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MP10 Azmo under 1min consistently

Was wondering if there are any SNS wiz's out there on this FORUM (not youtube or top players that do not post here as I read these forums a lot and like this community) that can CONSISTENTLY kill MP10 azmo under 1 min? Audi (carrera) doesn't count because I saw him do it on youtube already and his gear (now ray's gear) is too unaffordable for me. The reason I ask is because I cannot do it and would like to look at someone who can to determine why I can't. It is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Configured at full dps I can only bring Azmo down to 40% HP within 1 minute before I die since at full dps I cannot tank more than 3 hellgrasp stacks+fireball+zombiedrop. Even if I was able to tank that it doesn't seem like I have enough DPS. I am thinking of getting new gear to achieve this but unsure of what to look for...any suggestions/toons to model after would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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I can stand still but i can't down it under 1m, i honestly don't remember Azmo hp by hand but, after windup, i average 1.15m DPS per second and i can withstand any combo he can throw at me at full windup

Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Mrmorph-2705/hero/9490006

AR 820
Armor 5.3k
LoH 1.4k
ApS 2.73+
CC 58% (with scoundrel)
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Not a single Top Wiz are wearing Ice.

Zuni boots
Zuni Post
If you can afford


Nat's Combo


Inna Temps

About 10k-13k increases there.

Last thing, if you want to do what the top geared Wiz are doing, you have to be like them.
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@MRM I think azmo's hp is 138M. At 1.15m per second, that would probably bring him down to 40% as well. Interesting to see you have more armor and LOH and CC than me that lets you tank azmo without moving. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Do you think it is worth sacrificing 16K HP for 1300 more armor?
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@Mem, Inna Temps or Prowlers, you think the MS or AS is worth the hit other stats? I can see the DPS value in zuni's, but nat CC, is the 7% cc worth it in terms of dps multiplier? I am just wondering what kind of synergy makes it so much more valuable than standard high stat gear.
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It depends how much HP you have to start with, i wouldn't be confortable sitting below 35k but in your case yes i would do the 'change'.

HP pools is used by cm/ww as a cushion to start "windup" so it's not vital past a certain threshold but i love the commodity of standing still next to molten and to be able to survive one fallen maniac drastically decreased my overall deaths.
Having less HP and more mitigation means that loh works better as your hp are more 'valuable' you have to find your gold spot to not being 1hitko (Assuming you have a clean 10k DS is ok imho) by anything and after that max mitigation imho (hardest hit should be fallen maniac doing approx 525k @MP10

In general i think that anything under 800AR and 5k armor is not MP10 ready and i strongly prefer to reach 90% mitigation (which is about my current stats)

EDIT: Nat set is BiS imho, having 11+cc on ring+boots offset the stat loss; ofc you need a decent nat ring, i would consider 4+cc and at least another usefull stat: AR, loh or a strong set of int/vit. HAving 55+cc really matters and each point is remarkable even more vs single targets. With my 58%cc and 2.73+ ApS i'm always at 8+ multyplier for waht concern sheet DPS
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@Mrm, thanks for filling in the gaps, the mitigation and loh combination makes a lot of sense. I think I am going to go for a nat set over zuni since multiplier is valued much more than sheet dps. So now my goal is to get more armor while lowering hp and get a nat set. Do you or anyone know of any other synergy improvements I should make?
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Apart that i'm jelly of your tal no :D
I would suggest starting from AR/armor BT pant which aren't usually too expensive, something along the lines of 700+Armor 70+AR
Your ammy is very good but i fear your loh is a tad low, you might consider a good BT (which will offset some hp loss aswell)
Dropping some VIT from either bracer of shoulder for STR might be a good idea to further raise your armor (or plain +armor on bracer instead of super vit)
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I've done it a few times. Sadly cant remember stats of when I did it.
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Under a minute in SNS, sure. SOJ + FW + GC and go to town.
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thanks for everyone's input. looks like i need a bigger purse for these upgrades! time to farm. funnything, when i was a 50K dps wiz, i saw kiza's video and modeled my gear after kiza. now looking at kiza's gear i don't think i will ever catch up lol-=xxx
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Look at my setting. Could be interesting for ya.

Usually I use Energy Armor > Pinpoint for immortality. Dat Storm Armor on the profile is for ubering with low DPS friends.
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uberdeath build might do the trick doing 300~400k sheet dps
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