Diablo® III

50mil CM set

Wondering if anyone would be down to help me build a set
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Only if you buy my spare stuff lol
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check my profile out, damn cheap too, and yet we make monster useless by perma freezing them.

Helm = 200k
Ammy = 1mill
Ring = 1mill
Glove = 1mill
Source = 1mill
Old Wand = 1mill
Belt = 100k
Shoulder = 100k
Pant = 2mill
Bracer = 200k?
Boot = dunno i found it.
Chest = dunno i found it.
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Old Wand = 1mill sure?
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Nahh, i just want some guildance with it, so i can build on what i learn
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You can use common sense to split your budget

Strg150+/Int200 Vile Ward

Storm crow (Crit or Resist or Socket) your LOH should be enough with BT pants

Chant Set IAS (Cheaper Way with DPS cap) or CD/OS

Nat Boots/Ring

enough IAS for 2.74 apsd
enough CC for 47+
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whatever you do, don't listen to SuperJJ. He's a troll with a stupid axe to grind. He's not even at the 2.73 breakpoint. New forum rule: you can't give advice if you're not at the 2.73 breakpoint.
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If you just want to key farm, I'd aim for 2.5 APS breakpoint. For ubers, go for 2.73, probably via an IAS Chanto wand, with a Storm Crow and non-APoC Chanto OH. Then forget DPS and stack as much crit, armor, and resists you can while getting over 2.73 APS. Don't forget str gives armor, so you can sometimes eek out a little extra EHP by finding pieces with some str, like vile wards, witching hour, etc. without paying extra.
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bt pants all the way. seriously the ehp those pants give are insane @_@

get a chant force without apoc since chant will and storm crow will take care of that

as you accumulate wealth and knowledge, you'll eventually switch to apoc chant force to make room for either an andariel's helm or mempo or some other helm.

never go inna's temperance for now. the mitigation needed for those suicide pants are costly and the ias 9 and 12 ms inna provides isn't worth the sacrifice of survivability.

for boots, i'd suggest either nat boots (for that 2-set bonus) or a high armor zuni trail (no all resist, just get the high armor/high vit/high int one with 8% poison damage)
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I might do something like this:
7-10M - Chant will with IAS: total attack speed about 1.72 or so. As much DPS as you can afford...probably over 1000.
1-3M - Left ring: 4-5CC, 8-9 IAS, and as much All Res as you can afford. Armor would be nice.
1-3M - Right ring: pretty much the same as left
1-3M - Gloves: 8-10CC, 8-9 IAS, and as much All res as you can afford. Armor/INT would be nice.
3-5M - vile ward: 100+ STR, 180+INT, 75+ All Res, 600+ Armor
5 M - Tal Chest: 75 Vit, 125+ INT, 600-700 Armor
15M - Witching Hour: try to find some with as much All res as you can afford...at least 20. CHD over 40 is nice too.
5-10M - Blackthorn pants: once again, some All res, as much as you can afford. Try to get one with as high as a LoH roll as you can
5M - Ice climbers: add STR and Armor (over 450, if you can)
5M - Chants force: This probably puts you in the 200 Avg damage range. Try to add Str or VIT here.
3-5M - Lacunis: Not sure where the market is here. Probably 3.5 or 4 CC are good. +Armor would be awesome.
1-3M - storm crow. Look for one with max all res and alot of LoH. Relatively cheap.
3-5M - Ammy - 8-10cc, 8-9 IAS, as much all res as you can afford. STR/Armor would be nice

This should get you to 2.73 AS, 3500+ armor, 45+ CC, 900 LoH, and 70k DPS....i'd guess.

I guess that adds up closer to 60M, but isn't too far off. Just try to find as much armor and all resist as you can for each item. Every bit helps, esp on items that come with all res like ice climbers and vile ward, and stormcrow. Also, watch your IAS. for the 8-9 IAS items (belt, chest, bracers, source) the 8IAS are usually alot less....buy 8 when you can to save gold....just be sure you have enough to reach 2.73.
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12/28/2012 07:29 PMPosted by PieHole
whatever you do, don't listen to SuperJJ. He's a troll with a stupid axe to grind. He's not even at the 2.73 breakpoint. New forum rule: you can't give advice if you're not at the 2.73 breakpoint.
well i m new, i didn't know wat the breakpoint thingy is. dont be so harsh on newbie.

k got it, no more advice from me, cuz i m a noob cm wiz.
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JJ - Maybe you should read my "SNS Guide" ..... instead of trolling it.
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its so long, need a few months to finish reading it, i m sry.
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