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cheaper to buy radiant star emerald or craft?

starting from flawless squares you get from farms
considering i have about 500 tomes of secret saved up. would it be cheaper to buy a radiant star on AH or craft it myself?
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Never craft those. It is way cheaper to buy even the overpriced emeralds.
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ok thanks for the info :)
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Remember you still have to buy the plans......think Radiant Star plans go for around 1.5-2 million.
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This site has a gem calculator, but it's generally cheaper to buy
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if you find your 700 flawless square gems, it costs 16m to make one

as per

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yes but if you sell all the gems u find ?
a radiant star emerald costs about 24M now
i think you would be better of just selling all of the gems you have. see it as a discount?
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Yep Yep... think the total count is you need 729 flawless square gems to make 1 rad star gem.

the more you have yourself.. the better. tomes aren't expensive.. Seems most if you buy a large chunk of the flawless squares you can be pushing 18m for the gem ....

I sold 2 rad emerald gems about a week or so ago .... and going price was 24m ... sold 'em for 22m each outside of the AH .. kinda split the "taxes" so to speak.
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I make them since I've had the emerald plans for a long time. Sometimes I get impatient and will sell the flawless or perfect stars.
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Tomes drop like candy and emeralds too. Its prob cheaper to sell than buy atm. It used to be the opposite but prices have shot up again. I bought 2 perf star emeralds for 3.5m once :)
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The cost to craft:

729 Flawless Square Emeralds
1631 Tomes of Secrets
15,400,000 Gold
364 Crafts (button clicks)
18 Minutes and 12 Seconds of crafting time (3 seconds per craft)

If this is cheaper than the Auction House, do it!

Edit: usually with Tomes of Secrets prices around 400 each and Flawless Square Emeralds around 4000 each, you can make these for around 19M.
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Radiants are at 22 mil at the moment.
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btw it takes like 20 minutes to craft a radiant gem from flawless lol

i actually bothered to fill in the info in the gem calc, and for emeralds you save like 100-200k + TAX (if you intend to use it). In that case you save like ~3M...
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So the conclusion is, for now, it is a little bit cheaper to craft your own radiant emeralds? I have 5000 tomes in my stash lol. Still lacking the flawless squares though.
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It is definitely cheaper if you have the plans already and just craft what you find or already have.
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Gems 729 x 4,000 = 2,916,000
Tome of Secrets 1,631 x 400 = 652,400
Crafting 15,400,000
Total 18,968,400

it takes 20minutes to craft from flawless square to radiant star...
how much gold could you have farmed if you invested those 20mins in mp0 instead of jeweler? lol... in my case that's roughly 150k gold loot + some more gold from sales of unid rings & amulet..
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People don't normally craft 729 gems all at once. After people are finally done a couple runs and are ready to call it quits you ID all the rares you collected, ID all your legendary's, repair my gear and craft some gems. If you must every single solitary second of the your time playing this game be efficient , then be my guest. Maybe it isn't worth it. I don't play that way and I still make some extra gold from crafting the jewels.
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