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Hey man,

I had a thread a week or two ago you recommended mirroring your gear for a 200k+ windforce gear build.

im curious what your APS is? it looks like a lot of your damage is coming from crit damage wiht only your helm, pants, and quiver providing attack speed boosts.

a lot of my moderate damage comes from attack speed, and im pretty stoked bout it. its at like 2.29 or something. Will i get significantly more, (50k+) if i get two rings with just cc / cd instead of attack speed? i've been trying to roll a hellfire with AT LEAST 200 dex / 3.0 cc but its not happening, and nats ring, with even cc / as is pretty expensive :(
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My APS is 2.25, so not that far off from yours. I'm a huge fan of CC and CD when using the WF since bows are naturally faster anyways. If I was going manti I would use more AS. I would use a dps calculator to figure out how two CC CD rings would affect your overall dps. I personally use d3up to help with my gear choice. It is hard to say how much any gear may affect your final dps since certain items would affect your dps differently depending on the rest of your gear. What I mean by that is that it would not matter if you stacked massive amounts of CD if your CC was only 5%. You need to make all your gear work together to eek out the most dps. I'm not saying dont get any AS either since it is always nice to shoot more often (which would mean you would crit more often), but find a nice APS that you feel comfortable with. I personally feel your APS is alreay pretty good and you should concentrate more on CC/CD. Looking at your profile, you seem to have decent CC already. That being the case I would try and focus on CD while maintaining your CC and AS.

Also, a new WF with more dps would also give you a nice dps jump. Unfortunately, they start getting expensive when you start getting over 1300+ dps.
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You can still do it with a 12xx dps WF (i did it myself), but stack average damage on rings/ammy. and you really need to get your crit damage up. drop the nats ring for a nice rare with 40+ CD, 3.5ish CC and some dex as well as average damage. or scrap the dex on the ring and go for average damage cd/cc and socket so you can gem it for a little main stat.

that nats ring sounds better than it actually is, i know nice attack speed and set bonus.. but losing out on a lot of CC and CD which you really need to boost over 200k with a WF setup.

And your deadman's could use some attack speed. 19% are very cheap now.. get one with 9 or 9.5 cc and you will be in very good shape.

sorry to bite in on the thread, just trying to help out a fellow windforce dh.
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Both of your inputs are very much appreciated, thank you thank you. Is there a particular farming build that works well with wf? I noticed a few pretty legit trail of cinders / strafe builds that looked viable.
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interesting.... so if i ditched 8% attack speed for 4 CC / 35% CD i would only gain 2,000 damage..... does not seem worth it with the extra bonuses provided by my hellfire and nats ring
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Yes, totally agree with drittz about average dam.... Very very good way to raise dps. Totally forgot about it.. I was also in no means saying that you can not hit 200k with a 12xx dps WF. I actually hit 200k using a 1245 WF. I just meant that it was a very easy way to raise dps. My just general rule of thumb for gear is try and get some avg dam (especially your jewelry) and 2 out of 3 of the trifecta stats (CC cd as). Good luck!
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windforce, signing in. 8)
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if the op used Steady aim, he would be almost there..

Get a 100% crit gem in the wf
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upgrade that quiver too Token! much more attk speed is needed there. They are cheap now. like 800k?

ditch the nats - lose 8 attk speed and ya some dex..
new dead mans - gain 9-10 attk speed. (you won't miss the nats.)

new ring to replace nats ring = more crit damage and crit chance (than you had before), and average damage (scales very good with all your dex).

aim for high average damage. 30+ and make sure the numbers read as a pair. like 15-45. they scale better. if you get just min or just max its not the same (i think :P)

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lol i found you
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