a dog is attacked:
((680+886)/2) / 13712 = 0.057 or 5.7% life steal from thorns per dog, if I did that correctly.

So for me that would be: (my thorns)
(1415+318) * .057 = 98.78 life per dog per enemy attack.

I'll have to see for myself.
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Seems that way for thorns. Thought it was around 5%. Did everything I could from killing off the dogs and see if poison affects still drained and returned life etc. Careful watch when attacking or being hit. As accurate I could get it with the green health tick or stopwatch and calc over time.
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