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RMAH Purchases not delivering items or money

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This is more than just a "delay", it is a blatant disregard for it's customers. As per Blizzard's responsibilities, if there is a problem with a transactions i.e., the thousands within the myriad of posts and forums, an email will be sent to the member's battle.net account email. To my knowledge, Blizzard has failed this SLA by not informing it's customers of an well known issue. There are no cautions when logging in, such as when server maintenance is being conducted, nor is there information offered in the battle.net board, ESPECIALLY under the "Breaking News" section of Battle.net support. Please understand that money has been debited from accounts and many have not received their goods and have lost out on subsequent purchase opportunities directly resulting from this system failure. Blizzard also fails to warn potential RMAH users that there are many issues pending with incumbent transactions. I know your techs or engineers are combing KB databases for answers, and I as a very senior systems engineer for some of the largest global enterprises have felt the heat, BUT, in my tenure, I have never permitted my subordinates to forget the reason why they are there in the first place....the "end user". Now, paying for goods and services but not receiving the entitled property or services promised by the broker can be construed as more than "a system issue", it can be deceptive trade practices covered under the FTC, CFR and local state commerce laws. Blizzard has indeed received it's share of scrutiny. https://www.ripoffreport.com/directory/Blizzard-entertainment.aspx
Perhaps the declining customer service can be a reflection of the large layoffs earlier this fiscal year. In any case, the picture Blizzard continues to paint is it's lack of regard for the customer base, albeit declining.
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Perhaps you should direct your ire at Paypal.
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I have contacted PayPal and my bank, they have paid, however, goods haven't been delivered. Fortunately, both have offered refund and would go after Blizzard for recuperations. This would capitulate a refund, but the person that sold t he goods would still not have their money. Next step is to file resolutions since items still have not been delivered (I want to see this through as I'm after more than a refund....I want Blizzard to enact a permanent fix).There is also the option of filing a complaint with the BBB and the FTC for the deceptive trade practices. It is deceptive in that it is a well known occurrence (by Blizzard) yet they fail to inform and obviously by the scores of global complaints, offer resolution. The practice is also not recent, the failure of delivering funds or goods has been occurring for quite some time. This is also just one of a myriad of global forums complaining about this. On a large scale, these small purchases add up to a lot of money that is either trapped in Blizzard purgatory or deposited into their accounts accruing interest. Wrong is wrong...period. The problem has gone on way too long. It's just a matter of time before someone (if not already) files a class action, then they would have to deal with all the international laws of those nations involved. Seems petty for a few dollars, pounds, lire, franc, or yen here and there, but the scope of this fiasco is in the millions.
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Hey guyz!

Where can i post my Order id for someone to check it out? It's been 8 days that my Rmah is ''processing'' and i never received my paypal money. I sent 2 tickets and they told me to wait to the point of 10 days and that they can't do anything that i need to post it somewhere on a forum for a guy to take a look at it. It's pretty confusing please help if you know thanks!
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After like 2 weeks and countless threads, they can't even devote a forum kiddie to give us a blue response
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I can't sell a pair of trifecta + AR gloves for over 2 weeks now. BECAUSE THEY DON'T SHOW UP IN THE LISTINGS. take your time blizzard, we don't mind
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TBH D3 has been a joke since before its release, promising things it has still yet to deliver. Now with some research I have found that the AH bug problem has gone on for more than 6 months and everyone has the same response. Blizzard has not responded and seemingly knows about the issue and has not corrected it. I agree with Wayne in that small transactions add up to millions of dollars that D3 users around the world are being "cheated" out of while blizzard is not seeing the problem because they are getting paid. What they don't see (or do not care about) is the end result of the transaction. Yes user 1 paid, yes used 2 sold, but did they actually get their stuff? End all be all, it seems that this game was nothing more than a cash grab and with this AH bug Blizzard is collecting the cash while users are left in the dark... you decide.
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