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Continuous Disintegrate: A low cost build

One day I had a helm drop with Reduced Resource Cost of Disintegrate by 4. Soon after I discovered a way to continuously fire Disintegrate using low speed weapons.

This build will work with cheap gear. The gear is so cheap because it does not have any IAS. As proof I've set up my alternate wizard "Archonaut" with my old gear and using my original skills and passives. The key items there are the 'reduced cost' helm and the low speed weapon. They are only worth about 10,000 gold, total in the AH.

Archonaut Skills: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ZRXYTl!XWY!bZYZcb

My current gear is worth between 5 and 10 million gold. I could pay more but I don't need to; I'm already over 120k in dps, 60k if I run at max MF. I can play at MP10, but there I mostly run in what I call a 'tactical retreat' style of play.

Darkmaster Skills: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#kRXYTl!bYg!cZZcZZ

I consider this build to be an intermediate level build for people that don't yet have 5 billion to spend on one of the Uber builds. High Critical Chance is not required but it is very beneficial. On the other hand any increase in attack speed would break the build. Increases in AS increase the rate of Mana consumption which causes the only direct attack spell in the build to stop in the middle of battle.

Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iLnju7JYUI&feature=youtube_gdata

slot 1: Diamond Skin - Prism
. -7 to all skills
. immune to Reflect Damage
slot 2: Frost Nova - Bone Chill
. Freeze effect
. +15% more damage
slot 3: Storm Armor - Power of the Storm
. -3 to all skills
. 100% weapon damage
slot 4: Blizzard - Frozen Solid
. Freeze effect
. Slow effect
Left: Mirror Image - Mirror Mimics
. Freeze effect
. Defensive/Retreat
Right: Disintegrate - Chaos Nexus
. 170% weapon damage
. 44% weapon damage to nearby targets
Passives: Evocation, Glass Cannon, Critical Mass
. Reduced cool downs
. +15% more damage

The Storm Armor gives a reduced cost to all skills with the Power of the Storm rune. There are other skills that give the same or similar reduction but I like the lightning strike attack that Storm Armor gives as it does not need to be targeted and will hit monsters on the other side of temporary walls. It also hits even when I'm retreating or casting a town portal.

I used to run with Archon instead of Mirror Image because it would shoot through those temporary walls, but I had to give it up when I started playing the higher MP levels. I have Mirror Image as the Left mouse button skill because it does not prevent me from moving my wizard. I want to be able to run away when I click away and not attack it the away direct. If Mirror Image activates accidentally it's not as bad as say casting a Ray of Frost would be because I will still run while the clones cover my retreat.

Frost Nova is there mainly for the Frozen effect, but the added damage is a nice bonus. I also find that the clones will fire off a few Frost Novas of their own, and the damage penalty for spells cast by clones doesn't seem to affect the duration of the Freeze effect.

Diamond Skin using the Prism rune reduces the cost of all skills by 7. I almost never use it for the defensive feature. This is the key skill that makes this build work. I actually gain Mana while Diamond Skin is active when I'm in full attack mode. Also it gives some immunity to reflect damage.

Blizzard is really a personal choice and not that important to the build. You can replace this with Archon if you like, but even using Archon with teleport tends to get me killed in the higher MP levels, so I went with a spell that slows the enemies down instead.

The Passives are the standard CM ones of Critical Mass and Evocation, with Glass Cannon put in because this build is really about delivering damage.
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Use Cold Blooded instead of Glass Cannon if you're running Nova and Blizzard.

Also if you have 4 piece TR's and something that gives -2 to Disintegrate cost, that + Power of the Storm will give sufficient cost reduction that you can use Crystal Shell or Diamond Shards.
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Or you could get a -5 on ring, -5 on ammy, and -5 on helm and never run out...
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01/02/2013 08:13 AMPosted by eric
Or you could get a -5 on ring, -5 on ammy, and -5 on helm and never run out...

-0.5 cost + 0.9 swing speed weapon already means infinite cast.

Channeled spells really behave oddly when you get below 1aps. I haven't been able to characterize how the AP is expended at all.
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I think intensify has a better proc coefficient than chaos nexus. You will want Diamond Skin to refresh as quickly as possible to maintain continuous fire

I never run out of Arcane Power unless I do something stupid like forget to refresh my Storm Armor. I am aware that Chaos Nexus has the lowest proc of all the runes for Disintegrate. If this was meant to be a true CM build with Disintegrate then I wouldn't use nexus.

If one wants to use IAS then I'm sure intensify, more APoC, and the full set bonus of Tal's would be required.

