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Diablo III Players Banned for Botting

post the names!
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Why does Blizzard feel the need to make a big deal about banning botters? Are you trying to make an example out of them? Or are you threatening your customers with a "this may happen to you" type of message? Why do you think we are all stupid enough to believe this is going to stop them or make a dent into the problem? Or that botters are even the problem?

Let's all conveniently forget the fact that it was Blizzard who coded the game and created not only the ability but the INCENTIVE to bot by integrating real world money into the game. You created this environment. Banning botters is nothing more than an admission of your failure and lack of vision of the consequences for creating this environment.

I'm pretty sure those same thousands of botters already bought new game licenses and were right back to botting 24/7 before you even finished typing this release. To me you just look like the typical politician taking credit for a drug bust to appear as if they are doing their job.

I am of the opinion botting "waves" are done to increase the quarter sales. Don't think for a minute that these botters/hackers etc. are going to quit on a ban wave (esp if they are still making money in said game). With Blizzard's periodic ban waves and announcements of such, it is a "win/win" for them. The degenorates either repurchase, hack/steal another account and roll on until the next quarter and the legit players are appeased with a smokescreen.

To the blue rep, your right it is not your first "rodeo", your company has allowed this kind of activity for several years with your game Warcraft. After all these years, your games continue to suffer from the blight of scammers, dupers, hackers, etc. Not to mention the poor customer service of "lost and non compensable" auctions in Diablo involving real money (which I have personally experienced).

Please do not use the excuse of "all games have the same issues". All games do not utilize real currency transactions. When there is a platform of real currency there has to be optimum security. To this point, in my opinion, Blizzard (with all thier rodeo experience) has failed to ensure consumer trust in this product.
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YES Bliz! kick their !@#!
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12/19/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Ossian
We live in a country where we're innocent until proven guilty. Are you telling me that a large company is above the constitution? Above human rights? XD

Ninth Grade Civics fail.

He has a point though, if you just didnt quote the childish part of his post. if no evidence is being needed to accuse someone of something and the person being considered guilty, how can that not make anyone able to accuse anyone else of any/everything?

Also, hopped in again just to say i refrain from trusting anyone saying he got banned wrongfully but the way sinistrial reacted is pretty much the way id have reacted if i got banned wrongfully (even though he might want to stop with the 'they only care about money') i believe in his good faith

12/19/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Chillax
Based on this and some other comments of yours I'm going to guess that a child of yours played/plays the account. Have you talked to them about this? Maybe they have an idea on why the account was banned that you're not aware of. If I'm right on you letting family members play your account then try focusing even 10% of what you're putting into this thread and throwing at Blizzard towards talking to whomever else played your account and you may actually get somewhere.

check this sinistrial, kids can be silly sometimes.
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what about 5 to 7 friend request i get daily from d3walmart? im tired of reporting them.
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Signing up for the bot websites and banning everybody on those sites does not equal having proof.. Just sayin.. a lot of people go to those sites simply for info since you make simply knowing a great spot to farm over and over a crime and nobody is willing to share those secret spots on your forums.
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Love you Lyllirra and Blizzard....

Please make these ban waves more often...

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My friend's account got banned during this latest ban wave.

WTF he doesn't bot 'cause he's a HotA barb and we actually play together all the time.
He's so afraid of the EULA and does everything by the book and this happens to him.

Blizz seems to have a crude banning algorithm that just bans you if you're online a lot. So much for 'thorough' and 'investigation'.

Just wow.

Alienating even the people who love the game so much despite all the problems.
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Blizzard won't even reveal what kind of evidence they have against you.

It's such a sad thing because my friend, who is 100% innocent as a matter of fact, doesn't know what the heck he could've done. They won't even reply to him with a decent answer- only canned emails.

In an effort to help my friend I've been sending tickets on his behalf and am trying to get some of our friends doing the same.

See how screwed up the situation is? There really are innocent victims in this latest ban wave.

To the people who refuse to believe that there are actually innocent victims in all this, I guess the only way to convince you is if you get banned for no reason as well.
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Wow Enzo, brilliant. I hope you get a taste of a wrongful ban and maybe then you wouldn't see everything in black and white like a toddler.
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Thanks for actually doing investigations and accepting some appeals to pans (i wasnt banned)

Main reason i say this is because other game providers which handle multiple games like nexon don't even check and dont even have "customer service"

All they tell you is "im sorry, im sorry nothing i can do your banned"


hell never even played the game all i did was log in 1 time have downloading it via steam client and then boom after logging in your banned

i mean wtf (account was never hacked and every other nexon game is not banned)

Game that banned me for installing it and logging in: Nexon's dragon nest
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Good to hear, please post the names if possible. So that we know who are the botters and they are actually get banned.
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12/18/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Consider
It's always great to hear about justice being done, Tyrael would approve.


- I see what you did there.
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