Diablo® III

Diablo III Players Banned for Botting

Blizzard, Activision, Vivendi, w/e they're called these days, I'm starting to think that these bans are all an elaborate plot to sell more copies of a fail game. Think about it logically.

The "Ban wave" that banned a bunch of botters, n thats great, but it banned even more of us who just wanted to legitimately grind gold for big upgrades cuz we have time off for the holidays.

You've got to have noticed that they tell you a list of reasons it COULD be that you got banned.. they then invite you to buy another copy of their game if you want to keep playing.

"Oh, right, well- we KNOW beyond any doubt that you hax, and we dont make mistakes, but feel free to come back and play by buying another copy, the digital-download version of which costs $60.00 USD + Tax"

All this seems like to me: a strategically timed "Before Christmas" sales tactic. Let's ban a bunch of people who are now on break n have actual TIME to play, call it botting, hacking, or just plain UNFAIR advantage, and perma-ban them so they run to mom n dad n beg for more copies, or pull out their christmas bonuses, and the likelihood of them selling another copy is exponentially higher, because it's about 10 days from one of the biggest, now commercialized holidays on the planet.

Well played, BlizzaVision. Well played.

props for trying to make an intelligent comment, but your reading way to deep into it. They are not going to ban anyone that has not edited the program files in any way. Enough with these conspiracy theories.
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Blizz actually are doing great job for banning so many botters, they also will make a lot of money out of it because people will just buy new copies so they can carry on botting. It will just continue till people get complete bored of the game because Blizz not doing anything about it.
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This is good to hear! But really I feel that you need to ban massive amounts of BOTS on a consistent basis, not just do one wave every couple months. You are giving BOTS enough time to easily profit in between being banned (especially those that picked up the $10 Toys "R" Us deal), so you're not really solving anything although the effort is appreciated.
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12/19/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Tokadub
This is good to hear! But really I feel that you need to ban massive amounts of BOTS on a consistent basis, not just do one wave every couple months. You are giving BOTS enough time to easily profit in between being banned (especially those that picked up the $10 Toys "R" Us deal), so you're not really solving anything although the effort is appreciated.

from what i hear, they banned EVERYONE using a very popular program "demonbuddy". So, if i understood correctly, botting is pretty much finished until someone writes another program... which is probably happening right now
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I made an appeal on being wrongfully banned. They pretty much replied with, "We dont make mistakes." about an hour and 20 minutes after I submitted the appeal.

When they said that, I told them I wanted proof instead of a list of what they THINK was done on my account. They said they couldn't provide me with that. To that I say, I can only assume that this is a big company who doesn't want to take the time to actually investigate customer concerns.

Why not give something as final as a permanent ban a little more time and attention to detail? Diablo 3 already dragged the name of the Diablo franchise through the mud. Why not at least keep customers happy by having courteous support staff?

Damn. If you can provide me timelines, events, a log of some sort or even screen captures showing that my account was actually involved with "Hax" or "Botting" I will eat my proverbial hat and gladly shut the F. up and buy another copy, or move on from D3 and never bother Blizzard again, but if infact Blizzard cannot provide these relevant details to my account, because IT WAS NOT INVOLVED WITH ANY and there's a ton of extra hours and gold because it's the HOLIDAY SEASON, either lift the ban or refund my money. :)

You kind of messed up a little here, you know.
Basically what you just said is...

A) You are innocent.
B) You want them to give you proof that you were guilty.
C) If they provide proof you will accept it.

Following C you will either..

D) Move on.
E) Buy another copy.

If A is correct, why would you so easily accept C ?

Furthermore, how can E be a realistic option for you following C if A were correct?

12/19/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Sinistrial
Look em up in my profile. Tell me what you think. XD

What profile would that be?
Ahh, this one... http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/requiem-1206/

Thing is, I was just looking over the forums of the bot that got hit hard and there were people who just bought into it literally hours before getting banned.
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12/18/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Lylirra
I think we are 9 months to late on that.

This isn't our first rodeo. We have been actively monitoring for exploitative behavior since the game launched and taking action as needed. We haven't been very vocal about that process (though we have made a few announcements for larger ban waves in the past), but that's something we'll be working to change and improve upon going forward.

Lmao nice comback. Indeed it has made a dent as I see a fraction of high end items since these botters arent running legendary and money runs 24/7. Thanks, I am happier. On the negative items are rarer and will start to get pricier...
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my account is closed as well i have never used any program or bots....this is ridiculous check my profile my guys arent crazy geared i play HARDCORE and i dont have alot of gold...this is a joke. i played for 7 hours last night since im away from school and BAM cannot loggin today says error 3
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great decision. however, it was way too late(like i even need to say it). 7 months is more than enough time for bots to farm, and cash in. i wouldnt be suprised if bliz knew, or even had a cut. i wouldnt recommend this game(and people still do ask me about d3) but i will tell them that it is changing, hopefully for the better and for the customer. Diablo 3 has encouraged many that it belonged to the tryhards and the botters/farmers and therefore has lost a lot of players. Truth is, players make the game fun. I like nothing more than to raid with another friend, but no1 i know wants to play anymore. plz bliz, try to fix this problem
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So what is that? 94% of the active player base banned? hehe.
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What is happening to all the gear found by botters? only deleting what's in inventory?

What progress is being made towards a real economy?

GOod work blizzard ban, you should do a 3 generation ban on these mother effers. (ban their parents and kids, and grandkids)
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