I returned to AC2 a few weeks ago. Here are some of my musings of what I found upon my return.

The clunky UI. Unmovable windows. Your inventory and map windows are non resizable. Your hotbars are locked at the bottom of the screen and the keymapping is incorrect at default.

You progress smoothly until the Cragstone Excavation quest. After that, better grab a few friends. The transition from solo to must have a few people is non existent. That's only level ten to boot.

Better create your character fast or the game will dump you after a few minutes.

You can't bring back a game that struggled the first time without updating some basic features.

The world is large. The crafting system rewards dedication. The quests progress throughout the levels in a fluid manner.

I played when this game first launched and played until they pulled it. That's only because I was willing to pull the curtain back and see what they were hiding. This time? It's not looking so good. An updated UI would go quite far for me to consider staying. Just disapointed they wasn't an obvious priority since they seemed to have done little else before re launch.