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Is Torchlight II any good and worth playing?

From what i have heard, the co-op is fun and all but the longevity sucks meaning you play that game for like 20 hours total and then you stop and never come back...

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Play TL2 and Path of Exile. its worth your time
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I was really excited for it to come out because I was bored with Diablo 3, but after about 1-2 weeks of playing it, I came back to Diablo. In TL2, loot drops TOO much, it felt like every level or 2 I was replacing every piece that I had, even the cool orange and purple stuff.

The game def has a couple features that Diablo could learn from it, movement speed for 1, but overall Diablo 3 kept my attention a lot longer.
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At first I thought "yes" but then I played it... and decided to stop. It reminds me of Diablo II, music is WAY better than what we can listen to in D3 ( which is like the worst music for a game ever ) and character creation is fun. Still, I got bored very fast.
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It's a great game for a great price.
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I've been playing it the last few days (simply can't grind Act 3 any longer) and it is fun. As others have said the gfx are pretty simplistic and the combat in D3 is superior but there are a lot of things about it that I wish were in D3. You can find it for $10 if you look around and unlike the poster above I prefer it to POE
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Torchlight 2 is a fine game. Ignore the haters. The only criticism they can seem to come up with is that they don't like the art style.

That is not a valid complaint.
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i enjoyed tl2 very much. great game. i took 3 characters to 100, did hardcore and all that stuff. the reason i stopped playing is i found it too easy. on my outlander, i put together a 9 piece set at level 45 and didn't change any gear for another 50 levels. just didn't have to. i am definitely going back to it, i'm just giving the modders time to do their thing.
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12/18/2012 07:49 AMPosted by Ritalynn
Level 40 items being useful at 60.... that's not good... that means the game is not scaled in difficulty and pretty bad for an ARPG actually....

Thats how D2 was occy and skulders were level 40 gear, you been playing to much WoW?
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Cartoonish is its style. You will either like it or not. TL was cartoonish as were the Fate games before that. I think the pets and fishing go along with that somewhat goofy theme. Pets are quite useful in the game.

That has totally nothing to do with game play, however. The game play experience is awesome. The level and amount of build types is really pretty overwhelming. For each character there is probably at least 3-5 different types of viable builds because there are so many skill options available. Skills retain their usefulness even if you decide not to put extra points into them later in the game. They also scale up at different levels to add additional bonuses beyond just becoming more powerful versions of themselves.

There is literally unlimited game play. You sort of max out at level 100, which gives plenty of skill points, but you can continue to play in varied environments at ever increasing difficulty levels. Also, you can start at different difficulty levels right from the start if you want extra challenge.

The item drop explosions are constant. You can easily complete a set of armor early in the game that will give you nice bonuses for a few levels. You will continue to get all sorts of useful items, including some set items,that at higher levels becoming increasingly rare drops. I have as yet not gotten a legendary item, although they are in the game.

The gameplay overall is quite different from D3. There are elements of D3 that I definitely appreciate over TL2. Content and story wise it feels like a game for a more mature audience but that doesn't mean that TL2 won't appeal to adults. It is a very satisfying game with lots to love for any age. I especially appreciate the $20 price for such a satisfying game. If I'd paid $50 for it I would still feel like it was worth the price.
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I have no idea how good/bad TL2 is. I bought it for $15 but after 20 minutes I couldn't stand the outrageous candyland cartoonsh look of the game, so I uninstalled it. Looking forward to the open beta of POE though.
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PoE is great but in beta.
TL2 is ok but far worse than PoE or D3.

I'd wait for the PoE open beta if you want an alternative.
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Steam has a free demo. I could not get into it personally. Seems like a diablo game for the younger generations. Probably will get for my son to get him into ARPG's, Diablo 3 is a bit gory for a 6 year old.
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The game play is old and stale.
Think of how Skyrim is only a minor improvement to Oblivion and felt old within a few hours.

TL2 offers old school Diablo 2 experience but just doesn't hold up to today's standards. The Skill tree 'seems' exciting but improving a skills power buy 2% for 15 levels is a boring grind these days.

Gear falls from the sky without effort. It feels awesome to get a set item every hour while not even farming but it never feels 'earned'. Bonuses are very minor and don't feel special...it's no more impressive than a diablo rare.

If you legitimately find Diablo 2 great without any feeling of nostalgia than buy TL2.
To me it's dated and wasn't worth the $10.00 I paid for it.
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It's a good game definitely worth a pickup if it's on sale.
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Picked up TL 2 last week for 20 bucks and I love the game so far. I mean 20 bucks for a game that has most of the things that you dont get from d3 ( itemization, skill customization, game play, awesome loots from the begining of the game, pick up radius and the game play is actually pretty solid ... etc) although I do agree d3 wins TL 2 interm of graphic and combat system but hey remember the game is 20 bucks. I suggest if you are bored of d3 and want to get a similar game, just go for TL 2, its totally worth your money.
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for 10$ ? defenetly worth a try considering you bought diablo for 60$
Played only until lvl 15 or so. I can say that i was satisfied with it. The cons i had so far is very "short told story" and the graphics. But apart fromt hat i can say the game is well worth the 10$
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