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AC/CoB/SB Build MP10 w/vid

Acid Rain is for crowd control with chance to freeze/stun/blind.
You need atleast 5% stun and freeze for that and rain of toads procs way better for those. Mass confusion,pets and grasp 80% slow rune are true control.

I looked at your profile but I assume it's not in a High MP gear selection and skill set, so I couldn't make a judgement as to why you may think this build is not suited for high MP.
http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jumbasa-2925/hero/15726227 That´s my usual setup. I sometimes use grasp 80% slow rune instead of voodoo and Hex-Jinx instead of Harvest. In party with another doctor I prefer using both those skills instead of Confusion and voodoo and sometimes I take Gary.B

Edit: I forgot to say that I got manajuma as a backup weapon vs reflect and for situations when things get out of control ^^ but I prefer trying to survive without LS as long as possible. And SoJ I swap to simple 2m litany ring with physical res,AR,7% reduced dmg from elites vs reflect packs.

Imo a great class with a great build diversity and the salt is that you need to find the right skills for your gear and mp level.

I understand what you're saying about skill control.
I'm sure you know acid rain multiplies proc rates from 2.4 down to 0.4, depending on how close to the center it is. I know RoT is better for keeping them still, but acid rain works better in general for getting some extra damage and LoH return.
I also understand you what you are saying, LoH means sacrificing damage (e.g. LoH means no crit chance or average damage on your favorite best in slot ring/ammy, or about 250 mil more gold)

I see, against RD you swap SOJ for litany so you've reduce the damage from RD by about 37+% (not including AR/PR). Then LS weapon.

Oh wait sorry, I was doing that wrong.

This scrub obviously cannot survive MP10. What a loser, waisting RMAH dollars on bear gear.
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I see, against RD you swap SOJ for litany so you've reduce the damage from RD by about 37+% (not including AR/PR). Then LS weapon.

Oh wait sorry, I was doing that wrong.

This scrub obviously cannot survive MP10. What a loser, waisting RMAH dollars on bear gear.
I thought you´re cool and able to talk about build/skill/gear without insults and taking things personally.

"Reflect is broken, we´ll fix it"


30% SoJ is a suicide vs reflect, even in party with barbar using impunity and monk using dodge + 25% more armor, I can´t use SoJ. Imho, yes it´s pretty lame that I need to change the ring that boosts dmg vs elites away vs elites with reflect but that´s how the cookie crumbles. I got no problems with reflect on mp10 solo nor party, I can handle it and I don´t QQ about it. Also lots of players swap gear from inventory mid combat, it´s a bit of a hassle but not a big deal.

Here in Europe we use Euros not dollars. I´ve never spent a cent on rmah, I´ve never done intented flipping (nothing wrong in that thought) all my gear is from farming and selling stuff I´ve found on AH.
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... Wow.

Try reading that again with a light heart and some context on the other person who invaded this thread.
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I like how you keep talking about AC like it doesnt do any damage.... lets REALLY break this build down.

AC- hits 115% weapon, over 24 yard, does 150% weapon damage over 3 seconds... amzing dps alone? no, but that isnt the point, this is about stacking.

CoB- 234% weapon damage, increases 20% every second over 5 seconds, ticks are based on APS

WoS- 230% and 3 65%, you can make all of them hit the same target with a little "skill", so single target we are talking a total of 425% before crits.

(Those that use) Soul Harvets it does 230% over area about 10yards, and can cast without interrupting CoB cast. i use dogs for some elites, and yeah im not geared well for mp10, i know i don't have the damage, but we are looking at the build.

So now that we have that laid out, lets look at a few options.

WoS+AC, used verse range targets so you dont have to chase them, takes 2 or 3 seconds for all 4 WoS to come out, so WoS>AC>WoSx3(i have 1.2 aps, but some have 1.3-1.4 with skorn that have better gear)>AC>WoSx3 and repeats till mob dies, so the entire time, step by step lets look at damage. this being based off a 1aps turn by turn, 230%(first WoS ocmes out)>AC(115%)+130%(2 WoS)>230%(new WoS)+50%(AC tick)+65%(last of the 4 WoS) +130%(2 WoS from second cast), lets stop there for a second, first second 230%, 2nd 245%, 3rd 575%, now the combo is going, and next roll around to AC would give +1-2 WoS off ticks, so +65-130% to a second like second 2. so it would avg out to around 425% a second. no chasing, no missing bears, no worries on kiting mobs.

