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Introduce Paragon 100 "smart" drops

I like the ideas here and I'll add my own input:

I've played off and on since day 1 of diablo 3. I started out as a barb and it was painfully hard, I then switched to a demon hunter and to be honest it wasn't much easier (I switched after they nerfed smoke screen)

The game is too much of a job, for whatever reason you want to list. It's a chore to a lot of people and not an enjoyable leisurely experience. I do not have 1000+ hours to put into this game and if I did I wouldn't want to drain all of my free time into one game. I don't have anywhere close to that amount of time.

Having said that, D3 is starting to come around. I do not want everything "handed" to me or the game made so easy that everyone can be the best with no effort. What I do want is to be able to make reasonable progress for the time put in. That of course varies by what your idea of "reasonable progress for time put in" is. I don't think I should have to farm for hundreds if not thousands of hours just to be decent.

A few fundamental flaws in the game:

1) The botters run wild and blizzard does nothing to stop them. There are botters who are 100% no questions asked botting. Accounts that are logged on and playing for 23+ hours out of a day each and every day are botters. You don't need to do anything at all other then swing the ban hammer to get rid of those botters. The causal botters would be tougher. But if you can't remove the botters then what you can do is reduce their effectiveness. Reduce the need to use the AH, reduce the need to have tons of gold.

2) Reinstate the ladder. This is 100% a must. I have no idea why they went away from it but we NEED the ladder system back. It levels the playing field each and every year (or six months or whatever) and allows players to start over fresh even with each other. It gives players a lot of new goals (even though they are the same goals over and over) such as server first sixty, server first paragon 100, make the top 20 barb page.... whatever. But players won't care as much about the super rich and the bots if everyone starts over at the same page every few months to a year.

3) Try to make the game less linear. An idea i have is similar to the OP's... like in WoW have you have class quests how about having a random set of quests specific to each class? The reward for completing all the quests would be a "good" peice of gear. For barbs say a ring with 150 str, IAS, CC% and maybe a random roll between LOH, All Res, or movement speed. Or something... something that you KNOW will be a decent ring for all but the super rich. Make the quests get rarer as time goes on, but not something stupidly hard.

4) Remove the 100% utter junk drops from the game. There are some drops that no one will ever want to use ever unless they are entering a "most useless gear ever" contest. Cap it so that there aren't mountains of trash dropping all the time. Players need a better chance at finding upgrades. A much better chance. Again don't hand us everything on a silver platter, but don't insult us.....

5) Personally I would make it 8 players in a game. Diablo 2 was a social experience... D3 not so much. Usually in a 4 player game at least one person is AFK or off doing whatever/wherever and isn't talking to the rest of the group.

Blizzard is doing better, but much still needs to improve. Right now there is nothing to play for except to increase your E-Peen score. The game is so linear it's painful. But there is potential.

Maybe even allow players an option to play under "classic" difficulty. Who like to get raped by the inferno of old. I didn't but I know some people did.
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Great idea!, but it will never see the light, becuase it goes against the RMAH.

And Bli$$ard is only about money lately.
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This topic deserves a bump
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Nice Idea, there truly is a huge problem in feeling rewarded for playing after the paragon system has run its course
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Why not have crafting that improves your gear every 10-20 levels, then it become account bound?
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i think they should add paragon quests and bosses as well. They need to add more to the game. I like the idea of prestige classing and cross classing. add more customization and player options. and a lot more monsters in acts 1,2, and 4
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This would be nice, I'm sitting at paragon 89 right now, and i don't really feel there is any incentive in leveling this character past 90. I can throw a topaz in the helm and get the max magic find anyway for when i'm farming, and another 30 dex, or 20 vit is not going to even be noticed at this point.

Honestly, wouldn't mind seeing the Gold Find bonus removed and replaced with something else too. With bots farming gold like they do, this essentially gave them the keys to the economy, and allowed them to print as much gold as they wanted. Bots really benefited the most from the paragon levels. You leave, come back 24 hours later, and your making 50% more gold than when you started. While erasing the bots help, the gold is stored on another account, they sell it, make a new bot, level him to 60 in 5 hours, and continue to profit. Seriously, they where probably up and running again in 7 hours after the ban considering how cheap you can get mid level gear now.
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I just recently hit paragon 100, maybe a week or so ago. And although it was a fun ride, I'd have to agree with the OP's sentiments. Anyone that doesn't flip items on AH all day long or doesn't dual wield credit cards, but just wants to play the game and find upgrades is simply brick-walled.

Unless you hit the jackpot there is just absolutely no way for someone to legitimately find upgrades after a certain stage. This would definitely bring incentive for me and many others to come back and actually grind for items.

This is definitely a well thought out idea/suggestion and I hope the CM's will consider this and forward it up through the channels to the respective developers.

This definitely deserves a bump.

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An idea that will or might cut the profit of RMAH from Blizzard is not going to be implemented, waste time.
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good idea
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bump for justice!!!
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This sounds pretty cool, what would be neat is if all the games legendaries could drop at paragon 100 also and could have the potential to roll high according to what you have stated that way we could make use of so many low level but cool legendaries that we all wish we could use. This would also provide more itemization and custom builds at the end game.

+1 for a great idea!
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This game definitely needs more Account Bound high end stuff. Right now the AH dominates the game.... Account Bound items would lessen the impact of the AH.
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Great Idea
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12/19/2012 04:57 AMPosted by Achilleus
One of the big issues one faces when playing D3 is what some call the "gear wall". When your gear becomes very good, there comes a time when it's simply impossible to either find or buy upgrades

i wish i could hit a "gear wall".. but no i dont spend hundreds of $$ on gear for a game that in reality offers nothing in return.. there is no reward for having amazing gear.
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12/19/2012 09:14 AMPosted by Nighthunter4
Why not have crafting that improves your gear every 10-20 levels, then it become account bound?

Love the OP's suggestions, really liked this as well. Or, to put it more generally in case this ever gets read by Blizz:

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12/19/2012 01:53 PMPosted by SeeknDestroy
Great idea ... make the game rewarding only to no lifers ... how long does it take to reach lvl100?

I play the game maybe 6 hours a week. I'm casual at best. im already level 49. so not that long
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lol what for? We already outgear this game so hard as is. didnt u see thread of 500K gold barb beating mp10? How about making game hard again. Then you'll feel reward enough like you did in 1.0.2 if you actually managed to pass through gates of inferno.

enrage, more damage, larger reflect the whole nine.
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