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Help a noob please

Hi I'm fairly new to Diablo, played Diablo 2 a little bit, and need some help with a build and advice with gear.

It is frustrating because the skills don't seem to work together very well, at least for my level. My attack pattern goes something like this.

Leap into battle, use battle rage, cleave to build up fury, use reave, then use wrath of the beserker and revenge as they become available. My problem is that I seem to always be sitting on a full globe of fury.

Also, from what I have read about gear, I should be looking for items with strength and vitality. Is there any other stat I should focus on obtaining?

Any advice on gear and builds is most welcome, thanks!
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Don't worry about skill builds too much until 60. You're going to blow thru everything even if you only take a basic attack and nothing else.

For leveling up get items with +experience, and put a red gem in your helmet.
Focus on STR and VIT until you're level 60.
Once 60 you'll need to completely change gear for inferno.

Also, at level 45 or so you can buy a level reduced 60 weapon and completely decimate eveything upto 59ish.
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while you are levelling it wont matter as much until you reach late hell mode and then inferno.

Skills while levelling ur fine but for gear focus on str/vitality if you can find items like gloves, bracers, rings, amulet with crit on em they will certainly help the levelling go faster as you would be dealing more damage.

Once reaching level 60 it really depends on what you will want out of you're barbarian. Do you want faster farming with little to no down time or do you want to be more tanky with less dps but that can handle just about anything the game throws at you.

Personally I love my whirlwind barb its fast, efficient, survives and hits like a truck its pretty awesome. Starting out as a fresh level 60 you will want to focus on the primary stats like Strength, Vitality, All resistance crit chance and crit damage to start once you get into getting betting gear you can look for trifecta items that have attack speed, crit chance and crit damage while maintaining high str/vit and all res.

The barbarian forums have all kinds of starter information and people willing to help/answer any questions you may have you can add me as well if you have questions if im available ill answer =D
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Thanks for the advice! I suppose I'll just have fun messing around and learning the game until 60 :P
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