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Need Advice on CM

So I have been building my set around Archon and spent around 150mil to get to where I'm at:

204k DPS
45K HP
700 Resist
4700 Armor
41% CC
297% CD
1.89 Attacks Per Second

149K DPS
600 Resist
3800 Armor

Although this build has been great for solo/farming low mp's and is fun to play, I am very squishy and of little help when it comes to groups doing ubers or higher mp levels.

I would like to purchase some CM gear but I am on a budget of around 60mil. I can use some of my archon pieces still for CM but my question is, what gear do you suggest I swap out/purchase to allow me to play CM within my 60mil budget?

Please see my profile for my current gear for items I can keep and for items I need to replace for CM http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ayopyo-1337/hero/7721985 . I am very unsure of what the best route to go and I appreciate all your input!
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You should get a storm crow and a chantodo's set.

Get a SC with cc on it and 400+ loh. You could get an ias Chant wand so that you wont need as much ias on other gear.

You could start with those and see how it goes. You probably need more cc and loh as well. You could get a second amulet with cc, loh, and ias.

Alternatively, you could get apoc on the chant source instead of storm crow, but they are too expensive unless they have low average damage. This would let you get ias on the helm in case you need more. Either way, you need 2 pieces with apoc.

Use energy armor with pinpoint barrier instead of storm armor to boost your armor and cc because they are a little low.
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Ok, here goes.

To reach 2.73 to effectively freeze ubers, you will have to have a Chants Will with either
1.73 attack speed as well as 3 other 9 IAS Items. 27+31=58 and 1.58*1.73=2.73
1.74 attack speed as well as two 9 and one 8 IAS items 26+31=57 and 1.57*1.74=2.73

Those other items are up to you. One will be a Chants Force. The other 2 can be:
ring and ammy
ring and lacunis
ammy and lacunis

You also need to have at least 45 CC and 18+ APOC. This is where it gets tough. You'll need a storm crow for your second source of APOC (the other being Chants Will). Since you'll be losing the CC on your current helm, you'll need to make that up.

I'd suggest:
Chant will with 1.74 AS
Storm Crow with 400 LoH and high resist all.
Ammy with 9 CC, 400 LoH, 8 IAS
Right ring with 4 CC, 9 IAS
Chants Force with 9 IAS

That will get you to 2.73 with over 45CC and 800 LoH. That being said, this is just what you need to get the proper amount of AS, CC, and LoH. You'll be losing you main weapon, source, Zuni Pox, and ammy. I have no idea what your DPS will be. Your priority should be armor and all resists. I have a guide which ought to help you gear toward certain guidelines.


Its takes a long time to balance a CM wiz...between DPS, armor, and all resist. Its not easy. If you're going to uber in groups with this, I'd really think about maxing out Armor and All resists as much as you possibly can so you can stay alive. Its incredibly difficult to build in DPS....let your friends take care of that.

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Thanks guys, going to check around the AH and see where it goes me.
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