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I did not write this post nor do I want to take any credit from it. I´m just reposting an interesting thread that showed up in the EU servers. It was created by ZeroZergsX. Here it goes:

You quit when you realize that:

1.Paragon leveling is completely useless.

When you compare a Paragon level 1 Hero with a Paragon Level 100 Hero you can note that:

- The 300 Prime stat gap can easily be closed with 2-3 item. Seriously. When changing build and thus gear when I was around paragon 60 I lost 900 Primary stat. So at level 50 I had 3400 Primary stat (INT), but around 60 I had only 2500. But tnx to the new build adding more CC and CD, I didn't lose any DPS, but I won some and it gave me way to use more effective builds.

- As stated above, I earned a few K of DPS, and lost only 30 All Res. Easily covered by upgrading my gear.

- 300MF/GF. Completely irrelevant. First of all, time is the best MF/GF multiplier in the game. So farming the lowest MP possible is much more effective in terms of searching legendaries than losing time at upper MPs. Add to this, that in lower MP difficulties you don't need as much DPS and EHP. Feel free to change all your gear to MF/GF gear, and slaughter anything that goes around in MP1-2. Decorate with max Movement Speed and Pickup Radius, and you're good to go. Again, no need of Paragon leveling whatsoever. You don't even need better gear to farm higher MPs since above MP3, it's just a loss of time.

- So, in terms of farming, all the DPS and EHP above a certain DPS/EHP level permitting you to not die at MP3 and one shot mobs there, while losing the minimum time on elites, is just a loss of item slot space.

- But worse, what is more confusing is that some of my friends, Level Paron 100 with barbs having more than 300k unbuffed DPS, who could easily farm MP7-8 without losing time experienced that MP-1-2 was much more rewarding when time entered the equation. So they were always farming at MP1-2 and saying that I was mad at aiming to farm MP3. Yes, players with Paragon level 100 heroes will laugh at you trying to farm legs in higher MP than MP2. Again, the pathetic tweaking of blizzard dev. team.


2.The time you invested in the game worth nothing.

I witnessed the above in a more shocking way, when I helped my friend to reach 60 and bought him a 3M worth of gear to farm Act 3 at MP3 at least. (As you guessed, he played a Barb). Guess what, he dropped a legendary 10 time worth all legs I found in 1 month. He got just lucky you would say. RNG, or else you would say. I had a different perspective.

Whatever you name this absurdity is your choice.

But I looked at it in a different perspective: "Access".

Let me explain:

A hero Paragon Level 75, with around 1000 hours of game time invested on it has no obvious priority nor a relevant superiority to a Hero with 20 hours invested on it.

Which means that any player who reach level 60 in maximum 3 days, and invest 5M gold on their gear, will access the same game rewards as you.

Worse. Players who invested more than 1500 hours of game time in Diablo 3 will play in lower levels with the newbies, meaning that they have no advantage whatsoever over them.


3.No sales.

But there is worse. Yes, tnx to Blizzard dev. team, there can be worse.

You see, obviously this game is an item farming game. You can finish the whole story of the game in 5 hours. So it's more than obvious that this game's endgame orbits around you trying to find better gear.

But what's the reward of you finding better gear? As said above, upgrading your hero is irrelevant unless you really need it. So if it's not an important upgrade you need, the only reward you should expect is to Sell it for gold, or money.

But again, Blizzard's dev. team will let you down.


Old news: Anyone can access any item from the RMAH and Uberroll your 2000 hours of gameplay in 10 minutes.

Fresh News: Since anyone can access lower MPs and thus high quality legendary items, it means that anyone can now find them and list them at the AH. Yep. And because of that, legendary items amount keep rising while their price keep dropping. But the amount of gold you find always stays the same. Which means that any newbie has access to effective and legendary items they can use to farm MP1-2 even faster. Farming more efficiently = More legendary on the AH market = bigger price drops = Lower sale rates because of the competition, even if you drop your prices.

So, even if you find really good gear, it won't reward you much. And the amount you will get for it won't cover the time you spent finding it. Add to this, that the amount you spend finding it doesn't stack to insure you a reward, it means that each time you farm, none of your farming time spent is taken into consideration, again, proving that any time spent without finding anything, is time lost.

Note that right now the game rewards newbies, and does give no reward to elder players. If you are a newbie right now, you'll be ok with this. But as you keep leveling, and lose time on this game, you will realize that the rewards stopped coming, and everything you do brings you nothing and is wasted on newbies. The horror of Diablo starts when you realize that you are not a newbie anymore and that all the time you invested is lost.


4.PVP won't save this game.

Paragon leveling is weird. It doesn't fix anything, but just hangs a carrot in front of the donkey.

MP levels are useless. Since everyone plays at MP1-2, I wonder why they bothered to bring 10 MP levels, if they would make such a weak job tweaking these.

Infernal Machine is an illusion. Everyone do Ubers and get a ring. Why not you right? Basically, the problem is that you don't need that ring. Read the above and you will understand why. Ubers are just a way to make you lose time even more and to make MP levels look relevant. Once you understand that the hellfire ring is completely useless and can be match with a good rare, then all the illusion of Ubers fades away.

Thus PVP will fail. Since Blizzard D3 dev. team completely failed to make this game, and failed even more fixing it, there's no chance that PVP will worth anything. They already announced that there won't be any Ladder, Wager, and time worthy Rewards in PVP.

So after having killed a few heroes, being face-rolled by players with Uber Gear, and newbies with Visa Gear, you will realize that not only there's no satisfaction in killing a hero with lesser gear than you, but there aren't any satisfaction in killing someone with exactly the same gear than yours since there's no balance in this game.

Anyone who will lose a PVP match will have hundreds of excuses to chose from, shadowing any victory, even well deserved ones: "The dude had better gear, barbs are Imba, he had more levels, he exploited that skill/build, his gear was all RMAH, etc..."

So, you will realize quickly that there are no rewards whatsoever in this game and that you are losing time trying to look for one.



Frustration. The only thing that stacks in the game according to the time you spend on it, is the frustration of having no rewards whatsoever. Don't lose your time. Wake up and quit.


TL;DR: Game is crap, Paragon useless, any noob hero = your paragon level 100 hero, RMAH = pay2win, AH= Nothing sells, pvp will fail because of imba and pay2win.
I liked it.

Would read again.
It isn't really anything new or fresh. Hell many points are just wrong.
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Posting in a new and original thread
TL;DR: ...Paragon useless, any noob hero = your paragon level 100 hero, RMAH = pay2win, AH= Nothing sells...

I love how wrong these claims are.
It's almost as though the quitter didn't even play the game.

In the last two weeks I've sold 3 items on the RMAH and well around 15 items on the gold AH.
None of it was godly gear either. People just overprice things constantly.
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TL;DR: ...Paragon useless, any noob hero = your paragon level 100 hero, RMAH = pay2win, AH= Nothing sells...

I love how wrong these claims are.
It's almost as though the quitter didn't even play the game.

He probably played with mastercard.
Someone actually sat down and typed all that?
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