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Hi all

How do I 'introduce' Battle Net to a new IP address and get it accepted as the perma-address? I am moving soon and will be logging on from a new place. I don't want to be prompted by a secret question everytime I logon.

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Log in with the new IP a few times and it will be recognized and allowed.
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To make it learn faster

1. Get an Authenticator. This makes the system less twitchy
2. Change the password from the new location.
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Thanks both. Logging in at the new IP hasn't always worked though. I was once away for 3 weeks and was prompted the whole time.

Authenticator: good idea but will need to get a phone in the new place to install it.
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rahl ,

Once the system learns your access pattern it will stop being temporarily locked for suspicious activity. Getting an authenticator doesn't necessarily help it learn any sooner but it IS a great way to protect your account. I'm not sure why you say you need to get a phone in the new place though? If you have a compatible smartphone or mobile device, it's a free app. If not, it's available at cost as a standalone device. $6.50 with free shipping if you're in the US. A phone line isn't required for either once it's attached to your Battle.net account.
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Hi Omrakos, thanks. To clarify, the Authenticator app does not require internet access, as it generates a number on its own?
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Omrakos, also is there a rough number of logins before the system learns my access pattern? Can the system accept more than 1 pattern - I guess not?
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No, we don't have that information, nor would we be likely to provide it if we did as in the wrong hands, it could possibly be used to compromise accounts.

It's going to keep track of where you connect from and with basically. When it sees something strange, it reacts. When it's a "recognized" access, it allows it without questioning it. I regularly for example login at home and at work with the same accounts and it works fine, though for a time, I was getting locked too.

The authenticator just generates a number. That number is generated based on the date/time of day and the serial number of the app. The code is only valid for a short time frame, 30 seconds or so. It does not need internet or phone access at all once it's been attached to your account.
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Got it, will reinstall the authenticator. Installed and used it for a short while previously.

Yes the IP checks seem a bit random. I was fine once when I was overseas for 3 weeks, and the system accepted the new address after a while. But recently, in another country, it kept prompting.

But thanks for clarifying, especially wrt the authenticator.
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