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My quest to 250k unbuffed

So guy I'm here again to day my mission is almost over I got a pretty good Ammy upgrade I came to the forum to ask what should I upgrade next some people are saying tal armor beats mempo upgrade is this true ? I figure a mempo , new bracers, new Nina chest and legs and I be done for a while
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Your options seem to be:

- radiance with dex or dex+vit roll instead of LR would give up to 7k dps increase (100 dex roll)
- gloves with same dex, cc, and chd but 9% ias would give ~4.8k dps increase
- 0 dex 9% ias tal's chest would give you ~2.5k dps increase (in case you wanted an ehp roll)
- witching hour with similar dex 9% ias AND 50 chd would give ~2k dps increase
- similar dex temperance with 9% ias would give you ~1.6k dps increase
- similar dex bracers with 6% cc would give you ~1.6k dps increase

Those are your cheaper and smaller chunks of available upgrades, with your helm probably being the best bang for your buck choice.

However, theres two items which could potentially increase your dps by a much larger amount. The first one could be anywhere between an 18 and 30k dps increase.

A Natalya's Reflection with 6 CC instead of the bad dex+vit roll you got alone would boost your dps by 18k. 33 to 50 chd is a 6k difference. A max roll of average damage is a difference of 4.6k. And 1% IAS is a 1.6k difference.

The other is a better Echoing Fury. If you were to get one with over 1.3k dps and 100cd + os you'd gain 26k with your current gear. All the other upgrade options would likely make it more valuable than the ring upgrade though.

All that said, I'm sure you know either option will probably run you in the 5-10b range each...
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