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upgrade my barb. 100mil budget

my question is, the gear i have now isn't bad, but should i spen 100mil on single item upgrade or maybe 3 or 4 items, i want a EF with CD and socket for more CD, hard to find, yes.
and new IK armor with more vit.

anyone got any suggestions?
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Figure out what you want to accomplish. You could always add more dps with weapons upgrades but your hp and ar are very low. Higher MP farm requires more dps and probably more ehp.

I would start dropping 100m per slot, otherwise you'll be wasting gold on small incremental upgrades.
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Got it so investing in big upgrades per gear instead of small ones all over
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01/01/2013 06:13 PMPosted by Bosink
Got it so investing in big upgrades per gear instead of small ones all over

There are, however, some small upgrade you can do that will always help, the gems. 30M for 20% CD is not so bad at your gear level, plus you will be using them until... exp pack come out?
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Just upgraded my OH little more dps but big str increase and 24% more CD.
Using a cold soj it works really good so far
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Since your HP is low, I would go Blackthorne's surcoat and/or jousting mail. Neither of mine were that expensive. I had a similar IK chest, but just today I bought my surcoat for about 11 mil (about 9 mil less than my IK) and even with the str being lower than my IK, I was able to not only boost my HP a ton by having the 2 piece vit bonus, but my DPS went up slightly as well since I needed to have an amethyst gem in my IK before, but was able to replace it now. Just adding the surcoat boosted my HP by about 10k.

At some point (when I can afford it) I'll likely buy a high str/vit IK chest again, but for now, this made more sense. If you don't want to go this route, at least buy some inna's with a high vit roll (they go up to 200 I believe). I figure unless you can afford to buy inna's and ice climbers with the top stat rolls you can get, it's usually not worth it if you're sacrificing too much EHP, which is what I was doing for awhile, and it sucked.

Also, I intend to up the strength and damage in other pieces where vit and life don't roll as high, which is why I put so much HP in the areas that roll the largest amounts (aside from shoulders, which I bought cheap for the pickup radius for farming, since my HP is already substantial).
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