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Help with Barbarian

Hi all ...

Im wondering if some of you experienced Barb players could help me out. Im trying to figure out a way that I can get my current barb (Krill) up and able to uber. At the moment he cant even solo Act 4 on MP 4 as his damage is way too low .. he doesn't really die often he just takes forever to kill aything.

Would love an item list that I can start building towards.. Plesae keep in mind that im massivly poor and dont work in the millions but rather in the 100 thousands ...

Just have a look in my profile and tell me what you all think :)

Kind regards,
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Hi Matt

1) Your shoulders need an upgrade. Badly. Don't sweat losing that bit of magic find, it's not helping you as much as you think it is.
Shoulders - High Strength, Vitality if you can get it, All Resistance (50+), +Armor is good too. Maybe consider some cheap vile wards, you won't get vitality on them though.

2) Your core stats (Str/Vit) are lacking quite a bit. You need to find slots to fill in for this, your amulet would be a good start. Given your spec, maybe an amulet with str/vit/CritChance (or crit dmg in place of Crit chance) instead of attk speed. You really need more strength. Strength will give you a) Damage, which will tie in with your 6% life steal -> you'll heal for more and survive, b) armor. For a cheaper alternative, as you gradually smash out those early paragon levels, you'll get a nice chunk of these core stats.

3) Buy an immortal king's helm. You can get a good/decent one pretty cheap nowadays. Find one with 11-12% life and as much strength as you can afford. This should be your first upgrade, that set bonus is going to buff your all resistance.

4) Boots. You need 12% movespeed on them. Crucial. Again, IK boots are very cheap nowadays, grab the cheapest pair on buyout.
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Sly is 100% correct that your first upgrade over anything should be shoulders, dont worry about MF, unless you have gear with 200% mf its doing nothing for you.

Shoulders can roll up to 300 STR, i would look for a cheap vile ward with str as all have resist, also check for 200-250 STR, and 60+ resist on rares as it shouldnt be very expensive and will put your DPS right up.

amulet is a prime DPS gear slot, loose the IAS and resist and go for STR, crit chance and crit damage. Again it wont cost you that much.

If you can get an IK helm the mele reduction will be really good for the IK set bonus.

And movement speed helps reduce mobs hitting you so take long sweeps through mobs not tight circles, you wont get hit anywhere near as much so can reduce on defence and go more offence.

basically everything SLY pointed out.
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