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Is Torchlight II any good and worth playing?

TL2 is a fun, casual game best played with real life friends. Theres a very good reason why this game is sold in a 4 pack.
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- From a person who has it and experienced it.. -

For a fact it's fun... ONLY if...
- you have friends to play it with
- you don't plan to cheat via the console (it marks u as a cheater if u do cheat)
- and you actually go through quest by quest

Bad things are that...
- it's repetitive (like d3) once u beat it the first time
- if you have no friends its boring as hell
- people like to cheat in server games
- not a huge huge number of ppl play it
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12/18/2012 08:45 AMPosted by tytarmy
It's the real Diablo 3 if you ask me.

Nah...if it was people wouldn't hang around in the Diablo 3 forums to make comments like this. ;D
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It looks childish

U can download torchlight 2 remastered and use darkd3, it will look more mature than d3 :)

edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trO-qfsHKRw thats how it looks with these mods

This altered version looks absolutely terrible.

TL2 visuals do suck that's nearly fact. The inept-anime-ish design really hurts the game for me but it is a solid game otherwise.

    Loot is plentiful (though not legendaries, 70 hours playing and not a single one)
    Character classes are well-varied
    Levels, skill points, and stat points
    Fame levels (for bonus skill points)
    Custom Games
    Varying levels of difficulty, NG+
    6 Players per room
    Enchanting items
    Pets can cast spells, sell stuff so you don't need to go back to town
    You can save you map or reroll the world every time
    A number of sidequests (though the actual campaign is quite short)
    Useful skills and passive skills

It's worth $20, it's even worth $50 imo.
Also consider buying into PoE beta for a meager $10.
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I thought it was a nice change from playing D3, it was fun to experience something different. Now if Tourch light 2 and D3 could have a baby, now that would be the ulitmate game.

For the price it is diffinitley worth checking out.

I also recommend Path of Exile. The passive skill tree in that game is awesome, right now they do these hardcore leveling races that are really fun.
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Yea its definately worth it if you like action rpgs. I personally love the art style. :)
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I had tons of fun with TL2. As long as you're not put off with the colourful/cartoon look of it, the gameplay is great.

BTW, who the heck reported OP, and why? This is the one area on these forums where discussing games other than D3 is 100% fine. Blizzard need to start taking action against this frivolous abuse of the reporting system; there are actual spammers on these forums who deserve it, and who are going unpunished because of this sort of idiocy.
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I like runic and I am mad with them

2 months after releasing the first game it went 50%

4 months after releasing the second game it went 50%

They hyped their second game with mods and multiplayer and WHERE IS THE GUTS TOOL?
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