01/02/2013 07:16 AMPosted by DoctorDoom
Use Cold Blooded instead of Glass Cannon if you're running Nova and Blizzard

I used to do that! (see my old build) but I prefer GC now because I don't use the cold spells as much as I used to. Also GC (should) increase the lightning damage as well. I've based my build on play testing and not number crunching. I'm sure there are changes that can make it better. That is part of the reason why I posted the build here.
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Disentigrate is a very fun, pretty cheap, and very flexible build to run. Get -5 disentigrate on something, helm? Soj?, add a 2h wep, skorn, and you're pretty much there. If you start getting higher aps as you upgrade gear for dmg, then throw in astral presence and it's tough to run out of mana. When possible, get a life steal skorn and you'll really be rolling. Add accessory skills that you like and that help you be more successful.

Feel free to check out my build as well. I solo MP5 easily. MP6 is doable but it's too much running to be fun for me at this point. I've run up to MP9 ubers in a group and while I wasn't carrying anyone, I wasn't dieing much either and was able to contribute without bringing the group down.

So if you want to play a wiz and feel like a wiz, try it out.
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This is what I recommend for Disintegrate:


Arcane Dynamo boosted Arcane Hydra is beastly. Use Teleport Calamity whenever you get hit:

Chaos Nexus is the best overall rune but Intensify is better for Ubers.
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01/02/2013 11:39 AMPosted by Lycaeus
Get -5 disentigrate on something, helm? Soj?, add a 2h wep, skorn, and you're pretty much there

Definately. I covet your SoJ. So much so that I just put a bid in on one.

What did you pay for that Skorn? I just saw one like yours in the AH for 150 million.
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I have a Skull Grasp with -2 to Disintegrate and a SoJ with -4
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My SoJ was a very cheap 1.5 mil buyout. I really want one with 29-30% dmg to elites but couldn't pass up that deal. The skorn cost me 60 mil as a buyout as well. It has been the biggest leap forward for me. Until I got it I was limping along in MP4. Now I'm flying along in MP5. I've really only had 2 good finds/sales in my D3 career that have funded my whole outfit which has a cumulative cost of around 100 mil, but getting started at MP 3 and below is very easy and cheap.
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01/02/2013 05:25 PMPosted by Lycaeus
My SoJ was a very cheap 1.5 mil buyout.

I easily picked up a Skull Graps with -4 to Disintegreate (max) for under 1 mill, but I'm being out bid on every SoJ that I try for which is starting to get frustrating. Last time this happend to me I ended up spending 3.5 mill on a 2 mill chest piece.
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I'd like to throw in a plug for DoctorDoom's suggestion of Arcane Dynamo and Teleport-Calamity in a Disintegrate build.

The Arcane Dynamo workflow guarantees a full AP pool to burn for channeling, though loading up AD might be cumbersome with a 2H weapon. If you buy in, though, you could swap out some AP cost reduction skills (Diamond Skin, Power of the Storm) for hard hitters like Magic Weapon, Thunder Storm, or Time Warp. Could be a nice DPS boon for your max MF runs.

Teleport-Calamity is outrageously useful in a channeling build. Imagine blowing back a huge mob (for 265% damage!) that's just reached you through a Blizzard or Time Warp while soaking up Disintegrate. Thing of beauty.

Some attack speed notes: my 1H wizard with 20 AP on crit can channel forever against 3+ enemies. With 30 AP on crit I can hold a very long channel against single targets, certainly long enough until I'm flushed out, and usually there's enough AP leftover for a final Calamity blast.
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01/04/2013 01:30 PMPosted by MILESIAN
I'd like to throw in a plug for DoctorDoom's suggestion of Arcane Dynamo and Teleport-Calamity in a Disintegrate build.

I had a long winded and beautifully worded reply that just sort of disappeared when I clicked on preview. What I remember from that post follows below.

  • That you for you suggestion!
  • I tested Arcane Dynamo and I found the 75% bonus lasted for the ENTIRE cast of Disintegrate.
  • Ultimately I wont be using dynamo.
  • Dynamo works for you because you run out of AP and you can use a signature spell and Arcane Dynamo to min/max your down time.
  • My build nevers runs out of AP, I have no down time!
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You're confusing Dynamo with Prodigy I think.
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01/10/2013 10:30 AMPosted by DoctorDoom
You're confusing Dynamo with Prodigy I think.

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Dynamo has nothing to do with "down time" and AP consumption, only damage boost.
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DoctorDoom, I think our buddy Hamiltonz means my increased damage from Arcane Dynamo makes up for the DPS down time I experience from having to refill my AP tank. That's exactly how I think about it, too. In my early days, I used Arcane Dynamo as an AP management tool, one with rich rewards. These days I have 30 AP on crit, so now I consider Dynamo just a pure damage boost for Disintegrate.

Hamiltonz, have you by chance tried out Ice Armor with the Frozen Storm rune? It'd add 30% damage and a cold snare inside your prime Chaos Nexus radius (without interrupting your channel), plus it procs CM crazy fast. I'm wondering how it'd work in your Disintegrate build, AP permitting of course.
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