Diablo® III

What if diablo... (some spoilers)

Got a Nephalem host... How screwed would we be?

Throughout the games, we have seen how diablo can turn even the most weak and pathetic creatures into powerful forms for himself.

Diablo 1, a child
Diablo 2, the hero from diablo 1
Diablo 3, his own daughter

But what would happen, if diablo was acturlly able to take over a hero, like our Nephalem from Diablo 3... Personally i was hoping for this in diablo 3, seeing the perfect creature of darkness.

But what do you people think, would Santuary be !@#$ed if diablo was able to secure a Nephalem host?
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I am not familiar, was the hero from d1 not a Nephalem?
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the premise of your thought is wrong. In sanctuary all the humans are Nephalem. just without their powers and abilities. all three of the hosts you mentioned were Nephalem.
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12/31/2012 05:12 AMPosted by TheInsanitor
But what do you people think, would Santuary be !@#$ed if diablo was able to secure a Nephalem host?

Try to see it this way... what if he had no host... what if he was the pure essence of Terror...

or worst... what if he found a way to re-combine himself with the 6 other Evils... to re-create the One Evil... Tathamet.... ?

THAT is scary
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What if Diablo got a gerbil host .... GERBABLO!!!
Ok, maybe not. ;) Leah was actually extremely powerful, but didn't recognize the majority of her power. She was pretty much the strongest host that he could have hoped to have. I get the impression that Diablo was defeated for the last time, and that future games will involve other threats.
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Leah was a nephilim...
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