Now, lets look at the melee combo, AC+CoB+SH(when up), and we wont even talk about the buff form SH, just purely dps. we will start by assuming surrounded by mobs, for this is when you use it. so AC(115%)>CoB(1st tick)234%+50%(AC tick)+230(SH, this will peak it but in reality this is when you would pop it for max output)>COB(2nd tick) 254%+50% (while we arn't accounting for SH buff, remember at this point the WD has 4-5 stacks)>CoB(3rd tick) 274%+50%. at this point, 5th turn would depend on the WD/gear. WD has done in total 1257% over 4seconds(remember skorn base dps(dps without factoring ias) is much higher than 1h). he could reset the cycle, or could go for a 4/5 tick of CoB to finish mobs, jsut depends. but that would be 294, and 314 respectfully

wow your "peanuts"(AC tick) just become a lot more useful.

You all look at each skill alone and want to do nothing but shoot down the build, call it slow, or w.e

Lets look at bears. 236% per bear, pretty nice, now lets look at the reality of it. max you are going hit ONE mob with 2 bears, MOST mobs are not physically big enough to get hit by 3 bears.
So, 472% per cast, this is really nice, but at ANY giving moment you have to move, and replace yourself, that's 1second of 0% at LEAST. melee clearing alone, i hand the title to bears, it will clear faster, but not all mobs stand still, and not all affixes play well with bears. Now saying that this build doesn't have down sides, as i said, it is slower in melee mob clearing, but its a balanced build based off melee AND range, and surviving/moving while doing dps when needed (can cast AC/WoS while moving around, just slows the dps vs standing still).

Again to be perfectly fair, you can use grasp and keep range mobs in a general area, but again, every second you have to move its a second of 0%. or perhaps 40% if they are in grasp.

All in all, yes i stand perfectly still, but this means I'm almost always doing dps, where you aren't; saying this build is to slow for mp 10 is 100% wrong, you just don't want to account for every second you aren't casting bears and are moving into a new spot to cast. which brings your overall dps WAY down, and all mp10 fights are long in comparison to mp1-5. So overall dps matters in this and not just a couple seconds here and there.
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+1, good post. I´ll give the build a shot, tho I´ve to replace bats with bears and fear with dogs, then again I lose voodoo and confusion to acid and SB but I´ll give the build a fair shot and report back.
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also just a note, this is all based on a 1.00 aps, on both sides, you can argue that bears is ran at 1.5 aps, or 2.0 aps, but so can i in this instance. so for simplification of the process of putting the math out there i did it on 1.00
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added budget 1h/mojo video. trying to nerf dps as much as possible, currently hovering around 125k dps, down from ~200k.
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totally res'ing this thread.

i just made a WD and wanted to try something different. my profile shows the gear i bought and the skills i've found so far.

spent about 28 million on the gear. the zuni chest, b'thorne pants and bracers i already had. camped the AH for a little while to get it all together.

@sayga - i notice no CoB on your profile any more. why not?

i'm trying to find a bit of a list of skills that don't interrupt the channeling. what have you found?

when i first saw CoB, it reminded me of the mp10 capable wizard's sleet storm build. trying to sort of copy that in WD form. if it all goes wrong, oh well...
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Warning! Necro alert! This post is like 3+ months old.
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SayGa doesn't even play anymore from what I can tell. Just FYI.
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damn... he should give his gears away then!
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I tried this out recently and liked it a lot better than a few others that I've been playing recently. I've since modified it, and I really like the ending result for Solo grinding. I had run a similar CoB build and wanted something with SA for mana regen(along with select runes) which REALLY helps when not using a 1h/mojo.

I replaced RoE with SV for survivability sake along with faster SW procs. I didn't use the spirit barrage enough to find it useful especially with acid rain already in the rotation so I replaced it with link dogs for more protection.


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